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Chapter four

"You...promised me...Goddamnit, you p-promised me!"

Those were the first words the redhead heard when she woke from what she thought was a pretty damn good night's sleep. Panic flashed in her brain, suddenly her head was throbbing with a dull ache. Groaning, the green eyed woman tried to prop herself on her elbows, only to fall back on the bed with a sharp gasp. Why were her muscles too weak to hold herself up? Dark emerald eyes shot open in realization. The smell of blood and the strong, distinct smell of hospital, which she hated, filled her head. It hadn't even slowed the pounding of her temples.


Hearing someone sobbing to the right of her, Jin slowly turned her head towards her husband. A pang of guilt and sorrow shot threw her heart. Sure enough, her blond lover had his face buried into long hands. With broad shoulders slumped down, Naruto's back was leaned forward as his legs were spread widely apart. Like what he usually styled, the Sixth Hokage wore what the Jounin's usually did; black turtle neck, long sleeve shirts with the Uzushiogakure swirl on his shoulders and matching long black pants. Two dark gray bands were tightly around both his arms. Long locks of golden framed his matured, tan face. The black and orange Hokage cape wasn't around him like it usually was. His sobbing stopped for a moment, as heavy breathing was replaced. Her emerald eyes grew in fear as she noticed his nails grew and his Kyuubi whiskers were a lot more bold.

"N-Naruto, please stop..."

Her normal loud and rashpy voice sounded dried and lifeless. Her throat burned and was unnaturally scratcy. It scared her. And it seemed to have scared her husband too by the way he jumped at the sound of her voice, wide crimson eyes full of tears starring into her grass-colored ones. She moved her hand weakly to stroke his cheek, noticing his Hokage cape was loosely hugging her body.


"Don't cry...I didn't mean to...eat your ramen."

Naruto hiccuped back a laugh at her attempting joke in such a serious situation, bringing her fragile body gently towards his. Her arms hung loosely as she forced herself to hug him back. Jin listened to him whisper how much he loved her and what would have happened if she hadn't woken up from her coma. She reassured him gently as she rocked her body, painfully for her, to soothe him. His shaky hands ran threw her thigh-lenght dark red tresses. She hadn't noticed the tears running down her cheeks until her eyes burned slightly.

That was one thing she hated the most about herself; the fact she had such a great impact on his heart. She hadn't done anything but give birth to his first child and he was clinging to her like she was the most presions thing to man-kind.

Slightly worried for her babbling husband, Jin lightly pressed her lips to his then leaned away slowly. "How long was I out?" She asked after taking a sip of the cold water on a light gray tray. Thankfully, her throat didn't sting anymore.

Naruto sat behind her on the bed, his arms wrapped around her middle while his face nuzzled into her thin neck. He moved his left leg to lay on the side of his long haired wife. "Four days..."

She sighed. "That isn't such a long time, Naruto. You shouldn't have gotten so upset." Long fingers gently grasped his chin, Jin smiled weakly to him, happy to see his sky blue eyes and thin whiskers once again. "I'd always come back for you and our handsome son," She reassured the blond before kissing his forehead.

"Speaking of handsome sons," A deep and very monotone voice interrupted their moment together. "We're back."



Turning their heads towards the door, jade eyes squinted as Jin smiled softly. "Ah, hey Sasuke-kun, Hinata-chan," She said as casually as possible, trying to ignore the tears in the lavender eyed Uchiha wife.

"I'm glad you're okay, Jin-chan," Hinata said weakly, nudging a grimacing Sasuke into the room. Her young sons yelped in excitement.

Sitting on his father's Jounin vest clad shoulders, Madara tugged on his fathers soft spiky locks of raven hair. Itachi giggled and clapped his hands together, bouncing happily in his fathers arms at the sight of his favorite uncle. Noticing his younger brother's excitement, the one year old child cooed. Hinata blinked back her tears as she moved to the side of the other mother's bed, the dark purple V-neck shirt swishing around the equally dark skirt. As Hinata looked down to the bundle cuddled in her arms, she smiled.

