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Shadow and Amy appeared infront of the Eiffel Tower. Amy looked around and the lights were all on but the shops were closed. Shadow noticed Amy looking so he did the same.

"So what do you want to do?" Shadow asked awkwardly.

Amy turned to him. "Let's just walk around first. We can't go in any shops since it's two in the morning but i'm sure we'll have a great time." She smiled warmly.

Shadow shrugged and they both walked through Paris.

Shadow kept staring infront of him while Amy sometimes took notice at him. She smiled but Shadow didn't respond.

"Maybe we can find something interesting to do?" Amy suggested when she saw the look on Shadow's face that said he was bored. He turned to her and nodded.

They were only a few minutes in their date and it was already awkward. Amy tried to be as polite as possible but Shadow wasn't a date type of guy. He only wanted action and Amy knew this was a weird spot for him to be in but he could try to have a great time, right?

They walked to the end of the city - which took a while - and into the park. They both looked around. It looked so beautiful. Everything was green, there were a couple of benches everywhere, there was a pond, a fountain, a couple of hills and the lights were dim so it set a romantic atmosphere.

Amy and Shadow looked at each other. The way the light fell on Amy's delicate face was truely stunning. Shadow couldn't help but stare. Amy started to giggle when she saw him staring at her with his mouth slightly open. He quickly snapped back to reality and looked away. He scratched the back of his head nervously as Amy continued to giggle softly.

All these feelings were so strange for Shadow. Sure he felt anger and hatred but never this feeling before. This warm, fuzzy feeling that used to make him sick when he saw other people being like this but now that he experienced it himself...it felt normal. But one thing he was sure of: This wasn't love, right?

Shadow frowned.

Maybe it was but how could he ever be in love with this person? It was Amy for pete's sake!

"What are you thinking about?" Amy asked with a smile that made Shadow's heart skip a beat.

Without even knowing he replied, "You."

Amy blushed and looked at the ground with a shy smile. Shadow's eyes widened as he thought about what he just said. He never planned on telling her that! It just slipped out.

"I mean-" Shadow cleared his throat. "-I was thinking about what you would like to do."

Amy looked up and her smile faded, "Oh."

Shadow rolled his eyes awkwardly and turned his back a little to her so she wouldn't see his expression. He was feeling extremely awkward around her. Always nervous. All those feelings annoyed him because he didn't know what it meant. At least he thought he didn't knew.

"Let's go to the fountain. I want to do something." Amy said and she grabbed Shadow's hand. Shadow felt his cheeks getting warmer. In his thoughts he slapped himself.

"Stop blushing!" His thoughts demanded him.

They stood infront of the fountain and Amy searched through her pocket as Shadow watched.

"What are you doing?" Shadow asked. Amy showed him a coin. She closed her eyes and placed the coin infront of her heart. Shadow looked oddly at her and raised his eyebrow in confusion. What was she doing? He didn't understand any of this.

Suddenly she opened his eyes and threw the coin in the fountain. Shadow hung over the edge and watched as the coin fell into the water and on the bottom.

"Why did you do that? If you didn't want that coin you could give it to me, this is just a waste of money." Shadow babbled confused.

"Shadow, this is a wishing fountain. You make a wish, throw the coin and that's it. It's fun." Amy explained. She grabbed another coin and gave it to Shadow. "Try it."

Shadow accepted it and looked at the coin.

"Close your eyes."

Shadow did as Amy said.

"Place the coin infront of your heart."

Shadow opened his eyes and hesitated, not sure what he was doing. Amy stepped closer and placed her hand on the hand where he was holding the coin in. She gently guided his hand to his chest and shut his eyes with two fingers.

"Now think about what you want to wish. Wish for it but don't say it outloud." Amy spoke softly.

So many things spread across his mind. He wanted to wish for so much stuff. Like for example: Bringing Maria back from the dead. Or some new skates since his were getting pretty old. Even ruling the world came across his mind but he quickly scratched that one away. Suddenly something squeezed through. Wish for Amy being yours. Shadow's eyes shot open and he stared at Amy.

"If you wished for something throw the coin." Amy smiled.

"I haven't." Shadow quickly said.

