I am Bella Swan, a twenty-five-year-old nobody. I guess 'nobody' was a bit harsh—nothing special would be more accurate. My mom, Renee, used to say that I was all brains and no brawn. She was probably right. I had always just seen myself as somewhat plain.

By day, I am a personal assistant to the CEO of Cullen Advertising. For the first two years, my boss was Carlisle Cullen, but last year he decided it was time to retire and passed the reins over to his gorgeous, sex god of a son, Edward. That was when everything started to change.

During the day, I may be nothing more than a "plain Jane" secretary, but by night, I am Mistress Izzy, Domme extraordinaire.

You may be wondering how boring, brainiac me ended up as a Domme. Well, I will tell you. At nineteen, I was date raped by my boyfriend, James. The trauma, unfortunately, left me with an inability to trust men and more than a slight fear of anything to do with sex. After a year of unsuccessfully trying out many different kinds of therapies, I found myself still trying to gain back the control in my life, especially where it came to sex. Nevertheless, no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. I was still petrified that some guy was going to try to take control of me, to abuse me in the same way James had. That was when my therapist decided it was time to try something extreme and recommended I meet Mistress Rose. Mistress Rose was able to help me take the control back in my sex life. I haven't looked back since.

I remember the first time I met Rose I thought she was such a cold bitch. However, the more I learnt about being a Domme the more I understood the attitude. You can't be a good Domme, if you don't have a little fire. I have known Mistress Rose for about five years now and she is probably the only real friend I have in the BDSM world. It is strange how Rose and I can be friends but we don't really don't know a lot about each other outside of the community.. I know this much though if it wasn't for Rose I am not sure what would have happened with me, suspect I would probably be on the fast track to spinster hood by now.

Rose actually introduced me to my current sub Jake, we've been together two years now. We met at one of Mistress Rose's Play parties. We instantly clicked, and although he was new to being a sub, I decided that I would train him. Two weeks later, I collared him, and he has been serving me ever since. Lately though, things just haven't been working as well for me as they previously had been. There was only one person I could talk to about this, so I picked up my phone and dialed her number.

"Hey, bitch," Rose answered, never one for pleasantries.

"Hey, Rose. How are things?" I responded.

"Good, good, but I'm sure you didn't just ring to see how I am, so to what do I owe this phone call?"

"Well. . ." I whined.

"Spit it out," Rose demanded, not wanting to play guessing games.

"Ok, I have been feeling a little discontent lately with Jake."

"What do you mean discontent? This doesn't have anything to do with that crush you have on your boss?"

"No, of course not, and how many times do I have to tell you I don't have a crush on my boss."

Rose got it into her head a couple of months ago that I had a crush on my boss. She reckoned that every time I talked about him I got this goofy look on my face. I have been trying to tell her that she is imagining it but she won't let it go. Like the gorgeous, powerful Edward Cullen is going to be interested in plain old Bella Swan. Good thing Rose had no idea where I worked, or I suspect she might try to do a little medaling.

I remember the first time I met Edward he had come in to see his father. I remember thinking he was the most handsome man I had ever laid my eyes on, but then he opened his mouth. What a pompous ass, I couldn't find anybody more irritating if I tried. Then of course, his father decided to retire and who is my new boss, yep, the pompous ass himself. The first couple of months working for Edward were very trying, it took every ounce of my self-control, not to tell him, to take his job and shove it up his…

"Bella are you still there?" Rose asked, breaking me out of my memories.

"Yeah Rose I'm still here, sorry. So, as I was saying. I was just wondering… You and Emmett have been together for five years now. Do you ever find that things are just too predictable?"

"No, why?"

"Well, Jake is a great sub, don't get me wrong, but I think that is the problem. He hardly ever does anything wrong. It feels as if he anticipates my every need. Playing with him is just… not as appealing as it used to be."

"What do you mean he doesn't do anything wrong?"

"Well, I think it's been at least six months now since I've had to punish him. Whipping and flogging him is just not fun when he is enjoying it."

"Really? But can't you push him force him into doing something wrong?"

"I try Rose, really I do. He never cums without permission, no matter how hard I push. He is always respectful, never speaks when he isn't supposed to. I don't know. Maybe it's me, maybe I've lost my touch."

"I'm sure you haven't lost your touch Bella, but two years is a long time with the same sub, especially when you are not in a romantic relationship. Maybe it's time for a change."

"A change? What exactly do you have in mind?"

"Well, maybe it is time you started looking for a new sub."

"You really think so?" I was shocked to say the least.

"Yeah, maybe a change of sub will help get you out of the funk, you sound like you're stuck in," Rose replied.

"But that seems so drastic. If I take on a new sub, I would have to train him."