Jin slowly looked to the sleeping blond baby in her friend's grasp. It was hard to believe that he was her's. Taking the baby slowly from the navy-haired medic, Jin glanced over her shoulder at her husband. Seeing his calm face with a tired smile, the redheaded mother cuddled the baby to her breast, kissing his forehead. "We make one cute kid, Naruto."

The room was filled with laughter, but it soon ceased when Itachi climbed from his father's grasp to kneel at his Godmother's side, curiously big black eyes blinking innocently. Whining from being left out, Sasuke placed the older child next to his brother. Gently, small fingers poked the large rosy cheeks of the baby, causing a noise to come from the baby's mouth as his small nose chrunched up. Jin lightly brushed the child's forehead with her thumb. His crushed nose slowly flattened out while chubby fingers reached out to her. Naruto smiled into her neck.

"Hey, Minato-kun. I'm your mom," She whispered softly, yet making echos in the unusually quiet room. Crystal clear blue eyes slowly opened and stared back at his mother's moss colored eyes. A smaller than small smile blossomed on the baby's face. "Oh, he's so adorable. You look like your father. You know, you caused a lot of trouble, child...But, it was worth it because we all love you very much."

The adults smiled as they listened to the new mother speak with her child. The newest parents had the most similarities as The Fourth Hokage and his wife. Jin looked a lot like Uzumaki Kushina, one of the reason Naruto was so attracted to her. The funny thing was she was the calm, level-headed one, like his father. The older generations all bowed to Jin when she first came to Konoha. They treated her as if she was a princess and she hated it. Hell, they even called her Kushina-sama! It wasn't until later, when Hatake Kakashi pointed out that she was a replica of Uzumaki Naruto's mother, that she finally realized. The gray haired Jounin also informed her that everyone in the village thought of her as Uzumaki Kushina's reincarnation, which freaked her out and hornored her at the same time.

Ironically enough, Jin had even given birth in the same hideout where her husband was born (And taken hostage - but nonetheless). It was for stafey measures, of course. No one wanted to relive what happened when the Sixth was born. Naruto had called Shikamaru(Whom had gone behind Naruto's back and sent more than enough ANBU with them), Shino, Kiba, Sai, Konohamaru (After much begging from the Sarutobi), and Kakashi as help. Sasuke was in the delevery room for an extra layer of protection, as Naruto lamely put it. But they all knew the blond just wanted Sasuke there to calm him down. Layers of dozens of ANBU surrounded them. As Jin's midwives, Sakura and Ino, helped her deliver as Hinata coached her through and even shared some of the pain(Jin's grip could rival Sakura's or even Tsunade's). After the child was born, two hours of agonizing screaming(Both husband and wife) and leaving large bruises on the Sixth, Naruto was crying in joy as he held his son. That was the last thing she remembered before she blacked out.

"Minato?" Naruto asked curiously, breaking his wife from her trip down memory lane.

She nodded, red locks of hair falling around the baby. "It's a lovely name and I wanted him to be named after a hero, his grandfather." She craned her neck to kiss his cheek, watching as he smiled.

Hinata smiled softly and whiped a tear from eyes, "Come, Mada-kun, Ita-kun. Give Oji and Oba some space. Kurenai-Obachan is waiting." The boys pouted but hugged their Godparents. Both Uchiha boys kissed the baby on his cheek before jumping on their father.

Sasuke grunted from the added weight, "Later."

"Ja, Jin-chan, Naruto-kun, Minato-chan!" Hinata waved as they walked out the door, leaving the couple to their private family moment with their newborn.


