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Alfred F. Jones, otherwise known as the United States of America, was just a little embarrassed. Only a little though. Unfortunately, due to a series of completely unpredictable circumstances, he had ended up with several sore spots on his body that were surely going to bruise (they looked like they'd be pretty nasty too).

However, what currently concerned him the most was the dubious looking angle that his right arm that his arm had...accidentally...twisted into. America's face darkened as he thought of the accident (accident his hamburger!) and then at the exasperated nation beside him.

Arthur Kirkland, otherwise known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, wanted to bang his head on the nearest hard surface. Repeatedly.

He knew that his current state was a far cry from his former glory, but why was he degraded to babysitting nations like the idiot next to him. England glanced over at America who was sulking and pouting like the man-child he was.

England sighed as he thought of the day before when this whole mess had started. It had been the beginning of their annual world summit (nothing special except for the ungodly amounts of traffic due to the location) and all was relatively peaceful. Until America had called him (and...Canada?) into his office. England sighed as he remembered how it had all begun.

"You did what!"

Surprisingly this hadn't been England yelling like he usually was. It had been the other nation (y'know, the one that looks a bit like France, but more like America?) that had blown up when he had heard that Russia was in the hospital and that America had given the doctor Belarus' phone number.

"What's the big deal, Mattie?" America whined to his doppelganger.

'That's right,' England thought. 'Matthew...Wilkins? No, that's not it…'

"What's the big deal? I know that you and Russia don't like each other-"

"Understatement of the century," England muttered under his breath. But he was ignored by the other two. (oh, the irony...)

"But that doesn't mean that you should send Belarus there. Not only are you terrorizing Russia, but what about the other people in the hospital? And what about the fact that we're nations, Alfred? You have realized that it is a bit of a secret, haven't you? Don't you ever think?"

At this point, America was slowly caving in on himself as Canada continued his tirade on the 'faults of Alfred' (which was admittedly numerous), but England felt that perhaps they should make their way to the first meeting of the week and not risk Germany's wrath for being over three hours late.

"Matthew!" England called out to the enraged Canadian.

Apparently not used to people calling him out by name, Canada stopped in shock and America looked grateful as he curled up into the fetal position on the floor.

"You can rant at him later. Right now, we have to go to the meeting."

"But-" Canada began to protest and at the sound of his voice America began to whimper again.

"Yes, I know, Alfred did something stupid, but Belarus can't go anywhere until after the meeting and chances are we won't get out until late. By then there should at least be fewer witnesses in the hospital."

With this in mind, Canada sighed and nodded his acceptance of England's reasoning and he walked out the door, not bothering to glance at the mess that he had left behind.

England raised an eyebrow (a scary sight) and looked down at America on the floor who looked less terrorized at the moment and more depressed. England rolled his eyes at his ex-colony.

"This is your own fault you know," England told the uncharacteristically silent nation as he dragged him out the door by the elbow. "You know you shouldn't have done that. Besides what just happened-" America whimpered again. "-you must know that Russia will know it was you once he gets out of the hospital."

America finally stopped whimpering and almost started to look like his normal self again at this comment.

"I'm not afraid of that commie!" America loudly proclaimed. The other nations that were in the hallway ignored him, used to his random shouting by now. England scoffed.

"Well, besides the fact that he hasn't been communist for nearly two decades-"

"Hearsay," America dismissed. England ignored him.

"the Cold War is over! You need to learn to get along with nations that you are no longer at war with! We're in a new era and-"

"What? You mean like how you and France are totally peaceful and loving towards each other?" America smirked at him. England went red from embarrassment and started to sputter.

"T-that's-! That's not the point! It's different!" England protested.

America chuckled and pulled his elbow from his friend's grasp, now completely recovered.

"Well then, what is the point?" America taunted him with a knowing grin.

"It's just different!" England insisted as his mind boiled with rage as he thought of the frog. "We've nearly millennia of war between the two of us under our belts. You aren't even half of a millennia in age!"

