The prologue

Another cloudy day brought many new troubles to Fort Charming, even though Charming's army managed to beat the Scarlet Hand once more.

"The Scarlet Hand has found a gate to another universe!" Seven said. He and Charming returned from the battle with shocking news they got from a captured card soldier. Charming insisted they'd bring the news to the Grimms immediately.

The Grimms were shocked.

"What?" Henry cried.

"The universe is in fact very similar to ours," Seven continued. "There are humans and animals inhabiting it, there are many likenesses: the Earth, the gravity force, stars, comets, atoms, Pythagorean Theorem etc. But there's one major difference."

"What is it?" Daphne asked. "Something about the Everafters in there…"

"There are NO Everafters," Seven said. "There are fairy tales written down in books, but the Everafters aren't real there."

"Goodness!" Veronica was startled. "I can imagine the Scarlet Hand terrorizing the non-Everafter world…"

"Luckily, it's not that bad," Charming interrupted. "The thing is that the members of the Scarlet Hand have to disguise themselves as humans to get through that gate. Why do they need it so much? The answer is horrible: they plan to collapse that weak universe, thus damaging our world as well! We have to stop them!"

"But how?" Sabrina asked.

"We are having a meeting now. We'll figure it out!" Charming said and turned to Seven:

"Call for everybody's attention! Tell the army to come to the main tent."

"In a second, sir!" Seven saluted him and went away, leaving the Grimm family shocked and confused.

Rather short and not so good… The next chapter will be long and interesting; from Sabrina's POV. I just had to begin with something; that's my first crossover fanfic.