"Then close your eyes again and think. There must be something you would like."

Shadow closed his eyes again and sighed. He started thinking. Amy. What was he thinking? Amy belonged to Sonic and Shadow knew that. But perhaps Amy had some feelings for him too? Maybe he should take the risk. For the last couple of years Shadow worked on a lot of stuff but he always felt a little lonely. Everyday his loneliness started to bother him more and more but he never showed it and wasn't planning on showing it.

He opened his eyes and looked at Amy.

"Yeah?" She asked. Shadow nodded. "Throw the coin."

Shadow threw the coin in the air and it landed infront of them on the ground. Amy laughed.

"I mean in the fountain." She chuckled.

"Oh." Shadow replied shortly. He grabbed the coin off the ground and threw it gently in the water. It landed next to Amy's coin.

"Now what?" Shadow asked.

"Nothing. That was it." Amy smiled.

They started to walk away from the fountain and through the park.

"Do those wishes come true or is it all a joke?" Shadow asked.

A soft chuckle came from Amy's lips again, "No they don't come true."

"We should go back, grab our money and sue the people who build that thing!"

"Shadow, it's for fun remember? Just enjoy it." Amy leaned against him as they walked further away. This should be an interesting night.

About an hour later Shadow and Amy were sitting in a little boat. Shadow paddled slowly through the lake. Besides the sound of the water everything was quiet. The stars and moon shined gracefully and lit up the whole sky.

Suddenly the boat started to shake a little bit and Shadow quickly turned around to see if Amy was okay. He noticed she was standing and slowly walking to him. She sat down next to him and grabbed one oar. They both looked in each other's eyes and a little smile spread across Shadow's mouth. They both paddled further.

"Are you sure the guy who owns this thing won't mind?" Amy smirked.

"No, but you have to admit: it's pretty stupid of the guy to leave this thing lying. You can immediatly tell that people will take it for a trip." Shadow replied.

"True." Amy agreed. She looked around and couldn't see a thing. "It's pretty dark."

Shadow pulled out a chaos emerald and it started to shine like a little light. He placed it between them and looked in Amy her eyes as she looked at the green chaos emerald.

"I didn't know chaos emerald's could do that." Amy said in a surpise tone.

"Well now you do." Shadow smiled.

They stopped paddling and looked at the stars. This was by far the most romantic night Amy had in her life and she couldn't believe it was with Shadow. It felt so right.

She closed her eyes and leaned back slowly completely forgetting that there was nothing behind her. She let out a little scream when she fell over the edge of the boat and into the water. Shadow quickly stood up and looked around. When she didn't come up he grabbed the chaos emerald and dove in. The chaos emerald lit the water around him and he saw Amy swimming up but having a little trouble. He quickly swam towards her and placed his arm around her waist. They both came up and gasped for air. Amy started to laugh but Shadow looked at her as if she was crazy. After a few seconds Shadow let out a soft chuckle too.

Shadow pushed her into the boat and got in after her.

"I'm so sorry. I forgot that we were on a boat." Amy laughed and she squeezed the water out of her shirt. Shadow shook his head quickly as a dog and some water landed into the lake itself, on Amy and in the boat.

"No problem." Shadow replied.

Amy let go of her shirt and watched as Shadow shook all of the water off him. A little smile formed and her eyes sparkled. Shadow noticed her looking and stopped.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing." Amy spoke softly. "This is perfect."

Shadow slowly sat down and nodded, "Yeah..."

An idea came to his mind and he looked around. "Let's go back. I have an idea."

Shadow stook out his hand for Amy and she gladly accepted it. He helped her out of the boat and the walked back to the stores.

Amy shivvered and rubbed her arms with her hands. Shadow looked at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. With his other free hand he rubbed her arm trying to get her warm. Amy blushed and leaned her head on his shoulder.

They arrived at Shadow's destination. They stood infront of a club and it was open. Amy looked at the sign and it said it was open from 0:00 until 7:00. She turned to Shadow again.

"You really want to do this?" Amy chuckled.

"Well I thought you would enjoy this." Shadow smiled. Amy grabbed Shadow's hand and let them inside.

