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Chapter Seventeen

Declan kept silent after they arrived in the emergency room, only speaking when Kyle had shown up, hoping to give as much reassurance as he could. Afterwards all he could do was sit and think about everything that had lead up to this. His grip on Lori's hand tightened a bit and she gave him a small smile, her worry obvious beneath the surface.

He couldn't stop thinking about the look on Jessi's face after he'd told her he knew. He knew better than to shoulder the blame for the entire situation, but a part of him couldn't help but wonder if he'd just waited until Kyle had gotten there if things would have gone differently. Was he responsible for her panic attack? If she lost the baby would she blame him? These were questions; he couldn't help but ponder while they waited for more information from a doctor or a nurse.

He didn't get involved when Josh began demanding explanations and he stayed quiet as people started pointing fingers about who knew what. He was completely lost in his own thoughts until Mrs. Treager stood up, and addressed Jessi's doctor.

"Dr. Roberts, what the news?" she asked, and Declan tried to read some clue in her face before she answered, but got nothing.

"I've just come from seeing Jessi, and I want to first assure you all that both she and the baby are fine. She's given me permission to fill all of you in on all the details."

Everyone gave a huge sigh of relief, and Declan smiled at Lori before returning his attention to the doctor.

"She and the baby are fine, but the magnitude of this stress reaction is unfounded. Up until today everything about Jessi's pregnancy has been by the book, even in my honest opinion more perfect than the book. So after today's events I have every reason to speculate that if all the good has happened on an extremely perfect level, than the negative may react in similar fashion."

He watched her rub the bridge of her nose, another sigh escaping her lips, "I'm really worried, that something else could happen that could be more damaging in the future, and at the same time this could for all we know be the only occurrence for the remainder of the pregnancy. I've asked her to stay over night for observation, and we've scheduled a check up appointment for a week from now."

"Is it alright for me to go and see her?" Mrs. Treager asked, already grabbing her purse, clearly not caring what the doctor said. He watched as Stephen stood as well obviously refusing to be left behind.

Once they were gone, he turned to look at the others, "So do you think Jessi's abilities played a part in this?"

"I don't know," Lori frowned, squeezing his hand this time. "I kind of feel like a part of this is my fault."

Declan's eye's widened in shock, had she been thinking exactly what he'd been thinking this whole time? "What do you mean?"

"Well when I told her I'd found out about the pregnancy she kind of broke down crying, and then not even an hour later she's being rushed to the ER, I feel like I got her worked up." Lori said, guilt in her eyes.

"If its anyone's fault its mine," Andy whispered, "I'm the one who confronted her out of no where at The Rack earlier, I'd seen her when I was leaving my check up at the hospital, so I asked her to meet up with me and then I basically attacked her with the information."

Declan sighed, "She didn't go into a panic and start cramping when either of you confronted her with the information…"

"It sounds like it's all of your faults," Josh said slouching back in his chair. "Or you could all stop playing the martyr, and look at the facts. Obviously Jessi wasn't stressed about just anyone finding out she was knocked up, if anything it seems like the one person she didn't want to know was Kyle. So if I were going to look at anyone to be the reason for this, it'd be him. He did apparently leave her here to raise a baby all by herself."

"He didn't know," Declan tossed out, feeling the need to stick up for Kyle, even though he knew Josh was right, Kyle was obviously the reason Jessi was stressed out. He just hoped they were able to work this all out.

"You know why he left?" Lori turned to look at him, shock in her voice.

"Whoa, don't look at me like that, I just found out the whole story today when I picked Kyle up, and I was planning on telling you the whole story, were you going to tell me about the baby?" Declan asked, raising an eyebrow as he waited for her response.

"I wasn't going to lie to you," Lori whispered her eyes worried, as they stayed glued to his, "I was going to figure out a way for you to guess the truth so I could keep my promises to both you and her."

Declan smiled, "Luckily you didn't have to worry, I found out and the reason I even confronted Jessi in the first place was so you wouldn't have to lie to me"

"Have I told you how much I love you lately?" Lori asked, as she leaned in to press a soft kiss to his lips.

"Have I told you how sick you guys are making me right now?" Josh asked interrupting the moment.

Nicole trusted everything the doctor had said, but she still wasn't going to feel secure in the knowledge that Jessi was okay until she saw it with her own eyes. She knew Stephen was equally as worried and so they walked faster than needed until they reached the room Dr. Roberts had told him Jessi had been transferred to.

She was about to open the door when she saw Kyle inside and he and Jessi looked like they were still discussing everything. She backed away, and turned to Stephen, "I think we should go home and grab some of her things, first."

She watched him debate if that was a good idea or not before he nodded in agreement.

"Your right lets give them some time to work this all out."

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