"Whatever, old timer. And anyway, how's he going to figure out it was me?" America said haughtily as he opened the door up for the two of them.

"Famous last words," England muttered as they walked into the conference room.

000 000 000 000 000 000

As it turned out, England was more or less right (about Russia finding out at least) and when Canada had walked in with the smiling Russian, many had cleared the premises when they realized he was wearing that smile.

Anyone that hadn't thought it necessary to run away (brave fools) were privy to the sounds of yelling, breaking furniture, and a distinctive 'KolKolKol' that was coming out of America's office. England found that he had involuntarily taken up the role of peacemaker once again (if only his pirate self could see him now...) and once Russia made his way out of the room with a satisfied smirk, a little roughed up himself, England looked into the danger zone and sighed once he saw the grimacing America's busted arm.

After much protesting from America, sending notification to Germany (Spain and Romano were just at the hospital yesterday, damnit! Now you're going too?), and getting Cana-...Canama? to take notes for them, finally the two made their way to the hospital that America was so proud of in order to get his arm looked at.

England had insisted that they go to the emergency room (Your arm is broken! You don't have a bloody cold!), but America was being stubborn and had insisted that it wasn't serious enough to take up the emergency room's time that could be used for people who actually needed it. England had sighed at the younger nation's sense of morality (although he was kind of right; they were immortal after all...) and in the end he had agreed to take America to the free clinic rather than the emergency room.

Why was he doing this again?

England sighed again as he looked over at his... what was America to him again? Younger brother? Son? Friend? England didn't even want to know anymore.

He was startled when America all of a sudden perked up in his seat. England followed his line of vision and he perked up as well when he saw who it was.

"Lithuania!" both England and America called out cheerfully.

The nation in question jumped and turned his head when he heard his name being called. When Lithuania saw the two English speaking nations he smiled brightly and said a quick word to the grungy looking doctor that was looking at the three of them curiously as a bandaged up Latvia and an overprotective Estonia stood off to the side.

"Alfred! Arthur!" Lithuania called back and the two flushed when they realized they had called out Toris' nation name rather than his human one. A quick look though revealed that none of the American's around them had noticed anything out of the ordinary. England, for once, thanked God for America's terrible geography skills.

"Toris!" England said as he gave the other nation a friendly pat on the shoulder. "What are you doing here?"

Lithuania blushed and looked back at his two brothers.

"Well, umm...Belarus was...uhhh, and Raivis...we would have gone yesterday, but-" Lithuania cut himself off as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

England and America nodded knowingly as they thought of the scarily psychotic Slavic nation.

"Right, he'll be okay then?" England said conversationally as he looked over at the other two Baltics. Lithuania nodded.

"Oh, he'll be fine. But why are you two here? Are you okay America?" he asked with concern as he focused in on America's arm and studied him carefully.

"I'm fine!" America waved his left hand dismissively. "It's just a scratch. Nothing to be too worried over."

England gave America a sharp look. His injury certainly wasn't nothing, but he didn't say anything. He didn't want to upset Lithuania needlessly. Especially if it concerned Russia.

"Are you sure?" Lithuania continued as he tried to get a better look at the arm that was out of its sleeve and hanging on the inside of America's leather jacket.

"Yeah!" America said cheerfully, not a hint of pain in his face. "You guys should get back to the meeting if you're done here, shouldn't you? Germany's already kind of pissed."

This led Lithuania from the topic of America's injured arm (or, rather, how it got that way) and he visibly began to fret over troubling Mr. Germany.

"I hope you feel better!" Lithuania called as he collected his brothers and left the clinic.

The two of them waved as they left and both were relieved that they were able to avoid explaining why they were here exactly. No reason to give them any more reasons to fear Russia.

"You two!" a voice called out and made them turn their heads sharply towards the noise.

America and England recognized the doctor as the one who had treated the Baltics.

"Us?" America asked while pointing at himself and then England with his good hand.