When they were inside they saw people dancing around, laughing and drinking, lights shining everywhere, music pounding and just enjoying life.

"Wanna have a drink?" Shadow yelled so Amy could hear him above the music. Amy nodded. They walked to the bar and Shadow motioned the barkeeper. The barkeeper waited. Shadow asked what Amy wanted and she told him a martinti.

"Deux Martini's." Shadow yelled. Amy looked surpised at him. The barkeeper grabbed a bottle and got to work.

"What?" Shadow chuckled seeing the expression on her face.

"I didn't knew you could speak french." Amy said.

"I can do a lot of things." Shadow smiled. He turned back to the barkeeper and grabbed their drinks. "Merci."

Shadow gave Amy her drink and they walked to a table. They sat down and Amy took a sip from her drink.

"So you can do a lot of things, huh?" Amy smirked. Shadow nodded with confidence.

Amy placed her drink back on the table and nodded thoughtfully, "Okay. Then uhm...show me."

"What do you want to see?" Shadow asked not afraid what she would choose. He leaned back in his seat and smirked. Amy heard the music change. The song that played now was The Pussycat Dolls with Sway. It sounded like a nice opportunity in her ears.

"I wanna see you dance." Amy smiled evilly. Shadow's smirk faded and he stared at her.

"What?" He chocked out.

"You heard me." Amy smirked. Shadow looked at the people who were dancing. The whole dancefloor was full. Some were really good but most people couldn't dance at all but they still had fun. Maybe he should relaxe too. Besides, he was with a beautiful girl and if he accepted this challenge he could dance with her. And it might take his attention away from his other thing he had been working on with Eggman.

Shadow stood up and walked to her. He stood next to her and stook out his hand.

"Only if you dance as well." Shadow said. Amy smiled and took his hand.

He lead them to the dancefloor. At first they both looked around but soon Amy started to move a little with the music. Shadow watched as her hips slowly moved. He found her movements rather seducing even though it was an innocent song.

When marimba rhythms start to play

Dance with me, make me sway

Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore

Hold me close, sway me more

Amy moved her hands through her hair as she started to move more and more. On the other hand Shadow was still not moving. He was just watching her.

"C'mon Shadow!" Amy cheered. She grabbed his hands and forced him to move a little. Shadow looked nervously around hoping he wouldn't see any of their classmates. Ofcourse he wouldn't see them. It was three in the morning and they were at a french club. Everyone was still asleep.

Shadow was starting to losen up a little bit and he pulled her to him. Amy let out a suprised yelp as her body collided with his. Shadow was leading and Amy loved it. He swayed them around as if he knew exactly what he was doing. Perhaps he did knew. Amy couldn't resist to sing along with the song.

"Like a flower bending in the breeze

Bend with me, sway with ease

When we dance you have a way with me

Stay with me, sway with me"

By her surpise he spun her around and pulled her back again.

"Other dancers may be on the floor

Dear, but my eyes will see only you

Only you have that magic technique

When we sway I go weak"

They both smiled and moved through the crowd. Shadow never had this much fun before. He couldn't believe what he had missed all those years. They both spun around and at a certain moment when the music stopped Shadow bend Amy. He pulled her up again and their eyes locked with each other.

"I can hear the sounds of violins

Long before it begins

Make me thrill as only you know how

Sway me smooth, sway me now, give me more"

They smiled and almost forgot about the world around them.

"Sway me, make me

Thrill me, hold me

Bend me, ease me

You have a way with me"

Shadow pushed her away from him and Amy spun around gracefully around until their arms were completely stretched. They stood still for a moment before Shadow pulled her back again. Amy landed with her back against Shadow's chest and he wrapped his arms around Amy's slim figure. Amy closed her eyes and leaned her head back on Shadow's shoulder as he moved them.

After a couple of minutes the song ended and they both opened their eyes again. The song changed a little wilder but they decided to skip this dance. They both sat down at their table again and Amy only smiled. Shadow looked around trying not to catch her looks. He knew he had to explain how he could dance like that and he didn't want that. But ofcourse that didn't work. Amy just asked.

"When did you learn to dance like that?" Amy asked completely happy that she had that dance with Shadow. Shadow turned to her and thought about his answer. Was it lame to say that his best friend taught him how to sway?