"Yeah, but I think that's what you need Bella. It seems to me that Jake just doesn't provide a challenge for you anymore. What more of a challenge could you have than a new sub?"

"Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe I should think about getting a new sub," I said just as I noticed how late it was. "Listen, I have to go. I have a session with Jake tonight, and I still have to drive home and get ready. Thanks for the advice."

"You're welcome, and let me know what you decide."

"Yeah, I guess I have a lot to think about. Speak to you soon, Rose." I hung up the phone and headed home.

I thought long and hard about Rose's words on the drive home. I decided that maybe she was right. Maybe it was time for a change.

After I first collared Jake, we used to get together every weekend. After about six months, I found that I wanted to play during the week, too. As it so happened, Jake's lease on his apartment was up at about the same time. We talked about it and decided that Jake should move into my spare room. We've lived together ever since. I was sure that Jake hoped eventually we would end up as more than just Domme and sub, but I just didn't feel that way about him. After tonight, I was going to inform Jake that we would be ending our arrangement. I knew this would be hard on him as not only would he be losing his Domme, but also he would need to find somewhere else to live. I would give him time though. It was not as if I was going to boot him out on his ass tomorrow.

I had texted Jake earlier in the day, and he was to be ready and waiting for me at eight that evening in the playroom. As always before a session, I needed time to put Bella to bed and let Mistress Izzy out.

As soon as I got home, I headed straight for my room. I was running a little late from work, and I wanted as much time as possible to get my head into 'Mistress Izzy' mode. Dressing the part always made it so much easier. I decided to wear a cupless leather corset with heart-shaped red pasties over my nipples and a matching mini skirt. No panties of course; they would just be a waste of time. Lastly, I put on my thigh-high, patent leather lace up boots. They were platforms, which gave me an extra few inches. Being only five-foot four-inches tall made it a little hard to dominate a six foot tall man when your bare foot.

As I walked into the playroom, there was Jake, kneeling as always, head bowed and hard as a rock, just how I liked him.

"So, how is my Little Cock, today?" I said as I walked over to him, but he didn't respond. Well trained as always. "You may respond," I continued.

"I'm eager to see what I can do to serve you today, Mistress."

"Oh! Are you now? Well, we will just have to see if you feel that way when I'm done with you."

I bent over, grabbing him by the balls and tugged, indicating it was time for him to get on his feet. Keeping my hold firm, I led him by his balls over to the bondage table. I could hear him groaning behind me; he was obviously experiencing a little discomfort from my grip on his balls. It was music to my ears and made me so wet.

"Up on the table and flat on your back. Now," I demanded.

He tried to move, but I still had a firm grip on his balls. He knew the only way he was going to be able to comply was to pull free. I could see in his eyes that he was at war with himself. He wanted to obey me but knew it was going to cause him pain. I decided to end the war for him.

"What is taking so long? Get on the table. NOW! If I have to repeat myself again, there will be consequences."

With that, Jake started slowly stepping back. Every inch he moved away from me caused me to pull harder on his balls, until finally with a scream from Jake, I let go. Once he was on the table and bound, I noticed that he had not put his cock ring on today. I climbed up on the bench and straddled his chest, putting almost all of my weight on him.

"So tell me, my Little Cock, did you forget something today? You are free to respond until I tell you otherwise."

"No, Mistress."

"Are you sure about that?" I questioned. I could see Jake thinking long and hard, and then all of a sudden it dawned on him.

"No, Mistress."

"No, Mistress, what?"

"No, Mistress, I am not sure."

"What are you not sure about?"

"I forgot my cock ring, Mistress."

"Yes, you did," I admonished him. "and what is the punishment for not turning up to a session properly prepared?"

"Twenty lashes, Mistress."

"Well, seeing as I already have you bound to the table and I am really much too eager to have you get me off, I will save them until after. Oh, and just so you do not think I am letting you off lightly, you are not to cum today. If you do, it will be another twenty lashes on top. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You are no longer free to respond," I said as I slowly slid forward until my pussy hovered just over his mouth.

"Now fuck my cunt with that tongue of yours and make me cum. I want to see stars, you hear?"

With that, Jake buried his face in my pussy. He slowly licked my slit back and forth, paying extra attention to my clit on each pass, flicking and nibbling as he went. It felt good, but it was not going to have me seeing stars.

I grabbed Jake by his hair, tilted his head backwards until he was looking me in the eye. "So was that the best you could do? That isn't going to have me seeing stars. Maybe you should try something else," I growled.

