I have been fooling around with this story for ages. I've tried writing and writing it and it was never what I'd imagined. I'm finally happy. It will be several chapters; alternating BPOV/EPOV and maybe some others depending on what people want. It is probably set after Twilight or whenever you want really – no mentions of Jacob, Victoria or Volturi sorry guys.

Traditional Rose

"So let me get this straight, he just gives you his card? Like all the time?" I winced at Laurens shrill voice in the tiny car.

Repressing a sigh I answered. "Not all the time. He knew we were going shopping and gave it to me just in case"

"Just in case of what? You need to get out of the state in an emergency?" Jess laughed. I chuckled along knowing she would never believe me if I told her that was a possibility. One vision from Alice sensing the slightly possibility of danger and Edward would order me on a plane to the safest place straight away. "Would he freak if you'd bought some Gucci boots with it?"

I felt as though I was having a duel conversation. One the one hand Edward would probably be delighted that I bought something for myself. Not to mention Alice's grin at what she would interpret as my growing interest in fashion, which she would definitely nurture and exploit. But I couldn't exactly say that aloud.

"Of course he would! Gucci boots are four hundred bucks a pop Jess" Lauren huffed as though she bought designer footwear all the time. "Any guy – even Edward – would freak if their girlfriend spent their money on that"

Jess and Lauren continued to bicker in the front seats. I relaxed, leaning my head against the cool window, Angela quiet beside me. Thank goodness Lauren had jumped in; I don't know what I would've said. I don't know how a normal boyfriend would have reacted. Even the word – boyfriend – was really a foreign concept to me. I never considered Edward my boyfriend. Soul Mate, True Love, sure. The word boyfriend was far too average to ever describe Edward.

And just at the mention of his name, even in my own mind, had me glancing at my watch. Five thirty. I'd promised Edward I would be at his place, right after shopping, at six. But we'd gone in every single shop, looked at every single garment and there was no way we would make the hour journey back in time. Well, not unless one of the Cullen's was driving. I'd promised Charlie that I would try and spend some more time with my other friends so I'd agreed to Jess's offer of a shopping trip with Angela. It wasn't until she picked me up this morning, with Lauren riding shotgun, that I'd realised there would be four of us. Honestly Lauren hadn't been that bad, mostly speaking to Jess. This meant Angela and I could talk and I was more than happy with the arrangement. But when we'd stopped for gas before our ride home I pulled out Edwards' shiny black card. I knew he would be upset if I didn't spend anything – the simple fact that I didn't need anything notwithstanding. So I'd volunteered to pay for the tank but of course Lauren noticed that the card wasn't mine. Which led to Twenty Questions, today's topic: the lives of Bella and Edward. More specifically Edward. I'd tried to be polite and Angela always jumped in when the questions got too uncomfortable. What none of them could comprehend – and really, neither could I – is Edward's desire to spend money on me.

"I mean, doesn't he always pay for your lunch?" Jess asked loudly, breaking me from my thoughts.

"Uh..." I trailed off, unsure how to answer.

"Ben buys my lunch" Angela spoke up and I gave her a warm smile.

Lauren sniffed from the driver seat, put off. Serves her right for intruding. Being Forks, it was raining heavily. The sun was just about to set. No beautiful, long sunsets here; just a muted light from behind the clouds to the west. The girls were discussing their plans for the holidays that were only a week away. I had been surprised yesterday night when Edward asked me if I wanted to go visit Renee. We'd spent hours wrapped in each other's arms; despite his dark eyes. He was going hunting today while I was shopping. When I looked at those dark eyes I was lost. He'd already arranged it of course; booking flights and a deluxe room at a hotel because Renee's place was a bit too small for all of us. Two bedroom suite of course.

"I'm really pumped for Seattle with Ben" Angela said, grinning. They were planning a day trip to the city. "What about you Bella?"

"I'm going to see Renee"

"Edward joining you of course?" Angela asked.

"Of course" I felt a matching smile spreading on my lips.

"Flying?" Jess asked and I could hear the curiosity in her voice.

"Yeah, Edward bought the tickets the other week-"

Lauren gasped, breaking me off. "He what? He bought you bloody plane tickets?"

"Lauren! Eyes on the road!" Jess yelled. And just like that we swung drastically to the left, skidding and squealing across the wet pavement. I heard screaming but couldn't tell who it was. I braced myself; my hands clutching desperately into the seat. We slammed suddenly with a large crash. I felt the painful whiplash as my face was pushed against the window; my shoulder slamming against the door frame. There was a moment of shocked silence. And then heavy breathing. And crying. I cringed as I changed from my rigid position. I squeezed my fingers into my palms tightly and mentally scanned myself over. Two legs. Two arms. Then I looked up and saw that the left side of the car had crashed against a heavy oak tree and been pushed up against its trunk. I was worried about Lauren; she and I were on the left side of the car, her driving, me behind her.

