Summary: Remy suggests that Hunter spends one night every month at Sookie's to help with his telepathy but Sookie didn't think he was hoping for his son to get involved with an array of Weres, Vamps, witches and fairies. Post DitF.

Rating: T.

Disclaimer: SVM belongs to Charlaine Harris, as much as I wish I owned them, this is just my attempt to get through the sheer boredom of my life.

Supes and Children


I was pulling on a pretty pale blue dress when the phone rang. I was busy getting ready for a trip to Fangtasia and though it was still light, I knew that it'd be dark by the time I'd drive to Shreveport. I zipped up the side of the dress and went to answer the phone in the kitchen.

"Hello," I said grabbing myself a glass of water as I passed the sink. I really wanted to be at Fangtasia before full dark and I wasn't pleased that I was being interrupted as I got ready.

"Sookie?" said a familiar male voice on the other end. "It's Remy."

"Oh, hi," I said in surprise. I hadn't spoken to Remy since he'd collected Hunter after his previous stay. I'd begun to think, in the odd moments I'd had to think about such trivial things, that Remy had heard bad things about his son's stay here. Bad things about vampire and fairies and weres.

"You said you were prepared to help Hunter with his... ability," he said slowly and I could tell he was being really careful not to upset me, not that I could read thoughts over the phone.

"Yes," I said softly.

"I think you should start as soon as possible," he told me. "I would like him to spend some time with you, maybe once a month?"

"Ummm, sure," I said in confusion, wondering why Remy had come to this conclusion all of a sudden. "Has something happened?"

"There's been several incidents, mostly involving other children," Remy said sadly. "I guess people just can't accept what's different from them. And I don't know what to do anymore."

"Well don't worry," I said smiling my nervous smile into the phone as though it could reach him. "I'll help him."

"Thanks, Sookie," the man said sincerely. "When can you have him?"

"Wednesday? Late afternoon?"

"Sure thing, I'll see you sometime then." Remy sounded more relaxed as he hung up the phone. I just hoped his faith in me was justified and I could help my little cousin.

I made it to Fangtasia just after full dark and soon I forgot all about Hunter's problems.


I hope you enjoyed the prologue... I wanted to write this because I loved the parts with Hunter in DitF and I was kinda sad that Eric never got to have a conversation with Hunter... Anyway, first up is Pam. Please tell me what you think and I know this is short but the chapters will be longer!

With love JLF xx