Title: And the years go by.

Disclaimer: I do not own. Or I would be FILTHY rich.

Summary: Wanting, having, and wanting again. Kakashi lives in a haze of regrets. Past KakaSasu current NaruSasu AU

AN/Warnings: Hints of sex with a minor. Also, I haven't read Naruto since chapter 3451309489041809138409, so I don't have a strong perception on their characters anymore…

Kakashi lies in bed with a beautiful wife in a perfect home, his sweet darling baby girl in the next room. He cannot sleep; he cannot even blink; every time he closes his eyes, he sees the flash of a silly fifteen year old who wouldn't take no for an answer. He keeps his eyes open; forever on patrol against the light he finds when it should only be darkness and blissful rest.

It's been five years since he last spoke to Sasuke, long ago and far away, over a phone and impersonal, because he couldn't face those black eyes, rich in their emptiness. (Sasuke was empty, even when Kakashi tried to fill him.) He sees him by pure chance, Sasuke walking briskly next to a laughing blonde, sunlight embodied in a brash youth. They have to be the same age; he briefly remembers Sasuke introducing him to that boy once; ("If you break his heart you're forfeiting him he will be mine never never yours again"); Uzumaki or something along those lines. Sasuke's obviously annoyed; Kakashi can sense it in the tightening of his mouth, the way he refuses to walk a steadier pace. That boy leans closer, and the tension eases out of Sasuke; their hands brush against each other as Sasuke slows down. Something hurts inside him, but that's easily masked and smothered when Kyoko finds him in the crowd, running towards him, squealing, "Daddy!"

Ten years is a long time. Or maybe not so long because he is immediately able to catch sight of the boy (more a man now). He's never seen Sasuke with children before, though logically, he knows that Sasuke has been forced to babysit his brother's kids on more than one occasion. (But that was before ten years ago; he's changed, hasn't he?) Sasuke is a little less distant, warmer even, efficiently picking up a small little boy when arms reached up and out. They don't talk a lot, and the boy's face is as solemn as Sasuke's, however they only hold awareness of the one holding him. The blonde boy is there soon, and Sasuke hands off the child to the more enthusiastic man. His and the man gives Sasuke a big idiotic grin. Sasuke snorts, takes his hand, and leads him and the boy away.

The only infidelity Kakashi has ever committed against his lovely wife is standing two feet in front of him; twenty years post break-up. Sasuke looks as young as ever- that's a lie. He is a little more mature and apparently his youngest daughter knows Sasuske's son; "Itachi-kun!"

Sasuke is coldly polite, dark eyes shallow, letting Kakashi see what Sasuke wants him to see. His wife is enamored; "It must be hard being a single parent."

"He's the only one my brother's wife's side of the family would let me keep."

That's something Kakashi doesn't know; he's shocked (he used to tell him all of his secrets all of his affairs he used to tell him everything between bedsheets with those pretty onyx eyes). But it's been twenty years. The blonde appears, and Sasuke, coldly cordial as ever, introduces them, "Uzumaki Naruto; this is-"

"Kakashi, right?"

Sasuke blinks, a little surprised, and Naruto's eyes tell him, "I haven't forgotten."

The day Anko dies is the day Sasuke comes back into his life with a bouquet of flowers. Or at least that's what he would like to think, because a loveless marriage (not really loveless; she loved him; loved him more than life) makes him remember and it makes him regret, but Sasuke's accompanied by a boy who looks like him and his brother and a man who guards his possessions.