Hello again everyone. I really enjoyed writing this story and am now officially addicted to ExB Fluff and will definitely be writing more. Tomorrow I'm uploading my new story; it might be a one shot or two chapters, we'll see. Thank you to everyone who consistently updated. This is for all of you. The Final Chapter of Car Crash.


I rushed through the forest, running towards Bella's house. It was Wednesday, the car accident was on Saturday. I knew that she would be fine; probably stubbornly waiting up until I arrived. I'd asked Alice at lunch to keep an eye on her just in case. I'd already made the mistake of assuming she was alright Saturday night. I cringed as I remembered my Bella's face contorted in pain. "My head. Edward my head, it hurts." I felt my legs push faster at the memory.

I had to leave her at school before third period today, needing to hunt badly. She'd told me to go days ago but I wasn't leaving if there was the slightest chance of anything happening. Besides, I'd wanted to be with her at school in case Lauren said anything. My lips turned up slightly at the conversation Bella and I had shared on Monday. My Bella really was too sweet for her own good. She couldn't seem to fathom the bad thoughts of those around her. She was far too trusting and good.

Lauren had lapped up the attention that the news of an accident had bought while Bella shunned it. Forks was such a small town, the news of a crash had spread quickly and people wanted to know every detail. Lauren and Jess (who was still miffed about her car being ruined) had become their own publicists, spilling the story. What both of them seemed to glaze over was how Bella had helped them both out of the car and tried to take care of them; even though she was injured herself. I could hear that through Angela's thoughts, and was thankful for her grace. She had asked Bella how she was; genuinely concerned when Bella shyly explained that she'd needed stitches.

The incident was still a popular topic of discussion but my thirst was getting to be truly uncomfortable. I was frustrated at myself at having to hunt again so quickly. I knew Bella didn't like it when I wasn't with her of a night time. She didn't know how it affected me also. The knowledge that she was uncomfortable, lonely or frightened at night ripped at my chest. This only added to the emptiness I felt whenever I had to leave her. Normally we tried to arrange it so that she was busy during the days I hunted; preoccupied. She had work this afternoon, and homework, so hopefully she wasn't too anxious.

As I neared her house I tuned my hearing to her bedroom. I grinned as I heard the scribbling of a pen. She was still awake. It was just eleven thirty now and she really should be sleeping. But, selfish as always, I was glad that she wasn't asleep yet.

I swiftly scaled her house and paused on her window sill. My Bella took my breath away. She was sitting on the floor, leaning against her bed, our book from English open on her lap. She had just showered; her hair was wet and its scent was mouth-watering. It hung in dark curls, pulled over one shoulder; exposing her beautiful neck. She was dressed in a white singlet and her sweats. She was biting her bottom lip; looking intently at the pages.

I continued to admire her as she scribbled a few words in her notebook. How was it that I was allowed to be here? To be watching her? I didn't know but I couldn't resist touching her.

I silently entered her room and felt its warmth surround me. I rushed towards her and found myself sitting next to her and my lips on her throat. I felt her jump in shock and pull in a gasp. I grinned against her skin and kissed her again. She was so soft.

"Edward! You're back" she squealed and pulled her arms around my neck.

I laughed; she seemed just as enthused as I was at our reunion. Her hot little body pressed against mine and my hands traced down her back appreciatively. I felt her shiver and leaned back. She'd just had a shower; I must be freezing to her.

"How are you?" I asked. She refused to be released and shuffled closer, leaning against my side.

Her eyes were wide and deep as she looked up at me. "Good. How are you?"

Her hand reached up to my cheek, running her fingers across it. I smiled at her. She had no idea what her warmth did to me. I wanted to push her back and cover her body with mine. I could only imagine how her skin would feel flush with mine. I contented myself with an arm around her waist. "I'm good too". That was an understatement. This was the only place I'd wanted to be all day; Bella in my arms without an audience.

She grinned at me and my breath left my chest again. Did she honestly have no idea how beautiful she was? With her hair dripping and in a pair of sweats she had me completely at her mercy. I forced myself to look away from her eyes and reached down; placing whisper light kisses against her fragile neck again.

To my delight, she giggled. The sound of her laughter was my third favourite sound in the world. Behind her heartbeat and her saying 'I love you Edward'. I was addicted to her laughter and kissed her again. I was rewarded with more music from Bella as she wrapped her arms around my neck and into my hair. "This beats homework" she laughed, sounding as breathless as I felt. I leaned back and looked down at her book. I hadn't been giving her much private time lately and I wondered if she was falling behind in our classes. "Hey!" she said, and my attention was on her. "I said this beats homework. As in, don't stop."