At my admonishment, he buried his face back in my pussy. This time he inserted his tongue into my hole; his nose rubbed against my clit as he tongue fucked me. That felt a lot better. I could feel my hips start to writhe of their own accord, and a little moan escaped my lips. Still, I did not think that was enough. It was just not going to do the job. I grabbed Jake by his hair and tilted his head back again. As his eyes met mine, I could see the disappointment in them, knowing that he was not pleasing his Mistress as he should.

"Well, it appears that tongue of yours is just not going to cut it. I guess we will have to try something else." I moved off the table, over to one of the Drawers of toys and grabbed the dildo gag. I turned back to Jake so he could see what I had in my hand. "Seeing as your tongue can't please me, let's see if we can't still put your mouth to good use." I walked back over to where Little Cock was bound to the table, and fixed the face-harness in place, attaching an eight inch dildo to it. I straddled his face again, this time facing backward. Slowly I lowered myself onto the dildo. I looked over my shoulder at Jake, and with my sternest voice said, "You better fuck me good and proper now, Little Cock. Put that mouth of yours to work." Slowly he started to work the dildo in and out of my cunt. Picking up pace, he soon found a good rhythm. I could feel the coil start to tighten in the pit of my stomach. "Harder," I yelled. "God, it feels so good." Jake's hard cock was straining in front of me. It looked like maybe he was enjoying himself, a little too much. I reached forward and placed a firm grip around his cock, tickling and flicking the head with my fingernails, knowing it would drive him crazy; he started to buck underneath me. This only caused him to slam harder into me. After three more thrusts, my body exploded. I came so hard, I almost did see stars.

I looked over my shoulder at Jake. "Guess you can fuck me properly when given the proper motivation," I sighed as my breathing returned to normal. I reached around behind me and removed the gag from Jake's mouth, throwing it on the floor, my dripping pussy still hovering just in front of his face. Seeing as he had been a bad boy, and he knew he wasn't supposed to cum, I decided to torture him just a little. Who knows, maybe it would work this time.

"Thank you for the wonderful orgasm. Now it's time for your reward." Slowly I leaned forward and stuck the head of his cock into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. Without warning, I slid him all the way into my mouth and down my throat. Swallowing and sucking, teasing him with my tongue. Jake was writhing and groaning underneath me.

"Do you like that, Little Cock? Does my mouth feel soft and warm, wrapped around your cock? You may respond."

"Yes, Mistress."

"You're not going to cum, though, are you, Little Cock?"

"No, Mistress."

"Would you like me to let you cum?"

"Yes, Mistress. I would like that very much."

I decided to up the stakes. I hopped up and moved so my body was straddled over his cock. I rubbed his engorged member up against my slit.

"Do you feel how wet I am? Does that feel good against your cock?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I moved his cock just enough so that the very tip rested against my entrance.

"Would you like it if I let you fuck me? Would you like to cum in my cunt?"

"Yes, Mistress, very much so."

I continued to rub his cock back and forth over my clit, "God that feels so good. Maybe I should just use your cock to fuck myself. Would you like that? Would you like me to grant that big, thick cock of yours entrance into my pussy?"

"Aaargh, yes, Mistress."

Jake continued to writhe around underneath me, grunting and groaning. I decided that he deserved a little present, seeing as tonight would technically be our last time together as Domme and collared sub. In the whole two years Jake and I had been together, he had had his cock inside me a time or two. However, he had never been allowed to cum, and tonight was not going to be any different. If he wanted to cum inside of me, he was going to have to break the rules. Oh, I was going to enjoy this.

I slowly lowered myself onto his cock. God, it felt nice to have a real cock inside of me for a change.

Jake shrieked in pleasurable agony. His eyes rolled back into his head.

"Do you like that, Little Cock?" I teased. "Do you like the way my pussy feels wrapped around your dick?" I slowly started to grind myself on him. It felt so amazing. I knew I was pushing Jake to his limit, but I really wanted him to cum inside of me, even if it was without permission.

"Oh God, Little Cock, you feel amazing." I started to bounce up and down on his cock, rubbing my clit at the same time. It would not be long now before I fell apart.

"Oh God, I don't think I can last much longer, Little Cock. You just feel too good inside me. Do you like the way you feel inside me? Do you like the way my hot, juicy pussy feels on your cock?" Jake was too far gone to respond.

I could feel the coil start to tighten in the pit of my stomach, and I hoped that if I came on Jake's cock, he would not be able to stop himself from cumming.

"Oh God, I think I am going to cum, Would you like me to cum on you?"

"Oh God yes, Mistress!" Jake screamed at the top of his lungs. I knew he was going to fail me and cum, but that was what I was hoping for.

I bounced twice more, and my orgasm hit me like a freight train. My pussy contracting around his cock felt so fantastic. Just when I thought he was going to be able to restrain himself, Jake let out a guttural groan, and I felt him twitch and spill his seed inside me.

