Chapter 3


DOC: Väinämöinen
PAT: Honda

Tino: Hello Kiku. How are you today?

Kiku: I'm well, thank you. How are you?

Tino: I'm fine as well. Still, it would be nice if we could meet in my office, don't you think?

Kiku: … I suppose that would be easier for you. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Tino: That's alright! Still, I'm here to enable you to make that choice.

Kiku: I feel that I do have a choice. I choose to stay here, where I'm comfortable and safe.

Tino: Kiku, do you really think that is the case? People who can make choices are able to do things even when they would rather not. If you were merely making the choice to stay here, would you have reacted the way you did when Alfred tried to force you out?

Kiku: *silence*

Tino: It's okay, Kiku. You don't need to be embarrassed. But this won't work if you can't admit that you have a problem.

Kiku: *long pause* I'm sorry. It's just difficult to admit to having a… mental illness. My family… doesn't really understand. I have brought shame upon them.

Tino: Kiku, the only way you could bring shame is by making yourself unhappy. Are you truly happy being alone, shut away like this all the time? You're missing out on so much. Before you know it, five years will have gone by staring at the walls in your room.

Kiku: …I agree. I am content here, but I'd like to be happier. I'd like to… *pause* if I may speak freely, I'd like to fall in love…

Tino: That's a very good goal to have, Kiku. Falling in love is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Now, I'd like to discuss with you the steps we're going to take in future sessions.

Kiku: If I may ask, have you ever been in love? What's it like?

Tino: *silence*

Kiku: You're blushing, Tino-san!

DOC: Kirkland
PAT: Beilshmidt

Arthur: Good afternoon, Ludwig.

Ludwig: Hello, Doctor. You're late.

Arthur: I realize that. I'd never be late unless I intended to. I thought it might be a good way to start off today's session. So, how about we start off with how you feel right now?

Ludwig: I'm irritated.

Arthur: I can tell. And why are you so irritated?

Ludwig: You know why. I have OCD, and therefore I cannot stand things breaking my routine. Luckily, this is a… minor infraction.

Arthur: Ludwig, I'm going to be frank with you; the little progress that you have made has come to a standstill. We're going to have to do something drastic.

Ludwig: *silence*

Arthur: I need to know you're with me on this. Ludwig, you aren't here for a vacation. You do want to get better, correct?

Ludwig: Well, of course.

Arthur: …Ludwig, I'm your therapist. If you aren't completely honest with me at all times, I can't help you. Tell me the truth. Do you want to get better?

Ludwig: I… can't say I'm completely confident of… who I will be when I'm cured. All I've ever been for as long as I can remember is rituals and tidiness. If I take that away… what am I?

Arthur: Somehow, Ludwig, I doubt you'll ever be anything except a 'type A' personality, even when you move beyond your OCD. Just picture yourself being able to loosen up a bit, smile more.

Ludwig: *silence*

Arthur: Speaking of which… how are you still getting along with Feliciano? He has taken quite a liking to you.

Ludwig: He's messy, perpetually late, and a complete fool. He still manages to sneak past the orderlies and crawl into my bed sometimes. He's constantly touching me, asking for hugs and kisses. He's completely absurd!

Arthur: Hmmm. And now, list at least five of his good qualities.

Ludwig: *Long pause* He's proven to be a good cook when he gets into the kitchen. And he is optimisticthough foolishly so. He makes up silly songs that are either about pasta or insults half the people in the room, but he's still… good intentioned. And even though his weakness annoys me, part of me enjoys taking care of him. And I sometimes feel better after his hugs.

Arthur: Really? This is actually great progress, Ludwig! When you first got here, someone touching you would end in you yelling or pushing them away. But it seems as though exposure to Feliciano has changed that significantly.

Ludwig: …it would seem so.

DOC: Väinämöinen
PAT: Sef

Tino: So, Amon, how are you doing today?

Amon: *silence*

Tino: That's nice. Though I would have hoped you were feeling better than a shrug. Maybe a smile?

Amon: *silence*

Tino: Thank you for the effort, Amon. I received a call from your father the other day. He's worried that you still won't talk.

Amon: *silence*

Tino: He says you answer the phone when he calls, but you won't say anything.

Amon: *silence*

Tino: You have a pen and paper for a reason, Amon. Why are you refusing to use them today?

Amon: *silence*

Tino: You do realize that if you refuse to communicate at all, you'll lose dessert privileges for the week, and you won't be allowed to watch Friday's movie.

Amon: *pause* *Sound of pen on paper*

Tino: *pause as he reads the paper* Amon, I know you have difficulties with your father. Why don't we explore that today? Now, you wrote here that you have 'nothing to say to him'. What do you mean by that?

Amon: *sound of pen and paper*

Tino: Ah. I see. Well, I'm sorry your mother had such an unhappy marriage with him.

Amon: *sound of pen and paper*

Tino: Amon, thank you for sharing this with me. I had no idea that he treated you and your mother in such an appalling manner. If this is the way he views you, why do you think he would send you here, to get better?

Amon: *Sound of pen on paper*

Tino: No, Amon. Try to tell me. Why would he send you here if he cares nothing for you?

Amon: *Silence*

Tino: Amon, you can do this, I know you can. Just use your words, and we can be done for today, alright?

Amon: …he has a new girlfriend. She wants to meet me. He doesn't want her to know.

Tino: That you have a mental problem?

Amon: *silence*

Tino: You did wonderful today, Amon. You can go now if you'd like. I'm very proud of you.

Amon: *silence*

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