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And, so I don't get in trouble for posting an A/N as a chapter, here is the beginning of the prequel:

Sokka flexed his right pointer finger with care. It hurt, but at least it was in one piece, attached to his hand with sore red tissue. Katara didn't even need to stitch it.

"Don't move your finger," she admonished. "The bone is still broken. It'll take a couple of weeks to heal. I can only do so much, even with my bending." She held wooden splints to the front and back of his finger and wrapped a bandage around them.

"Thanks Katara. What would I do without you?"

"I shudder to think of it."

"Maybe he'd finally learn not to tempt fate," Toph spoke up, playing with her space earth bracelet.

"When did I tempt fate?" asked Sokka. "I don't even believe in fate."

"This morning, you said, and I quote, 'I could fight the Rough Rhinos with one hand.'"

"So you ended up having to fight one-handed!" Toph threw her hand in the air. "You're lucky you didn't loose your hand altogether!"

Sokka waved his good hand. "Katara could reattach it. And if she couldn't, I'd get by. I could get a hook for a hand. That would be cool. No, wait, I could be the man with a sword for a hand! That way my sword would literally be an extension of my arm!"

Katara pursed her lips and gave him a critical look. "How much tea did you drink today?"
"Only five cups. Why?"

"You don't need five cups of tea," she said firmly, tucking in the end of the bandage.

"Yeah Snoozles, you have substance issues," said Toph.

"Just because I drank cactus juice that one time three years ago..."

"Sure, keep telling yourself that."

Katara laughed, and Toph turned her head toward Aang.

"You're being quiet, Twinkletoes. What do you think of Snoozles' substance issues?"

Aang sat on the ground with his glider staff across his lap, looking lost in thought. "Huh? Oh," he grinned, "he has issues, all right."

The girls cracked up at that.

Sokka smirked. "Says the guy with a multiple personality disorder."

"He got you there, Twinkletoes," said Toph.

"Yeah, I've been saving that one."

"I'm connected to the spirit world," said Aang. "What's your excuse, huh?"

"My excuse for my so-called issues? I'd tell you, but Katara would have to kill me. Ow!" he cried as Katara punched his arm. "You know, that doesn't exactly disprove my point." He dodged her next blow and hid behind Aang.

Katara put her hands on her hips. "Next time you get something cut off, I'll just let you replace it with a piece of metal."

"Fine with me." He straightened up, stretching his arms. "Now that I'm all fixed up, I'd better go hunt for food, since someone - I won't mention any names but it rhymes with cough-"


"-earthbent our food supply to a pulp," finished Sokka.

"I said I was sorry, what do you want?" Toph propped herself up with her arms. "It's hard to pay attention to bags of food when you're fighting for your life."

Aang stood. "I'll go with you."

"Aang, it's a hunt. I'm going to kill something with a face," he clarified, sure that his friend had misheard him.

"I know." The younger teen brushed bits of grass off his pants. "I accept that. But we need other food besides meat. I can help you look for fruit and nuts."

"I found two nuts right here!" cried Toph, pointing toward Sokka and Aang. "Too easy!"