For the red-headed wife of the Hokage, the birth of her first born felt as if it was just yesterday. Then again, in reality, it was nearly fourteen years ago. The births of the other two children had been almost normal. Normal for the gang with loud screaming, deep breathing and curseing flying around the air, and that was just Naruto. Jin had kindly informed (More like bitched out) her fearful husband that he'd suffer the pain with her, causing his right hand to snap like a twig, his left arm broken and a mind-splitting headache. The pain was more than words could define it. Minato's birth was natural but she had used gravity to help her. In Jiraya's birth, the doctors propped her up slightly which didn't work well with her. When her daughter had come, Jin ordered around the people in the hospital and had gotten her way, because she could. That, and her second son's delivery hurt like six thousand kunai stabbed her body repeatedly through the whole process.

Now, coming back from her mother-in-law and father-in-law's memorial they had in the back of the house, Uzumaki Jin smiled as a redheaded six year old ran with her chubby legs toward her. She knelt down and opened her arms to lessen the breath-taking impact of the hug. The waist-long crimson hair flowed behind the ankle-lenght purple kimono wrapped around Kushina's thin body.


It was a wonder how a creature so small could hold as much energy as this bundle of ''joy''. Uzumaki Kushina was the most loudest child her mother had ever seen. The fact that her normal voice was that loud scared her Tsunade-Obaachan. If she was that loud while talking, how loud could she get if she were mad? The blond had shuddered as the thought crossed her mind. Little Kushina looked like her mother, which ment she was another almost-exact-look-alike to the first Uzumaki Kushina, her grandmother. Naruto thought it was adorable. Though his daughter was a chubby rascal, she took trouble-making to a new level. And even if she just turned six years old, in her short trouble-making time, which was for sure going to continue though the years of her childhood, Kushina managed to set two buildings on fire in the same month, traumatized about thirty students at the academy, and was almost the downfall of The Hokage Monument.

Due to this, Hatake Kakashi stayed far away from the Hokage's daughter. Umino Iruka, on the other hand, had taken a bond to Kushina and treated her (and on occasions, her father also) to ramen, which she immediately fell in love for, calming in her naturally loud voice, she'd marry whomever was named Ramen. She was surely her father's daughter, through and through.

And, much like her father and grandmother, Kushina had also inherited the need to end her sentences with her favorite catch phrase. Which so happened to be...


Jin placed her daughter on her feet, finally noticing how dirty her purple kimono was. "Okay, Kushina-chan, tell me what happened at school. Then, why are you so dirty?" She asked gently, taking Kushina's smaller hands in hers.

"Well, I was walkin' with Shi-kun 'cause we was spyin' on Kai-sensei like we's always do," The girl rolled her eyes for a bit of dramatics, her mother chuckling. "Any-hows, Shi-kun and I got sper-spa-SE-PER-AID-TED on the busy street!"

Jin gasped, compiling to what she knew her daughter wanted. "No!" She said, trying to refrain her laughter when her daughter's head bobbed, eyes wide.

"Yes!" Kushina huffed in mock-disappointment. "SO I SAW A SMALL DARK BLOB, THINKING IT..was Shisui-kun, I flowed it..." She paused, looking to the left then the right. "But it wasn't! Then these mean kids in my class started calling me princess and whimp!" She shook her fist angrily, clentcing her hands in tiny fists. At that point, all amusement left her mother.

"One guy was gonna push me, but that's when Shisui-kun came FROM NO WHERE and socked the guy in his ugly face!" The Uzumaki girl tapped her fist to her jaw, twisting her body in a dizzy spin. Coming to a stop, she jumped to kneel down in front of her mother. "You shudda' seen Shi-kun's eyes! They were red and spinney with...like, veins over here and here!" Pale hands placed themselves on the sides of the youngster's green wide eyes.

There was a moment of silence, where Jin finally noticed her for-once quiet husband leaning on the door to the house, arms crossed with a content look in his eyes as he watched Kushina throw her thin arms in the air and fall back on the soft grass before rolling in circles.


"Hinata-Obasan. Sasuke-Ojisan."

