(This is a pre-made fic. What I mean is, I already have 23 chapters on Deviantart. So, so far it's close to thirty chapters. This is a very long fic - divided into three parts: "What will Be, Will Be", "The Path To Redemption", and "A Defective's Worth". This fic is full of mind blowing secrets, action, humor, angst, fluff and drama! ...Just no romance. (Sorry.) Updates will be very slow, but if you're that impatient to read the next 23 chapters, I'll link to my account on Deviantart.

without further a due...)

Chapter 1 - First Day Of Summer Vacation

Zim gave a evil maniacal grin. "I think the zombie weasels are finally ripe, GIR! They will be my next plan to conquer THE HYU-MANS!"

"Ouuuuu...I like zombies!" came GIR's response as he stood on his head like an idiot. "So whut's this plan gonna do?"

Zim cackled, rubbing his hands together evilly. "We sell them, GIR, we sell them to the pet store! Once the shopkeepers sell the zombies to local filthy customers, they will have purchased creatures with the capability TO EAT THEIR BRAINS! MWAHAHAHAHA!"

"I like brains!" came GIR's cheerful and random response.

The irken snickered. "I will make them so irresistibly CUTE that even the DIB won't be able to keep from buying one! ...And once it sucks his brain, he will be nothing but a drooling moron and of no threat to our mission!"

The SIR unit nodded. "Oh, I understand..."

"...Do you really?"


Zim rolled his eyes and rubbed his temples. It would take years to get his incompetent servant to understand his plan. "Uggh...never mind." He pressed a few buttons on the panel in front of him, opening up a tube full of weasels with rather sharp fangs.

"Awwww...they're cute!" GIR cooed. "And fuzzy!"

Zim winced; they weren't as cute as he planned. "Eghh...they could use a few touch ups...here and there..." He put the lid back on the container and turned to GIR. "GIR, I need you to take these weasel experiments to the shelf in my lab labelled 'specimen.' ...Can you do that?"

The robot saluted, his eyes briefly flashing red. "Yes, m'lord!" He took a step forward, reaching out to the container, but Zim took a step back.

The alien's antennae were back a little and his eyes were narrowed. "GIR, it is extremely important that you put it away right now and you do NOT take off the lid!" He gave him a shake; just enough to emphasize his point. "Do you understand me?"

The robot nodded, keeping his robotic claws held out.

Carefully, Zim handed him the container and watched him like a hawk as he made his way to the specimen shelf. He smirked a little to himself when he realized GIR was actually not messing this up.

Hmm, well, it's about time he does something right. Seeing that nothing was going wrong, Zim turned back to his computer, beginning to type some random things in it.

GIR silently watched; he had to make sure Zim wasn't watching him as he carefully reached down into the jar, picking it up. "Dawww...yer so cute an' weird lookin'! " he chirped, cuddling the fuzzy and snapping vermin.


Frightened, GIR spun around to his livid master.

"You put that weasel back RIGHT NOW!"

The robot looked confused. "But why, Master? I's sooo fuzzy..."

"Put it back!" Zim was frantic.

GIR quickly turned to grab the weasels and stuff them back into their pods, but the vermin crawled over his head and began scattering around Zim's base.


The SIR unit squealed joyfully, clapping his hands. "Yaaaaaay! I don't got one!"

The irken leaped back as one of the weasels snapped at his face. "GIR! Help your master!"

"Okies!" the robot happily chirped, taking out a piece of cheese from his head and eating it, watching the show.

"GIR! Help me right now!"

GIR rolled his optics. "Okay, sheesh!" He got to his feet and sprung over to the weasels, grabbing them by the tails and hastily shoving them over his shoulder into their pods.

"NYEEEEEEEEGHHHH!" one screeched, sinking its sharp fangs deep into GIR's arm.


GIR giggled, clapping. "YAAAY! IT BURNS!"

Zim tumbled forward, grabbing a few weasels, and prying the one that was trying to eat his robot's arm. "Grab the other two, GIR!"

The SIR unit obediently reached over, grabbing the weasels and hastily shoving them in the tubes. "Done!" He closed the container. "I'll go put it back on the shelf!" He was stopped when Zim angrily snatched the pod from his claws.

The alien narrowed his eyes at his servant. "No, I will put them back. You go upstairs and watch tv or something, GIR," he growled. "Stay OUT of trouble."


Zim sighed, rubbing his temples yet again. GIR made him do that a lot. "I need to go contact the Tallest..."

"So, son, do you really want to stay here while Gaz and I are on vacation?" The professor asked as he packed some things into a suitcase. "We'll be gone all summer."

Dib forced a smile. "It's okay, Dad, someone needs to be here to stop Zim when he launches another plan for world domination."

Professor Membrane sighed and shrugged. "Well, you and your little friend have fun then."

At least on my own I'd be able to work on a plan to stop Zim... Dib thought. He sighed; he really did want to go to vacation, but he was the sole protector of the earth. "Have fun, Dad, Gaz."

Professor Membrane bent down to give his son a hug, Gaz stuck her tongue out, and they both retreated out the door.

Dis smiled to himself. "Now, to find out what Zim is up to.." He hurried upstairs and into his bedroom.

Zim mumbled angrily to himself as he cleaned up GIR's mess yet again and stacked the zombie weasels back into the specimen shelf. He sighed, shaking his head as he closed the closet and sat down in his chair. "Time to call the Tallest."