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Chapter one


Uchiha Hinata snapped out of her daze as she looked to her youngest child sitting down in his father's lap. Hinata was leaning on the counter watching as her five older children bickered with an amused smile. The youngest, Shisui, looked back at his mother and smiled, his big pitch black orbs full with affection. She leaned over and kissed his cheek causing him to blush and hide his face in his father's vest. Uchiha Sasuke raised an eye brow at his wife. She was wearing a black sundress with a red ribbon under her chest. Looking up from her stomach, he noticed that she, all around, got bigger in the past two months.

"OTOU-SAN, YOU HENTAI!" Screamed the oldest of the girls and third child, Uchiha Mikoto.

Uchiha Mikoto was the first of the triplets and the loudest of all the kids. She activated her Sharingan and her Byukugan on the day of her third birthday, as did the rest of the children. Mikoto was named after Sasuke's mother, but looks exactly like Hinata. She has thick dark indigo locks to her butt and long block like bangs falling over her lavender eyes. Everything about her screams mini Hinata clone, even her milky white skin, small noise and body. Sasuke now knew why his wife wore big jackets, though that wasn't the reason at all. He even tried to get Mikoto to wear a jacket too, but being the headstrong female she is, she never did listen to anyone. Which is why she has so many fan boys.

Everyone looked to their father, who was looking at his daughter shocked. "What? How do you know what that means, Mikoto?"

Laughing nervously, the girl sat down and shut her mouth. She grinned sheepishly. "Heh. Uhm…Lucky guess?" She asked more than answered.

"It was that-," Uchiha Madara started.

"Uzumaki boy, right?" Uchiha Itachi ended for his twin brother.

Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Itachi are the oldest. Well, Madara is the oldest and the first boy of the family then, ten minutes later, Itachi. Both of them are the only twins and they look like and act like full bred Uchiha's. Madara looks like the first Madara because of his crazy spiky hair and part of his hair covering his right eye. He also has pitch black eyes and both of them triggered their Kekkei Genkai at the age of three, like their sisters. As you can see, they like to complete each other's sentences, just to piss everyone off. Itachi looks like his Uncle Itachi, with the long dark navy hair in a pony tail and long bangs. Most older people kept their distance when the twins were walking in the village, that is except two girls by the name of Yamanaka Ren and Inuzuka Ume. Those girls really don't care who the twins are at all. The boys are always amazed to see the girls trying to pick a fight with them. Expecially since Madara and Ren are on the same team as well as Itachi and Ume on the same team.

The girl smiled as everyone was once again looking at her.

"If it was Naruto's kid, I'll kick his a-"

"You can't hurt a minor, Hun."

"I was talking about the Dope; the boys can take care of Dope Jr."

"Otou-san, it would be unfortunate if the second Namikaze Hokage was killed by his best and most trusted friend, ne? This is very childish. If you hadn't been eyeing Okaa-san's chest, this won't have started at all. Let's drop the subject, Hai?" Came the ever wise words of the second triplet, Uchiha Tsukuyomi.

Uchiha Tsukuyomi. The most dead serious of all children. She is twelve years old as her other twin sisters, two years younger than the twins. Sasuke named this girl after one of the Sharingan Jutsus. No one knows why though. But some say that her eyes resemble the moon because they sparkle, despite her cold attitude. Like the other girls, Tsukuyomi had an amazing body with perfect curves. And she too didn't like wearing jackets. Instead all the girls wore kimonos. Mikoto's is dark navy blue with a black obi and the Uchiha fan and the Hyuuga flame on the back. Tsukuyomi's is black with a red obi and the Uchiha fan and the Hyuuga flame. The last girl, Hitomi, had a dark gray kimono and white obi with the clan signs on her back. Tsukuyomi acted more like the revenge-power-hungry Sasuke from years ago. But she didn't need power; she wants to be the next Sennin like her father. This triplet has Sasuke's navy black hair and his long bangs. Her hair flows down to the curve of her back and is tied like her grandfather. Tsukuyomi, which gave her the nickname 'Moon Goddess', has very light lavender eyes, making her very pretty. And, of course, she has a fan club too.

Uchiha Hitomi smiled at her sister. "Hai. I agree, Tsu-Neechan."

