Unlikely Places - Prolouge

"Good morning!" Crowed Antonio as he opened the door to the Vargas' room. He was greeted with snores from the beds on either side of the room. "Feli~" he trilled, traipsing his way over to the left bed, yanking the sheets off the sleeping body. "It's time to get up, sunshine!"

"Ve~, Antonioooooo," whined the Italian, "It's earlyyyyyy."

"It's the same time as always, Feli. Come on, if you don't get up now, Berwald will come in and-"

"Ahh! I'm up! I'm up! Just don't let him glare at meeeeeeee!" Feli bolted out of the room, once again forgetting his clothes. The cheery orderly sighed affectionately before turning to the other side of the room.

"Romanoooo, mi pequeño tomate (1), it's time to wake up!"

"Urg. Shut up, bastard." Came the muffled moan from under the covers.

"Please, Romano? I'm sure I could find you some delicious tomatoes for breakfast~"

"Go away, asshole!" Romano rolled over to glare at him to emphasize his words, but only succeeded in making Antonio coo at his pouty, red face wreathed by the comforter. Before he knew what was happening, Romano was wrapped up in the orderly's arms and being cuddled. Blushing furiously, he launched out of bed and Antonio's arms. "Chigi! You fucking pervert! Get away from me!" Rushing into his clothes, he stormed out into the hallway.

Antonio sauntered out after him, only narrowly avoiding a naked Feliciano being herded back to his room by a chastising Ludwig. "Hurry up!" the tall German fumed at the auburn-haired boy, "If I don't get back in line, I won't get the third tray from the top. You have to keep order, and that includes getting dressed before leaving the room!"

"Sorry Ludwig, I'll hurry!"

Antonio smiled and headed out to help organize the cafeteria. Amon, Varick, and… Alfred's brother were waiting patiently in line, but Francis was trying to grope Alfred, who didn't even notice as he unsuccessfully tried to convince Kiku to come out of his room, like he did every morning. Gilbert was bothering Roderich and Elizaveta instead of waking up Heracles and getting him off the floor, as he should be doing. Ishmael and Berwald were both in the process of waking up Ivan, a dangerous task that always required two of the strongest orderlies. Romano was verbally abusing Ludwig, who only wanted to get back in line, while Feliciano did his best to stop the fighting.



FELICIANO VARGAS: Unable to cope with the deaths of loved ones, he is cannot process the emotions triggered by these events, resulting in repression, a perpetually hyper-cheerful disposition, and a pathological fear of being left alone.

LUDWIG BEILSHMIDT: Textbook obsessive-compulsive disorder; he has rituals and a tightly organized schedule that he feels must be followed lest misfortune occur. He gets very angry when anything or anyone that gets in the way of this schedule.

KIKU HONDA: Recluse. He refuses to leave his room, some days refusing to leave his bed. His fondness for cats may be an aid in treatment.

HERACLES KARPUSI: Subconciously rejecting even the idea of making life decisions, he escapes into sleep whenever the mood strikes him, though most often when he is feeling even slightly stressed or upset. Result of childhood trauma in which his parents were murdered before his eyes by a Turkish mugger.

IVAN BRAGINSKI: Dissociative identity disorder. He has two distinct personalities, with potential for more; 'Ivan' has a disarmingly, some would say creepily childlike disposition and an affection for sunflowers, warm weather, vodka, and his scarf. 'Russia', on the other hand, is violent and sadistic, insisting that everyone becomes 'one' with him either through personal choice or by force. Braginski switches almost seamlessly between the two, the only tell-tale sign being the chant of 'kol kol kol' that is heard upon switching from Ivan to Russia, usually when Ivan gets upset. Should be closely watched and immediately isolated when Russia comes to play.

ALFRED JONES: He has an extreme 'Hero Complex', making him a danger to himself and others by putting himself in dangerous situations to 'help' an unwitting 'victim'. Usually results in injury for Alfred and occasional injury for passerby. He craves affection and validation through these actions, resulting in a harmful cycle when his actions result in scorn and anger from the person(s) he was trying to help.

FRANCIS BONNEFOY: Sexual addiction and egotistical delusions that absolutely everybody wants him, regardless of rejections of his advances. This puts him at high risk for committing rape or sexual assault unintentionally, and thus should be closely monitored and never left alone with another person, especially one who he could physically overpower.

MATTHEW WILLIAMS: Depression. The brother of Alfred Jones, Matthew has a self-described 'habit of fading into nothing'. Medications have worked in the past, but either seem to lose effectiveness or have too many side-effects to continue use. Shock therapy is imminent. Suicide risk.

ROMANO VARGAS: Anger-management issues. Half-brother of Feliciano Varagas. He has same fear of being left alone as his brother, but approaches the fear from the opposite side by pushing others away so that he is in 'control' of their leaving.

AMON SEF: Mute, though whether voluntary or involuntary is unknown. Peers can coax a physical response, but he is completely unresponsive to authority figures. Mute since the death of mother in a building collapse.

VARICK GUNDMUNSSON: Sociopath, though thus-far non-violent. Only truly responds to his older brother Johan and Johan's partner, Daniel, though he seems to have taken to his psychologist Tino, and Berwald, an orderly.


ARTHUR KIRKLAND - Psychologist to Feliciano, Ludwig, Romano, Francis, and Alfred.

TINO VAINAMOINEN – Psychologist to Varick, Amon, Matthew, Ivan, Heracles, and Kiku.

WANG YAO - Pharmacist



KIMBERLY AHN– Psych student/intern






(1)My little tomato

Author's Notes:

I'd like to say that, once again, this is a fictional fanfic. While I intend the events in this story to resemble that of a real mental institution, they are not going to be completely accurate. There will be pairings in this, and though I know that relationships between mental patients or between mental patients and their caretakers is pretty unhealthy, this is just a story. I may get symptoms of certain mental illnesses wrong, though I will try not to.

I have included a couple of names that might not be familiar; Amon Sef is Egypt, Varick Gundmunsson is Iceland, Johan is Norway, Daniel is Denmark, Kimberly Ahn is Taiwan, and Ishmael Cull is Cuba.

I will be adding new characters and patients to the story as it goes, so if you want to see a character in here, chances are they will appear, even if they are just being mentioned in passing.

Also, reviews take less than 30 seconds, but make my entire day.