I grinned at her enthusiasm. "It's late. Perhaps we shouldn't tempt ourselves; we might wake Charlie"

Bella sighed; sending warm waves towards me. I leaned forward slowly, unintentionally. But she didn't notice and turned her eyes back to her book. "What time is it anyways?"

"Eleven thirty-seven" I answered instantly.

Bella looked at me suspiciously. "What are you doing back so early? I thought I wouldn't get to see you until tomorrow morning"

I shrugged. "I returned early"

She grinned. "How was hunting?"

I sat back as she sat up, collecting her book and notepad. I felt the absence of her warmth instantly and wanted to pull her back to me, but she was getting up. "Fun" I smirked, mimicking her easy tone whenever she asked me about hunting. It still astounded me when she brought it up in conversation; like it was normal. But then, nothing in Bella's world was normal. She had a vampire completely in love with everything she did. She was far from normal; stunning and sweet and impossibly understanding. She put her books on her cluttered desk and shuffled a few papers together. 'How do you like the book?" I was desperate to know her thoughts.

She looked over her shoulder at me. My god, could there be a more alluring sight? I focused on her voice. "I really like it. Even if it is a happy story"

"You've finished it?" I asked, surprised.

Bella shrugged and walked over the other side of the room. Where was she going? I felt a low growl in my chest; too low for humans to sense. She stood by the door, her hand poised on the light switch. She shrugged. "It was a pretty slow night"

I stood up and pulled back the covers of her bed; the scent of Bella wafted throughout the room with the action. "How was work?"

"Slow" Bella groaned. I grinned. I'd told her before that she didn't need to work; I had more than enough money. But, independent and stubborn as ever, she persisted with the job. "And Mike was asking me about the accident. Wanting to see my stitches" She crinkled her nose a little. I was struck between two warring emotions. Part of me melted at how incredibly adorable she looked when she did that, the other was mad at Newton. I knew Bella was self-conscious about the stitches even though they were hard to see behind her hair. Bella flipped off the lights. Soon, any mark would fade. And then I thought about Newton examining them; how close he would have to be. How he would lean in towards her face. I growled impulsively.

Bella walked towards me slowly, cautious in the dark room. I held out my arms for her and led her safely to bed. She lay down and I pulled the thick blankets up to cover her. Then I slid into the other side of the bed. I was initially hesitant to lie underneath the covers; my cold would disturb most humans. But whenever I did that, Bella would ask, with her eyes wide, for me to join her. And I'd end up underneath the quilts next to her despite my original judgement. I curled myself behind Bella's body, my arms around her waist. "I didn't let him you know" Bella said.

"Look at your stitches?" I asked.

"Yeah." She answered. I felt my body relax slightly with the knowledge that Newton hadn't been allowed to get so close to her. We were still for a moment but then Bella shuffled beside me, turning to face me. I carefully settled the covers that she'd wound about her. Then her face on the same pillow as mine. I reached up and pushed the hair away from her face. "Hey" she whispered.

"Hey beautiful" I whispered back and watched her blush through the darkness. She sighed as my fingers caressed her cheek. She pulled her body closer to mine and her hands clutched my shirt, stifling a yawn.

I leaned in and kissed her forehead "You should sleep."

"Yeah" she sighed. She closed her eyes and leaned forward, kissing me lightly on the lips. I felt the warmth remaining there when she pulled back.

She leaned her cheek on my chest, pulling her arms around my torso and sighed deeply. "Night Edward. I love you."

"I love you too Bella" My hands ran though her hair.

"Edward?" she asked. She sounded so tired.

"Yes love?"

"Do you promise the stitches won't leave a scar?"

I chuckled. "Yes Bella. I promise"

"Ok" she sighed. "Will you stay tonight?"

I grinned. "Yes. Now sleep. I love you". I felt her body rest a few minutes later, her breathing become slower and deeper.

My Bella. My Bella had been in a car accident and was hurt. She'd let me take care of her, let me watch over her. She blushed and hid her face against my chest when people stared at her in the corridors. She squeezed my hand when people quizzed her about the incident. She'd stayed awake and waited for me. And she was worried about a little scar on her hairline and whether I would stay the night. It was silly but completely Bella.

Silly Bella. There's nowhere else I would ever want to be.

Regardless, I promised I wouldn't let anything hurt her again. "I will always protect you my angel" I whispered and kissed the top of her head. Bella's fingers clutched my shirt tighter and I grinned. I hummed her lullaby to myself and continued to run my fingers through her hair, waiting for her to talk in her sleep.

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