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A/N: GaaMatsu, but there's some Gaara and Matsuri friendship too. Some drabbles are AR or AU. If you don't like this pairing, then I suggest you skip this one and look through my other stories to see if I have any fics for a ship you do like.

Edit: I'm combining chapter 1 and 2 together.

Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.
- Unknown

Start with a Smile

Drabbles for Gaara/Matsuri

1. Tick-tock

Genre: General/Friendship
Characters: Gaara, Matsuri
Rating: G
Length: 161 words

"Did I make it?" Matsuri mumbled, pressing her forehead on the buckled boards of splintered wood.

Gaara placed a hand on her back, assessing her physical state. She coughed up water before turning her eyes toward him blearily. She turned away with a sigh. Gaara glanced at the stopwatch in his hand.

"If this had been a normal mission, the target would have long since fled." The poker faced young ninja sat upright and crossed his arms. "You are not taking this seriously enough."

Matsuri groaned, rolling over on to her back. "I'm trying, Gaara-sensei. I really am…" She protested. "But we've been practicing for hours."

Gaara set the stopwatch back to zero, again. "Very well. We will take a few minutes break, then try again."

Matsuri breathed something that sounded like 'thank you' and her breathing slowed.

Gaara watched his sleeping student for a moment. He placed a hand awkwardly on the top of her head. "Do your best, Matsuri."

2. Spector

Genre: Sci-fi/Supernatural
Characters: Gaara/Matsuri
Rating: PG
Length: 173

It is said that the Savage Desert of this hostile planet on the fringe of the galaxy is inhabited by two spirits.

Underneath the twisted stones encircling hardened sand, a protected astronaut with a considerable amount of methane on his person can observe the windy ghosts left behind by two life forms known only as the Entwined Lovers.

A chance breeze reveals the young female with her brown hair swishing from side to side in the breeze. Why metal glints around her neck continues to baffle scientists, though many believe this is a female thing as her lover does not have metal around his neck.

Presently, her arm appears, reaching for her lover's hand as loose grains shape a redheaded form with a massive growth on his back shaped like the body of a Crevice Spider. Now watch. They wrap their limbs around each other, holding each other tenderly until the wailing gale calms and their restless spirits go back to sleep, bodies dispersing into dust and sand.

Let's not disturb their love any further.

3. Drain

Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Gaara/Matsuri
Rating: G
Length: 129




Eyes stare ahead. Fingers pluck out the drain and water gushes down the pipe.

A shadow falls fleetingly over the window.

She jerks toward the window, gripping the sides of the window.

A hawk.

She dashes out the door, hands clutching for her cloak only to let it slide to the ground.

The hawk glides over the small country town her love had ordered her to hide in. It vanishes over the horizon.

Matsuri wonders if anyone is still alive in the battlefield.

She wonders if–

No! Too painful!

He is busy and can't send word.

That is all.

That is always all.

She plugs the sink again and turns the knobs of the faucet back on.

He will return to her. He always returns to her.

4. Memory

Genre: Romance
Characters: Gaara/Matsuri
Rating: G
Length: 116

Her most prized possession was not the Jouhyou he gave her.

She doesn't tell him she doesn't use the one he taught her with anymore, but keeps it in a special box for safe-keeping.

Nor was it the forehead protector he presented her when she passed her exams.

She remembers how they had just stood there, awkwardly touching fingers, until Kankuro nudged him back into focus.

Or even the memory of their first kiss.

His lips were surprisingly gentle and she could smell something like creosote and wet sage, as though he had stood out in the desert rain.

It was merely him, holding her close as the brutal wind moaned through the city chilled beneath the full moon.

5. Cabin Boy

Genre: Cyberpunk
Characters: Gaara/Matsuri
Rating: T for sensuality
Length: 146

Gears ticked away within the bowels of the round ship hovering in the sky, interjected with the hiss of gas in the pipeline. Morning light streamed through the small rattling window. Matsuri stretched across her cot with a yawn.

She felt an arm wrap around her. "Hey…"

Matsuri flushed as her recent lover kissed her bare shoulder, but she smirked and leaned into his firm chest. "Good morning, cabin boy," she greeted him teasingly.

Gaara's lips curled in one of his rare little smiles. "Cabin boy? Am I that bad a lover?"

Matsuri laughed, rolling over to face him. She bent down and murmured into his ear, "Hmm… the jury's still up. Why don't we try a few times before breakfast so I can reach a verdict."

"You are a cruel woman," Gaara joked gently.

Her smile widened as he pulled her on top of him.

A/N: #1 - don't quite get what's going on either D8, but apparently it's some sort of training involving something wooden (a dock?) and water.

#4 - A lot of people describe the desert of smelling of creosote (from the creosote bush) and wet sage.

#5 - Except that they are on a steam running ship in the sky and apparently are sleeping together, all other details depends on the imagination.