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Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.
- Unknown

Start with a Smile

Drabbles for Gaara/Matsuri

51. 404

Genre: AU
Characters: Gaara, Matsuri, one-sided Gaara/Matsuri
Rating: G
Words: 105

No, it couldn't be. It was impossible! Matsuri tightened a shaking hand around the mouse. The worst combination of numbers imaginable sat on her web browser, mocking her. Her own site couldn't be down. She had just fixed it!

"Matsuri, what's wrong?"

She jumped at the sound of her crush behind her. "G-Gaara! Er… it's nothing. Just found out my site is dow..." She gulped. Why did she tell him it was her site?

He leaned over her, staring at the browser intensely. Matsuri's heart pounded in her chest. She could feel his body heat on her cheek. She took a steady breath. It didn't help her nerves.

He frowned. "Gaara-luv-dot-com…?"

52. Secret

Genre: Romance
Characters: Gaara/Matsuri, Ittetsu,
Rating: T
Words: 116

"Hush! They'll hear us," Matsuri murmured, pressing her forehead against her secret boyfriend.

Gaara watched Ittetsu and Sari walk past as they shared their day together. He tightened his embrace. "I don't think they can hear us."

Matsuri sighed. "I guess your right."

Ittetsu popped back. "Gaara-sama? Matsuri? What are you doing?"

"Ittetsu. I… um…" Gaara opened his mouth a few times. He mused over possible excuses with a thoughtful frown. Matsuri just gaped at her fellow Genin.

"You know it's not illegal for the Kazekage to date, right?" Sari slipped into view with a raised eyebrow.

Matsuri sighed. They knew that. It was just fun to pretend it was for a bit.

Stupid teammates.

53. Sadness and…

Genre: General
Characters: unrequited Gaara/Matsuri
Rating: K+
Words: 236

Gaara placed the small cactus in front of the tombstone. "Hello, Kaa-san."

He trailed his fingers through the loose grains of sand covering Karura's grave. "I'm sorry I haven't been visiting." He shifted stiffly. "They told me you didn't…. No, it doesn't matter."

He sat there in silence, unsure what to say. "I wish I could've known you." He moved to stand.

"I wish you were here."

Gaara froze. Someone else was visiting a grave. Not wanting to draw attention to himself and break the other person's quiet time, he sat back down.

"I could really use your help. I don't know what to do." He recognized the voice now. Matsuri, his former student. Matsuri laughed nervously. "He's out of my league. He's cute, strong, mysterious, and really nice, and everyone depends on him so much. And now that he's Kazekage, everyone wants him."

Someone… liked him? Not sure how to react, Gaara sank lower to the ground, uncomfortable with eavesdropping on Matsuri, but unsure how to move.

"I've done nothing but tell you, and I know you can't help me, but I feel… better. It's been too long since I've asked for your advice, Mom, Dad."

Matsuri gave thanks and said her goodbyes. Gaara heard the sound of footsteps fading away. He waited until he was certain she was gone, then sat back up. He turned to Karura's gravestone. "Mom, I need some advice…."

54. …Joy

Genre: General/Friendship
Characters: Gaara, Matsuri, unrequited Gaara/Matsuri
Rating: K
Words: 162

He stood alone, an island among shinobi. They all shrank away from him in revulsion.

He returns from the latest mission, and she runs up to him, glowing with excitement. "You're back!"

He had sworn never to love again, and yet his hunger for love and something that could be called existence left him burning with loathing and rage.

He doesn't feel the same as her. His mind is consumed with thoughts of another. But he is touched, grateful even, that someone can feel this way about him.

Wherever he went, a heavy silence fell as the "thing" that was him walked by.

"How did the mission go?" she asks, nearly dancing around him in her delight in just talking to him.


She waves a hand. "Oh, never mind. You just came back. I'm sure you'll want to rest up and relax for a bit before talking to little old me."

He smiles and feels the joy of friendship in his heart.

55. Rescue

Genre: AU
Characters: Gaara, Matsuri
Rating: T
Words: 191

I don't like this place. Matsuri narrowed her brown eyes at the thick coat of moss that covered, quite literally, everything in the forest. She shrugged off her heavy sense of foreboding. Gaara needed her.

She marched onward. Predictably, the moss came alive the second she stepped on it, rising and turning a massive head toward her with a roar. It had no eyes, only a pair of jaws lined with dirt and beetles.

It darted down at her….

Moments later, Matsuri stepped over the monstrous corpse, moss already receding from the forest. That had cost her a few minutes of daylight. She would have to pick up the pace.

Presently, she came upon the tower. For a Kazekage, breaking into it was nothing. The dungeon would be even easier.

She found him staring out into the forest through his cell window, a chakra blocking collar around his throat. "Gaara!"

Gaara turned around. "Matsu…. Kazekage-sama, you came!"

The Godaime Kazekage smiled at him. "Did you think I wouldn't?"

The ground shook and the tower began to crumble. Matsuri grabbed Gaara's hand and together they ran out, shielded by Matsuri's sand.

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