"Well, let's just say I had help from a special someone when I was young." Shadow said.

Amy smiled and crossed her arms, "Maria?" Shadow nodded.

Amy looked up and placed her hands together as if she was praying, "Thank you Maria."

Shadow smirked, "I told you I could do everything."

"No! You told me you could do a lot of things, not everything." Amy reminded him.

Shadow leaned back in his seat, "Sounds the same to me."

Amy closed her eyes and smiled. She loved this side of Shadow. The side that loved to have fun, the soft side. Shadow looked at the clock and noticed it was already five. It was getting pretty late and if Mr. Waylon had any plans for today they probably needed to wake up around six or seven again. Amy needed her sleep and Shadow knew that.

"Rose?" Shadow said. Amy opened her eyes and looked at him. "I think it's time to end this. It's getting pretty late."

Amy looked at the clock and nodded. She actually didn't want this to end but she was feeling pretty tired. Shadow stood up and lead her outside. Once they were outside he wrapped his arms around her so she wouldn't be cold. They slowly walked back to their hotel again. Ofcourse Shadow could chaos control them back but neither of them wanted to end it that quickly, not even Shadow.

Amy leaned her head against Shadow's shoulder again and her eyes were starting to close. Shadow turned his head to her and noticed that her eyes were closed. He smiled and walked a little slower so she wouldn't feel much movement and disturb her.

After a moment of walking Amy opened her eyes again and yawned. She looked up and noticed that Shadow was carrying her. Did she fell asleep?

"Hello sleeping beauty." Shadow smirked. Amy blinked a couple of times and looked around.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"Almost back at our hotel." Shadow informed her. Amy felt her cheeks getting warmer. She did fall asleep and now he was carrying her back to their hotel. What suprised her most was that he didn't let go of her. She was awake and he was still carying her.

Shadow ducked a little and plucked a beautiful flower. It was a purple tulip. He placed it infront of Amy's face and smiled. Amy's eyes widened and a huge smile appeared on her face. She accepted the tulip and smelt it.

"Thank you." She spoke softly.

Once they were back at their hotel, Shadow placed her on the ground. They both walked inside and towards the elevator. Amy pressed the three and the doors closed.

"I had a really great time." Amy smiled. She leaned against the wall and Shadow stood infront of her.

"Good." Shadow said.

"How about you?" Amy asked curiously.

"I uh..." Shadow stuttered. Usually he didn't tell people he had a great time or bad time. No one had ever asked him and he felt weird telling people that. "I had a...a great time...too."

"Good." Amy said.

Shadow looked at the tulip in her hand. He stepped closer and Amy's heart skipped a beat. Shadow took the tulip and brushed her hair behind her ear. After that he placed the tulip also behind her ear.

"There." He said. Amy blushed when she felt his hands on her face.

They heard a 'ding' and the doors opened. They walked out of the elevator and stood infront of Amy's room. Neither of them said a word. They both looked at the ground or at the ceilling.

"Well..." Amy began. Shadow looked at her and waited. "I guess this is the goodbye part, right?"

"I guess." Shadow said.

Again another silence came along. Amy fumbled with her thumbs as she waited and Shadow's eyes drifted uneasily around the hall. They were both waiting for something but neither of them knew it of each other. Amy looked at Shadow and Shadow at her. She spread her arms for a hug. At first Shadow just stared at her but soon she grabbed his arms and hugged him. Shadow wrapped his arms around her. They let go of each other and waited again. Again they gave each other another hug and Amy kissed his cheek when they let go. They smiled and stared in each other's eyes.

Suddenly Shadow pulled her in and kissed her. Amy closed her eyes and kissed him gladly back. Shadow wrapped his arms around her waist and Amy wrapped her arms around his neck. Shadow deepened the kiss and Amy let out a soft moan. Before they could continue even further they were interrupted.

"And where have you two been?"

"Can't we continue for once without being interrupted?" They both thought annoyed.

They pulled away from each other and looked at the person who said that. Both of them were breathing pretty heavily. Mr. Waylon was tapping his foot as he waited for an answer.

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