"Who else?" the scruffy man said as he rolled his eyes and picked up his cane. "Into room three."

The two nations looked at each other, shrugged, and decided to follow after the grumpy looking man.


House couldn't believe it when he had met more nations. Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, more precisely.

He had assured the three (who looked like they were about to keel over from a collective panic attack) that he had already promised not to tell anyone about the big secret. Treating the shivering little boy (that was probably ten times House's age) was easy enough and he sent them on their way more or less traumitized state than they had arrived in. Which was a better state than most House's patients left in after being treated.

House was startled, however, to find that even more nations were here if the two calling out 'Lithuania' were any indication. He looked curiously over at his two future victims (already decided on when he realized what they probably were) and tried to figure out which countries they were.

House had quickly realized that most of the countries didn't really look like someone from their country stereotypically would. Perhaps it became an impossibility after a certain point, House mused. After all, Europe was just a muddle of different appearances. Besides the loose rule that the farther north you are, the lighter you are, and the farther south, the darker you are; there wasn't really a distinct 'look' assigned to any one country. Especially now that immigration was a lot more common.

Therefore, looking at he bushy-browed, light haired, green eyed, and relatively short nation told him nothing about who he was. He was too far away to hear his voice properly, but most of the nations seemed to be nearly accent-less anyway. House figured that it came with time.

The one next to him, however... he had dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes that were covered, but not obscured by delicate gold frames. House looked at this one curiously. He was obviously younger than the man next to him, but he was at least a few inches taller. There wasn't anything particularly special about him, but...he couldn't shake off this feeling... it was strange...

House had never felt this particular draw to a person before. Not even when he had first met Wilson. The boy even reminded House of Wilson if he really thought about it. Both of them looked like goody-goody, golden boys if he was being honest.

House quickly asked for their file and called for them to meet him in room three.


"So, who beat you up?" House began as he sat down on his stool.

"Hey!" the injured blonde yelled with indignation. "Who said I was beat up?"

House raised an eyebrow as he looked him once over. His companion simply rolled his eyes and leaned against one of the counters, crossing his arms as he prepared himself for some ridiculous scene.

"You're kidding?" House asked incredulously. "You look like you got into a fight with a baseball bat and lost."

The boy flushed as he realized that his arm was in a make-shift sling and that he probably did have at least one or two bruises covering his face.

"Well," he continued regardless. "Who said I lost?"

"You're the one in the hospital aren't you?" House snapped back.

"That doesn't mean anything!" he protested, pointing at the doctor accusingly as if it helped his argument somehow.

"Unless the other guy's in the morgue, then yeah, it kinda does," House begged to differ, but he decided to move on before this got ridiculous, even by his standards. "Anyway, what's your name, kid?"

"Alfred F. Jones!" he shouted gladly, not even peeved by the abrupt shift in conversation.

House had a bad feeling as he looked at the energetic teenager in front of him. Surely this wasn't...

"And, uh... are you an American citizen?" House asked carefully.

Alfred (F. Jones) blinked and gave him a wide smile.

"Yeah, totally!"

The grumpy looking blonde scoffed, but otherwise remained quiet. House, in the meantime, groaned in his head.

'This doesn't mean anything,' House thought franticly. 'It's possible that he's just some kid that works with these guys.'

"Out of curiosity," House said carefully as he eyed the injured boy in front of him. "Are you involved with that World summit thing that's going on this week?"

Alfred blinked as he looked at the man curiously.

"Yeah, how did you know?" America narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

This, too, caught England's attention and he looked curiously at the doctor.

"Well, it seems that I've been treating a lot of you guys," House admitted. "The three guys that just left, some Spanish guy was here yesterday, and all of yesterday until this morning I was treating your Russian representative."

At this, England and America looked startled and they studied the man in front of them even more closely. For the first time, America actually bothered to read the name tag that was pinned to the doctor's blazer.

"You're Dr. House!" America cried as he looked at the man in front of him with renewed excitement.