Uchiha Hitomi is the nicest most caring child they have in the family. Due her kind nature she became a medical ninja like her mother. Hitomi has almost the same personality as her mother, though her eyes are all but Hinata's. Both of her eyes were a smoky-color blended with a lavender tint. Hitomi's eyes are unnaturally sensitive, even more sensitive than the usual Hyuuga. Most of the time, her unusual Kekkei Genkai automatically activates. This triplet has light black hair, looking almost dark gray, with indigo tint. She's the perfect blend of her parents.

"Aren't you two training with Kakashi-Ojiisan? Or are you going to see those girls-?" Tsukuyomi asked bluntly as she eyed the twins' usual training clothes...or lack thereof, really. The boys wear long sweat-pants and fishnet tank-tops while training.

The twins glared at her. "Shouldn't you be meeting your team today?" Madara shot back, catching quickly on the hint.

"As a matter of fact," Mikoto said, intervening in the almost-fight. "We are going to meet our teams today. So we should get to the Academy early." She smiled wickedly.

Sasuke placed Shisui on the floor to stand up. "Try to give them a good first impression," he ordered, yawning.

"I'm not promising anything." Mikoto smirked, standing from the table and gathering the plates in the kitchen sink.

"Well, come on! Everyone's ready so why don't we all go now?" Their mother suggested after they cleaned up the table, while supporting her lower back as she walked to her husband's side.

Itachi smiled as Shisui jumped up and down, wanting a piggy-back ride. When it came to his younger brother, Itachi was the one who would give him anything in the world. Kneeling down, the fifteen year old stood up when he felt weight fly onto his back. Carefully, he adjusted his younger brother while two arms dangled loosely around his neck.

"I think you've gained some weight, Otouto!"

"N-Niisan!" The five year old flustered.

Laughing quietly, Itachi rolled his eyes. "I was kidding. You're really sensitive."

Watching his sons', Sasuke thought back to all the times him and his brother use to do those things. It brought back both happy and painful memories. Hinata, seeing her husband in a dream-like state, grabbed his hand as Itachi, followed by Madara, Mikoto, Hitomi and Tsukuyomi, walked out of the front door.

After watching her brother's display, Mikoto punched Madara softly on his arm. "How come you don't give me piggy back rides?" She asked as the family, one by one, exited the large house into the Uchiha complex.

Rolling his eyes excessively to his younger sister, Madara scoffed, "Are you crazy? Do you know how fat you are?" He asked teasingly.

With her face beat-red, Mikoto elbowed her older brother in his ribs. "Like to repeat that, baka?"

Slightly out of breath from the hit, Madara clutched his stomach and coughed, "I don't waste my breath on ugly people..." A vein in the girls' head throbbed.

"That's it; you're going down!"

By this time, the whole family was strolling down the busy streets of Konoha. In front were Itachi and Shisui, who were getting 'Aww's and compliments on how kind Itachi was to his younger brother. Behind them was Tsukuyomi, who was crossing her arms under her chest and had her head up high, and Hitomi, who was smiling and talking to a few children who stopped playing to come up to her. Then came the arguing two in the back of them. Last, walking lazily was the Uchiha couple and the unborn baby in Hinata's stomach. To this day, the village is at awe that the Uchiha family was still existing. They thought, at least by now, that one of the twins would snap like the deceased Itachi Uchiha did all those years ago. They didn't know the truth and proably never will. All the people they passed stopped and stared. Some girls waved to the children, to which Hitomi and Shisui waved back.

Irritated by their bickering, Tsukuyomi yanked her older sister away from Madara and dragged her behind their parents, who were in the back of their kids. Worried for her sister, Hitomi went to stand in the middle of the girls.

Huffing, Tsukuyomi addressed her parents, "We're going through the shortcut. We'll meet you at home later, Okaasan, Otousan."

Their parents looked over their shoulders. Hinata smiled and waved, "Be careful."

"And give your sensei a hard time, Hitomi," Sasuke smirked. "I heard Shikamaru is your Jounin sensei." Hinata nudged him, shaking her head.

Smiling a breathtaking smile, Hitomi laughed lightly as she nodded. "I-I'll try!" In a blink of an eye, the girls were gone.