"Well, Little Cock," I said in my sternest voice. "It appears you will be getting forty lashes today. I am very disappointed. You couldn't obey one simple, little command, could you?"

Getting off of Jake, I headed over to the sideboard. I grabbed a few wipes and cleaned myself up, and then I took a couple of wipes over and cleaned Jake up as well. I released his cuffs and asked him to stand facing the cross for his lashes.

"Seeing as you did give me two wonderful orgasms today, I will give you the choice of what I use to give you your lashes. You can choose either the cat-o nine or the whip. You may respond."

"The cat-o nine please, Mistress."

I walked over to the wall where all the floggers, canes, whips, paddles and cat-o nines were displayed. I grabbed my rainbow tailed cat-o nine and headed back over to Jake.

"You will count out the strikes, and every time you miss one, I'll add another. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I pulled my arm back and landed the first strike of the cat-o nine on his back.

"One." I pulled my arm back again, this time landing the cat-o nine on his buttocks. "Two." I continued spreading the strikes out over his back, butt and thighs as Jake continued to count. "Twenty."

"That was your first twenty, Little Cock. Do you remember what they were for?"

"Yes, Mistress. They were for forgetting my cock ring."

"Good. Now for the next twenty." I continued to spread the lashes all over his body as he continued to count, not once missing a beat.

"Well done, Little Cock. You bore those strikes well. You may step down."

"May I speak, Mistress?"

"Yes, you may." I responded.

"I do not regret those extra twenty, Mistress, because having you ride me and then cumming inside you, was probably the greatest pleasure I have ever known."

"You're welcome, Jake. Thank you for servicing me tonight. I do have one question though."

"Yes, Mistress?"

"I have been pushing you for months now, trying to get you to cum without permission, and haven't been able to. What was different about tonight?" My mind kept going over everything we had done, trying to figure out how I had finally managed to get him to disobey a rule.

"Well you just seemed more determined. I simply couldn't stop myself."

"Thank you, Jake. I will be in your room in about ten minutes for your aftercare."

"You're welcome, Mistress."

Jake turned to leave as I started to clean up after our session.

I finished cleaning the playroom and headed in to see Jake. I applied lotion to the few marks the cat-o nine had left on his back. As I headed out to get myself cleaned up, I asked Jake to meet me in the kitchen for a chat when he had showered and dressed.

Fifteen minutes later, we sat at the kitchen counter, sipping drinks. Jake looked a bit apprehensive and I guess maybe he should, because I was sure he was not going to like what I had to say.

"Jake," I started. "The reason I wanted to talk to you was to let you know that I will be ending our relationship."

The look of shock was clear on Jake's face. "What do you mean?" he kind of half yelped.

"Jake, please let me finish what I have to say, and then we can discuss it." Jake looked very dejected, but I knew there was no way that I was going to be able to do this without hurting him.

"Jake, I need you to know that you have been an excellent sub, and for the last two years you have more than met my needs. The problem is that my needs have changed, and you are no longer able to meet them. I know that as a sub, you probably feel you have failed me in some way. I can assure you that is not the case. If anything, I have failed you. I want you to know that I will give you as much time as you need to find either a new Domme or a new place to live. Until I find a new sub, you are more than welcome to continue serving me, but you will no longer be my collared sub and will be free to partake in other Domme/sub play if you wish. However, please note that I will require you to wear a condom for any future play we may engage in."

"I know we are supposed to go to Rose's play party next week. I will understand if you no longer wish to go, but please know that I will be going, and I would love for you to attend with me. I am more than willing to help you find a new Domme, or maybe you should finally look at undergoing Dom training. You don't have to make a decision right now, but please let me know what you decide."

I looked at Jake, who had this kind of dumbfounded look on his face; and it looked like he was about to cry.

"Jake, I know this has probably been said a thousand times, but I need you to know it isn't you, it's me."

We sat there in silence for what seemed like hours, but was probably only minutes. When Jake finally looked at me, I knew we would be okay.

"Thank you for being honest with me," he said, though it was so soft I could barely hear him.

"You're welcome," I said. "So do you have any questions or anything else you would like to say?"

"Bella, I would like you to know that it has been an honor to serve you. I think we both know that I wished that we could have had more than just a Domme/sub relationship. But I need you to know that the last two years have been the best of my life, and I will remember our time together always."

"Thank you, Jake. I will too."

"I will attend the play party with you, and I would definitely like you to help me find a new Domme. I have no interest in being a Dom." Jake slowly reached out his right wrist toward me, and I removed the leather cuff I had given him in place of a collar.

My time with Jake was over, but why did I feel like my life was only just beginning.