Turning around at the familiar female voice, the Uchiha couple came to face the lightly tanned face of Sarutobi Asukure, the first and only child of the late Sarutobi Asuma and Yuuhi Kurenai. The black-haired seventeen year old smiled as her head was tilted to the side, wavy locks falling into shinning ruby eyes. The Kurenai-look-alike had all of her mother's flawless features, though had her father's personality and had recently took up his bad habit of smoking, along with her Godfather, Shikamaru. Her lay back personality was given to her from her father, as the kind big sister nature would kick in as she watched her team or 'cousins.' Having just come back from her ANBU mission, Asukure just so happened to run into her Godmother with her husband and their youngest. The olive green Jounin vest covered over the knee lenght, navy blue dress tightly bound around her thighs. Two large straps of her black sandals supported her ankles while her sandals looked like normal. Though the young Sarutobi may not look well equipped, close friends, such as the Hatake twins and Seishou and Kenji, knew first hand that she had many knives, daggers, kunai and scrolls hidden somewhere on her. Where, they never knew. And hadn't wanted to find out.

"Ah, Asu-chan," Hinata smiled warmly to the young ANBU, desperately trying to cover the tense silence of her scowling husband. Even though it's been a month since the image Itachi and Madara received, Sasuke just didn't know what to do. He was lost and helpless, and hated feeling like that. If Kurenai found out what was happening, she'd demand to be apart of it, bringing her daughter, who was just as headstrong as she, and Shikamaru, who promised his sensei to look after the two of them, in it also. "How was your mission? A success, I'm sure."

Unfortunately for the Uchiha queen, Asukure caught onto the thick air surrounding her 'uncle' as her sparklingly smile dropped from her face. "Nothing less than success is accepted. Now, which child got in trouble?"

Her highly trained eyes flickered to the right, where she noticed Sasuke's body tense, fist clenched tightly together. In the corner of her eyes, Hinata flinched and controlled her face to be devoid of emotions. 'Why hadn't Sasuke-Oji made some stupid remark about my love life yet?' Something is very wrong with this picture. Shisui's light snoring broke the three second silence between them.

"The children aren't in any trouble," her aunty reassured, scratching her cheek idly. The ANBU prodigy mentally counted down from five. Sighing in defeat (or so it seemed), pearl eyes starred straight at the almost-fully aware ruby eyes as they held a hidden message. Hinata placed her hand on the girls shoulder, both of them coming at almost the same height, Hinata being slightly taller. "I need to ask a favor of you, Asu-chan, if it's not too much of a burden."

"Of course not, Auntie. What is it?"

The younger twitched as she heared the voices of her doom call to her after Hinata had asked what she need. Asukure yanked the Hatake twins by their hair, ignoring their death threats and yelping, and dragged them to find the Uchiha gakis.

"This isn't something you could've prevented," the blond mumbled into the mass of dark navy hair sitting in front of him.

Mikoto shook her head lightly, causing the Uzumaki heir to sigh. After her little sister had stormed from the room a month ago, Mikoto rushed to the one person she knew Tsukuyomi felt the most comfortable with. Nara Shikaku. Of course, when she couldn't find the young Nara boy with her combined kekkei genkai, the next best thing was Nara Kaminari, the older Nara sibling. Mikoto wasn't surprised to see the fifteen year old Chunin training with her over-sized fan, but was more than surprised when she said she hadn't seen her little brother since the morning.

She finally found both her sister and Shikaku right as she was about to throw in the towel. As she listened on their conversation, she fled with shock, fear, and most definitely, betrayal. 'How could she not tell me? At the very least, talk to someone about this, damnit! I'm her sister, for Kami's sake! I'll always be there for her, no matter what the cost...'

Well, it had been almost a full month since it had happened and her family had been reluctant to say anything on the matter. With the exception of her always-wanting-peace mother. Hinata had tried multiply times to get the family to talk but it only resulted in tense silence and discomfort. She finally gave up a direct approach on the fifth time. That only meant, she was using double-meaning sentences to try get the information, which again failed after confused stares from the younger children and Sasuke.