As she looked at Sasuke, he blinked. "Poor Shikamaru," The Uchiha wife sighed. Her old friend proably didn't know what he was getting himself into.

Sasuke simply shrugged. "It's his fault. He picked the teams."

Before his wife got to retort, another girlish voice was heard from in front of them. "You're a good big brother, Itachi."

Inuzuka Ume walked alongside the younger Uchiha twin. Her shoulder length brown hair reminded Hinata of her old teammate, Inuzuka Kiba, as the emerald green eyes reminded her of Haruno Sakura, Kiba's wife and Ume's mother. In the back of the red tank top she wore was a white circle, her mother's family symbol. Around the waist line of the black Capri she was wearing was a tan pouch and below that was her kunai hostler.

"Hey Shisui! Having fun?" The girl smiled and ruffled the top of Shisui's navy duck-styled hair.

The young Uchiha smiled a lopsided grin. "Yeah!" He stopped whatever he was going to say when he saw the looks the teens were giving each other. "Oh, you guys love each other!" Shisui announced loudly.

Both teens in question looked away as they felt their faces turn red. In the back of them, Madara fell to the dirt-covered ground laughing at their expressions. Hinata couldn't help but giggle at the fact that they both hadn't denied it nor conformed it as Sasuke was about to kick his oldest son in the ass when another addition to the party did it for him.

"Madara, don't laugh! You're in love too," Ren pulled him from the ground.

Yamanaka Ren smiled mischievously. Her darker-than-night hair was in a pony-tail which ended at her waist, with a long bang hanging in front of her ocean-colored right eye. A dark purple vest was covering her chest and fishnet to her waist. She wore short black pants that stopped at mid-thigh.

Jaw dropped at his teammate, Madara just stared at her as did everyone else. "Ren, are you...alright?" He asked as if she was completely crazy. Who knows, she is Ino's and Sai's oldest. She might be.

Annoyed at the sudden game he was playing, Ren huffed. "AGH!" She braked while glaring at him. "Guys are so confusing."

"Guys?" He said with disbelief as he caught up with her and pulled her arm. "More like girls are confusing! Just tell me what you want. Annoying..." He mumbled the last part, knowing his teammate would kick him where he never wants to be kicked.

The dark-haired beauty looked at his hand gripping her thin arm. As she fought and failed to keep the creeping blush from her face, she jerked her pale limb from his grasp and immediately missed the contact. Unknown to her, Madara also missed the contact.

"Just..." Ren sighed. Her face pulled a blank for a moment. "Sensei wanted me to get you to the training grounds. Surprise training, like any other day. So come on," She said coolly, arms crossed under her chest while briskly walking away from them. She turned slightly, "Ja Hinata-Obachan, Sasuke-Ojisan, Shisui-Chan! Itachi, Ume."

Suddenly, Madara was right behind the raven-haired maiden. "Aw, Ren, don't be like that," He whispered into her ear, causing her to blush.

"I'm not speaking to you!"

The Uchiha parents looked at each other before shrugging. Itachi carefully placed his youngest brother on the ground as their parents walked closer to them. Ume smiled brightly, flashing her pearly white teeth and ruffled Shisui's hair once more.

"I'm guessing you two have to go also?" Sasuke asked, watching curiously as his son and the Inuzuka girl fidgeted uncomfortably.

"Yeah, uhm well...I won't be out too late..." Itachi scratched the back of his head nervously. He had picked up that from his godfather. Startling his green eyed teammate, the Uchiha snatched her hand and ran to the training grounds, "Ja!"

Hinata sighed, dragging a hand down her face slowly while mumbling, "I don't how to keep up with them all..."

Shisui grinned widely, as his father hoisted him up for a piggy-back ride. "It's 'kay, mommy! You have me!"

His mother laughed light-heartedly while her hands gently pinched her son's baby cheeks. "Yes, but you'll be a heartbreaker just like your father, I'm sure!"

Sasuke smirked, letting the wind blow his hair sexily, "The ladies just can't resist the Uchiha charm, Shisui. Never let the girls touch your hair once it's in perfection."

"Oh, shut up, Sasuke-kun! I love messing up your hair!"

"Exhibit A."

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