"Uh, yeah," House said, dreading where this was headed, but he knew better than to doubt his gut feelings. "Let me guess. You're America."

America looked startled when the doctor called him by his nation name, but this time the shock quickly melted away into anger.

"Did the commie tell you this?" America asked, his voice accusing, although not at the man in front of him.

"No," House scoffed. "He wouldn't tell me even when his heart fell out right in front of me."

America and England winced as they thought back to their first encounter with Russia's condition.

"How did you find out then?" England spoke for the first time. House looked at the other man sharply when he heard the distinct British accent.

"And who are you?" House asked. "Wait, let me guess...England?"

England's eyes widened, but they quickly narrowed again as he looked at the offensive man before him.

"Yes, I am," England answered imperiously. "Are you going to answer the question?"

"Fine," House rolled his eyes, though he was smirking in satisfaction at having guessed it. Again. "I figured it out on my own."

House shrugged as he said this and the two looked at him skeptically and he gave an exaggerated sigh before he decided to elaborate.

"When the heart thing came up, it was pretty obvious that he wasn't human," House began. "I also kind of figured out he was a bit older than the average human. Then that, coupled with the fact that his friend, Canada-"

'Who?' America and England thought for a second.

"showed up and I realized that all these 'young' people were also involved with same conference and, y'know, other little stuff," House finished lamely. He couldn't really describe it properly. It really was more of a feeling than anything else.

"Oh. Right...anyway, this is so cool!" America gushed.

House blinked in surprise as he looked at the starry-eyed teenager in front of him. He had honestly never gotten this sort of reaction when people who knew of him met him for the first time.

"Uh, okay, whatever," House said. "Let's take a look at your arm."

America looked as if he had forgotten why he was there for a second, but he nodded and with the help of England and House, he managed to get his arm out of the arm of his dress shirt.

House stared unabashedly at the gruesomely disfigured arm in front of him and looked at the idiot in front of him that was still smiling happily.

'Whatever he's on, I want some,' House thought enviously as he gently poked and prodded the arm in front of him.

"Why the hell didn't you go to the ER?" House asked incredulously as he examined the oddly shaped arm in front of him.

"That's what I said," England muttered.

"It's not that bad!" America insisted.

"Are you insane?" House demanded when his country continued to smile like a fool. "This isn't even a clean break!"

"I've had worse!" America protested, the smile turning into a slight frown.

"My God!" House said. "Has the Bush administration rotted your brain? This is as bad of a break as you can get! It'd only be worse if there was blood gushing out!"

"There's barely any blood!" America continued to argue. But he was losing badly. Too bad he hadn't noticed.

"There's bits of bone sticking out!" House exclaimed, pointing to the place where bits of bones sticking out of America's forearm.

"Well...," America couldn't really think of anything to say to that. It was true after all, and when parts of your body that are supposed to be in your body are sticking out, you know it's bad.

"So...uhhh, what do we do?" America asked sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head with his good hand.

"We're getting your retarded ass down to radiology so that someone else can figure out how to fix this mess," House growled as he picked up his phone.

"Wait! Aren't you going to be my doctor?" America whined as his eyes widened and shined bright with crocodile tears.

"No," House said shortly.

House ignored the puppy dog eyes being aimed in his direction as he quickly scheduled an appointment for his nation.

"Now, you!" House pointed to the startled England, who was also becoming a victim of the puppy dog eyes. "Get him down there and make sure Dr. Varmer treats him. She's the only non-idiot in orthopedics."

England nodded dumbly as he shoved the glum looking America out the door. House caught his elbow before he could completely walk out however and England stared at him. He could feel himself getting nervous as House gave him a serious look.

"It's not too late to apply for citizenship to England is it?" House asked.

He said this with a completely straight face, his voice low and serious as well, and England had no idea what to say.


"Iggy! What's taking you so long!"

"Pardon me, but I must be going now!" England exclaimed as he dodged that bullet.

America would never forgive him if he took one of his most prized citizens away from him.

The End


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