The Hokage Monument, where Mikoto was at this moment with her unusually tense boyfriend. The place where they had their first date, after Minato being interrogated by her brothers, father, grandfather, uncle and her auntie. It was also the only place she felt she could think freely and breath easily.

Being the first girl in the family was a bit stressful. Her sisters looked up to her for guidance and advise. Which was something she just wasn't good at. And of course, with the Hyuuga watching their movements like they were potentially dangerous, things can get strained at times. Hanabi-Obachan had tried her hardest to get the Hyuuga spies off their backs, but it seemed the Elders had other plans. Hate coursed through her veins as she thought of what those pompous bastards would want with her siblings. But, she knew that was a stupid question. It was almost painfully obvious that the Hyuuga wanted Hitomi's eyes, since she was the most cooperating, and if they found out about Tsukuyomi's visions, they'd want her's too. At that, Mikoto vowed she'd never let her sisters fall into the Hyuuga Clans clutches, she'd take their place.

Seeing her be this quiet freaked out Minato. The girl was known for being loud and voice her option of anyone and anything, no matter if it'd but herself in danger. His genius mind came to the conclusion that she thought this was all her fault. That was another thing Mikoto needed to work on; her instinct to blame everything on herself. Hell, she convinced herself for a few months Global Warming was her doing!

Sighing again, Minato wrapped his arms around her middle, resting his chin on her head. "We can get through this," He whispered gently, feeling her hand rest on his. "Together." He leaned down and kissed her temple.

That was something she lov-liked about Minato. He was understanding. Even if he didn't understand, he would put himself in that person's place and think of what he would do. He was so gentle and sweet to her, only her. And with that came possession. Though the blond Uzumaki heir might not look it, he was very protective and hated seeing guys flirt or even look at Mikoto. Suddenly, she shifted her weight to face him and encircled her arms around her boyfriend's neck tightly, finding immediate comfort. Covering the surprise in his eyes, Minato hugged the Uchiha princess clinging to him desperately. He rubbed her back soothingly, trying to calm the hysterical teen in his arms. It still shocked him, but it wasn't the first time she seeked comfort in him while in tears.

"Why..? This isn't fair! She..! She's...leaving..."

Confused, the blond pulled her back slightly and rested his forehead against hers. Clear blue orbs gently peered down into teary lilac eyes. Her long fingers knotted into the spiky golden tresses tightly, as if she was trying to hold onto something that would be disappear otherwise. When he realized this, it caused his brain to sound alarms in his ears, signaling danger near.

Ignoring the sirens in his head getting louder, Minato ran his fingers through her long hair, knowing it always calmed her down. "What do you mean, Mikoto?" He probed softly, "Tsukuyomi is fine, she's here."

Mikoto nodded, "Demo...N-Not for long..."

His eyes widened as she went into detail about what she over-heard Tsukuyomi was planning with Shikaku...

"Inomi, why are you-? No, get down from there!"

Huffing loudly, Ren stretched towards the tall branch over her head, snagging her giggling little sister from the high tree. Pouting, little Inomi sat on her sister's lap, the shoulder lenght golden hair slightly frizzed up from the amount of fun she was having with her best friend, Konohana. The three year-old wore a dark purple long sleveed dress with a mini hood in the back and small black shoes. Ren grumbled under her breath about how troublesome her little sister was as she leaned her back onto Madara, who was currently sitting under the shade of a large tree.

Not too far away from them lay Ume and Itachi, both in their gear as Konohana fell asleep on the Uchiha's chest. Sighing and thanking every God there was, Ren enjoyed the pure bliss they were all at, thankful for the silence. It took a couple of minutes, but soon Inomi was too on her way to dreamland.

Madara chuckled at the raven-haired girl in front of him. His fingers playing with the end of her pony-tail, like always. "Inomi isn't that much of a hassle. It's fun watching her."

"Che." Ren's robin eyes rolled to the side, "That's because you're not the one chasing after her all the time."

