"I challenge thee to a gym battle."

The voice resounded throughout the entire gym in a monotonous tone as if the unknown challenger had done this one too many times. Without a second's doubt, the gym leader herself appeared, fully prepared. The young woman smiled, a knowing smile at…a young boy, though his face was covered by a simple mask that hid his features away from prying eyes.

"I accept your challenge," was all she said to him as the two of them faced each other, across the battlefield.

She placed her hands on her hips, waiting impatiently as the official adjudicator took up his usual position on the left of her.

"This will be a three-on-three match with no time limit. Only the challenger is allowed to switch between pokemon in his arsenal," he announced. "Let the match begin."

The gym leader threw out a pokéball and in a flash of blinding white light, appeared Starmie, a water type pokemon but with Psychic type abilities.

From across the field of water, she studied him. This boy had an unnatural aura around him, seemingly inhuman. Although eager to begin the battle, she was careful not to show it as it had really been a long time since someone dared to face up to her. It was not that she was showing off or anything but as of late, the number of pokemon trainers had been in fact, dwindling. The reason was still unknown. Nevertheless, her guess was the new generation of kids simply could not be bothered so as long as humans and pokemon were able to co-exist with one another peacefully. Oh well, this boy would be the first one to taste her potency. She was not like the trainer that she used to be when she travelled together with her best friends.

"Call out your pokemon," the announcer urged him. "Or it will be a forfeit."

Her pretty cerulean eyes narrowed at this. Without another word, the boy finally withdrew a pokéball from his cloak and tossed it lazily. There were a couple of collective gasps as both she and the referee gaped at the pokemon that stood before them.

"Tis' a pity for you are only a girl, my dear," the boy told her in a soft voice. "You should not have become a Gym Leader for it will bring about your own doom."

With that, everything went black before she could even scream as Starmie's pokéball fell from her hand and into the water, where it was quickly swallowed up by the inky blackness. The woman had disappeared from view. The boy turned to the referee. A slow smirk spread across his face when he sensed the older man's fear.

"Have no fear; I would not lay harm on someone innocuous such as you. A messenger is what you will be."

With a flick of his hand, his pokemon easily knocked both the Starmie and the referee, unconscious. This was his second mission, and already the boy was getting bored of it. The other one had put up an immense fight though it was all for naught. There was still more to go and more Gym Leaders to eliminate. Time was not on his side, neither was it for anyone else. He has to finish this quick and end it once and for all. For now, he needed to surmount over all the obstacles that stood in his way first. Only then, would he be able to prevail and exact his direct revenge on his selected audience before going on to the entire planet. Nothing will stand in his way, not her and definitely not anyone else for that matter.

He smirked at the scene before him; destruction was definitely something he worshipped. He turned his back to the remaining unconscious survivors. After all, they meant nothing to him and were not even worth his attention at all.

"Misty…" the referee whispered croakily as his vision swam and darkness reached up to claim him.

The last thing he saw was that pokemon destroying the entire arena, Misty had expressly worked so hard for.