"Are you guys ok?" My voice sounded weak.

'Yeah" came Angela's tentative reply. "Are you?"

"I'm fine. Lauren? Jess?" I looked to the front seats. Jesses faced was streaked with tears, her skin red, her eyes panicking. Lauren looked the same, if only a little better. They nodded. "I think we should try and get out. Angela?"

The left side of the car had been smushed; there was no way the doors would open. Angela opened her door and climbed out hesitantly and I followed. I leaned back in to grab mine and Angela's bags and by the time I was out, Jess and Lauren were standing mutely by the car. We stumbled a few meters along the road before Lauren sat down and the girls followed. They looked like they were in shock; all pale and shivering.

The rain was really pouring down now, and pretty soon there would be no light left. I turned back to the car; there was no way that thing would be able to drive us home. I turned and whipped out my phone. Edward. Call Edward. My fingers were clumsy and stumbled over the numbers and I left out a frustrated breath of air. Finally I held the phone to my ear, jiggling a little to keep warm. Edward. But there was nothing. Silence. I frowned and looked down; No Signal. No Edward.

Behind me I could hear Lauren. "Guys I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened..."

"...My car..." Jess was crying now. I wondered if Alice would've seen the car crash. No. No way. There would be no way any of the Cullen's would've let me go if they knew it would end in a crash. But maybe Alice saw us standing by the road? If she did – and that was an if – how long would it take for Edward to get here? They'd gone hunting sometime today. Would they be home? It was an hour's drive from Forks to Port Angeles. When Edward drove me it only took about twenty minutes. But if they were – God, where did they even go when they hunted? I shivered and tucked the phone back in my pocket. I wanted Edward.

I was about to turn back to the girls when I heard screeching from the road beyond the hill. I whipped my head around, feeling a spasm in my neck. But then I saw the silver Volvo. His silver Volvo. I could feel my heart – already unstable – kick it up a notch and start hammering in my chest. "Edward" his name escaped my lips in a whisper.

As if he heard me, the car squealed, creating skid marks on the dark road. The door was open and he was getting out before the Volvo had completely stopped. Rain matted his hair; making it dark in contrast to his skin. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me to his chest.

Instantly, I felt safe. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and pushed myself closer. I was sad that I couldn't smell him through the rain; his scent was the quickest and easiest way to calm my nerves. Edward pulled me closer tightly – almost painfully – before relaxing and whispering my name. "Bella". I shivered at the sound of his voice but refused to release my death grip around his torso. His hands travelled to my upper arms and pushed my back gently. "Bella, you're bleeding"

That got my attention. I jumped back; knowing how painful it was for him to be around my blood. My hand went to my forehead and I felt the beginnings of a serious headache. I pulled my hand back and saw raindrops mixing with my blood. Then I looked up at Edward; his eyes were worried, pained... but not thirsty. Wordlessly he took off his overtop, bundled it and pressed it gently against my forehead. "Are you alright?" we asked in unison. A brief smile met his glorious lips before he turned serious again. "You're going to need stitches. Come on, I'm taking you to Carlisle."

I stumbled along next to him and he wound his arm around me, helping me along. We reached his car and he opened the door for me. "Angela!" I had completely forgotten about them when I saw Edward. I turned, trying to find them but Edward continued to push me into the car.

"Bella, you're soaked and you're bleeding" He saw the panic in my eyes and sighed heavily. "Please. Just sit down. I'll go get the girls". I nodded and winced; my head really was beginning to hurt. He helped me get seated and buckled me carefully before closing the door. I watched him through the windscreen decorated by droplets. He looked like his normal graceful self but walked a bit too quickly. His shoulders were tense and strung tight. Was my blood bothering him or was he just worried about the car accident?

I watched as he reached the girls; they were further down the road than I had imagined. The car looked even worse from this perspective; I cringed imagining Edwards' thoughts. I could see the surprise on all three girls at seeing Edward walking towards them. Obviously they were amazed that he should be here, strangely, just mere minutes after the accident. And the fact that he was drenched; his grey t-shirt clinging to his body added to the effect. I watched the muted conversation and the quick journey as they reached his car. Edward's car was warm, comfortable and familiar. It smelled of him. I nestled closer into the seats as Edward came around to the wheel. I caught his eye and smiled quietly; his answering smile was stunning. Silently he started the car, took my hand, and begun the drive home.


I really like this story. The next chapter will be EPOV: worried, protective and a little pissed off. Stay tuned and please, R&R. Love, me. xx