Smirking, he tugged on her silky dark hair. As a natural instinct, her head craned to the side to glare at him. Her glare turned into a shocked expression as the Uchiha heir leaned his body over her and pressed his lips against hers. Quickly giving into his kiss, soft lips moved over his gently before Ren turned her back to him once again. In the back of her, she could almost feel the disappointment from the one person she hated to disappoint. It wasn't that she didn't want to kiss him; oh no! It's just, well, he needs to learn important things that matter in their relationship. And when he figures that out, they'll be an almost-perfect couple like Itachi and Ume.

Madara was, to tell the truth, a bit slow when it came to human communication. Especially to girls. It took him twelve years to learn why girls chased him and his twin brother. It wasn't that he was stupid. In fact, all the boys in their generation were really, very intelligent. They just hadn't figured out to apply that to their love life, is the conclusion the girls had come up with.

"Ren," The clueless Chunin called out her. "What's wrong?"

She sighed. How absolutely dense can he be sometimes? If he didn't look so much like his Uchiha ancestors, you would think he got his brains from Naruto.

Before her smart-mouth got to retort to her hopeless boyfriend, five familiar chakras caught their attention. Madara's head snapped up to the left of them, just as Ume sat up from her position while Itachi tried not to wake the child laying peacefully on him.

The normally cheery voices of the Hatake twins droned in harmony, "Hello, kiddies."

"What is it now?" Nara Kaminari snipped as she felt the presents of her Hyuuga teammate a few feet behind her.

Hyuuga Hiruko, as apathetic as any other Hyuuga heir should be, leaned his back against a large tree with his arms crossed over his muscled chest, causing the navy long-sleeve shirt under the olive-colored Jounin vest to crinkle slightly. After a few moments, he walked closer to his teammate, normal blue sandals making no noise. Though he was of Jounin status, he would always be a member of Team 9.

Nara Kaminari twirled her head to stare at the newly appointed Jounin with iced covered, dark green eyes. Angrily yanking a kunai from the wooden post on the side of her, the burnett shoved the kunai into the black kunai hoster under a light gray, traditional Japanese-looking key hole dress, flowing to her knees. Trying to ignore his presentence, which was almost impossible since his Aura was almost demanding attention - attention she normally didn't and wouldn't give him the satisfaction of -, Kaminari closed the large white fan and slid it threw her dark green obi.

"Are you going to answer me?" She snapped irritably, whipping her head back to face the Hyuuga, sending dark brown hair around her light tan face.

Hiruko glanced up with dull pearl eyes, making her breath catch in her throat and heart squeeze tightly. He noticed this. Even if she hid her emotions just as well as a Hyuuga, nothing could get past his Byakugan easily. The Hyuuga heir continued walking towards his female teammate, pale hands tucked into the pockets in his pants.

She stood and waited for him, like she always had and would ever will be. A smile, a genuine smile; not smirk or sneer, graced his flawless features. Once again, the breath was knocked out of her body, rendering her weak. Why had he, of all people, be the one she fell head over heels in love with? Hiruko was perfect in every way possible. He was absolutely gorgeous. Clean complexion and even skin color, thin lips, tall and lean body with the right amount of muscles. He was even the best in their generation, excellent close-combat fighter as well as long distance with weapons, his Byakugan was highly advanced for his young age (the reason of his new rank). All of these things made him the perfect heir to the Hyuuga.

And the exact reason she hated him for it.

Why does he have to be so perfect at everything?

He walked perfectly with grace and pose, something she could never do. Maybe she was just jealous. Well, his younger brother did the same too. It could be a Hyuuga generic thing...

"Right now," His deep, pericing voice broke her idle musing. "This isn't about us. The gang's called a meeting; something really important if Asukure, the twins, Seishou and Kenji are coming."

Kaminari, ignoring the main problems in their past relationship, stared at a tree on the side of them. Her green eyes widdend at his tone of voice. "All of them?...Where is it?"

"Where else?"

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