This part of the story is from different point of views because I feel it's important to show more then one side of the story. I hope you enjoy and leave a comment please ;) The third chapter will soon be up I hope.

Micah's POV

It has been so long, and still I feel the loss of my brother and best friend terrible. At first I thought the loss I felt was from the loss of my brother. But later I realized it was partly because of my best friend / sister, Bella. I missed them both deeply and I knew I wouldn't see both of them ever again. That bitch had taken my life from me. My everything, if I meet her again I'm going to kill her, Maria. It was thanks to her I had all these scars. From her newborn wars. She took my brother and my best friend away from me and I will never forgive her for doing that. I was now dammed to this life of Eternity. Never would I see them in heaven because I couldn't die.

At lest they were together now. Brother and sister, how I wished I could have been there. Instead of here. I stared up into the mirror meeting my own deep golden eyes. The eyes of a Veggie. In the beginning of my vampire existence I drank Humans, I was disgusted with myself after but it didn't stop me. Over the years I heard rumors about a certain Carlisle who sustained a diet of animal blood. I quickly converted after. A human's life was worth more then my pain or thirst. Maria really got livid but she didn't kill me, she said I was too valuable. She mumbled something of me following her great student or something like that. I had an ability which wasn't to rare in vampires. I could freeze people in their tracks. I could even take down an entire army by freezing them. I would lock their muscles into place. They would be unable to move.

Off course Maria admired my gift. I took out my pencils and started drawing. I drew my brother and best friend even though they appeared fuzzy in my memories. I had always been a good artist. I sold several pieces for thousands of dollars. I painted as well, I had painted this new house in the forest of forks to my liking. I had walls covered in landscapes. Beaches, forests and much more. As far as I knew there were only two houses in the neighborhood. One big one and one this size. Then 2 people entered my house. I recognized the scent and growled Vampires.

Carlisle's POV

I could sense it, two new vampires. Within a 10 mile radius of our house. I had alerted the family. We were not sure of their intentions and we would stand together if we had to fight. I and Emmet were going to the house of one of the two and Esme and Rosalie to the other. We were fairly sure we would be able to overpower one vampire with the two of us. I didn't understand why they had bought a house.

They couldn't bet hunting here it would attract to much attention to them. Except if they were veggies but that was almost impossible. The only other ones I had ever met were the Denali's and they lived in Alaska. The house came into sight after a minute of running. It was a beautiful home. The outside walls were painted with landscapes.

Emmet and I opened the door trying to surprise the vampire. But I immediately knew this was a mistake. The vampire in question was crouching in the front of us defensively. His eyes were gold. 'veggies' It shot through my mind. My hands shot up in a gesture. "We mean no harm, we merely want to talk" I said calmly. The vampire before me straightened out of his crouch. "I am Carlisle and this is Emmet" His eyes widened at my name.

"The Carlisle?, The doctor?" He asked his voice full of awe. It wasn't until then that I noticed the scars he had. He was covered in them even more so then Jasper. This vampire had been through a lot. "The same" I smiled. "Would you like to come with us to our house to discuss some matters, I promise we won't harm you" I said. He eyed us warily but apparently my name had status and he agreed.

Esme's POV

The house was so beautiful, I could have decorated it myself. It was airy and had a open feel to it. Lot's of glass and plants which created a very nature like feel. She was sitting at the piano I could feel her cold eyes on me.

Then I noticed, she was covered in bite marks. Vampire bite marks. More Then Jasper even, I felt so sorry for this girl. What she had been trough. I smiled at her hoping she would accept the gesture. She stood up and walked from behind the piano. "My name is Esme," I began, "This is Rosalie and we need to discuss matters like hunting etc, If I may ask you will you came with us to our house to discuss the matters. We also need to warn you about our treaty of sorts with the pack" she merely nodded. She was still a bit defensive though. She remained 10 foot behind us at all times.

Then finally we arrived at the house. Carlisle and Emmet arrived at the same time as us with the other vampire. I was shocked, he looked oddly familiar. 'Like , Like Jasper' I thought.

Bella's POV

Esme took me to the house, we arrived at the same time two other vampires did. They had another vampire with them. I looked at him and our eyes locked. Shock clearly on my face. How was this possible he was supposed to be dead.

"MICAH" I screamed, I flung myself at him and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back, began dry sobbing. I had thought I had lost him forever and here he is in my arms. "Shh, Bella, I'm here and nobody will take me away from you" he said trying to calm me. "I know" I whispered back. "Let's go inside".

I nodded merely as I walked inside slowly but gracefully. Micah walked next to me his arms around my shoulders comforting me. We were gestured to sit on the couch so we did. I was still dry sobbing. I had never been so happy in my life. I had my best friend / crush back. And dang, he looked hot. He had curly blond hair which waved upwards. His face was full of happiness, he had kind golden eyes and a strong jaw I noticed he had the same scars I had I felt so sorry for him that he had been trough that.

"Jasper, Alice, Edward and Angela will you please come" the man spoke knowing everybody in the house would hear him. 'Jasper' the name stung it reminded me so much of my Jasper my best friend especially now I was reunited with Micah. I looked up and saw his expression mirroring mine. A tall lanky man with blond messy hair came down first followed by a tall girl with waving long black hair which had yellow highlights in it. She was beautiful. Then A short pixie like girl came down with an annoyed expression but she was still bouncing, she really was like a pixie. I smiled at her.

Then he came down the stairs. Still looking the same as when he left me. Except he was more beautiful and he had the same scars Micah and I both possessed. Micah and I gasped when we recognized him. "Jasper" I whispered.

Jasper's POV

I was taken away into one of my thoughts about my human life. Nearly all my memories that had remained were with the two most important people in my life Bella and Micah. My sister like friend and my little brother.

Carlisle called so I got downstairs. I looked at my wife who was wearing a annoyed expression. I didn't know why, she was never like that. Then I heard it, barely audible. 'Jasper' my head jerked into the direction when a stone wall slammed into me. She dry sobbed and shaked so heavy that I was sure if I would let her go she would be ripped into pieces. I looked at her and then I saw it. Isabella, my long lost best friend / sister. How could this be. I Hugged her, I looked up rocking her back and forth. My eyes met with the vampire who was with her. It was like staring into a mirror. He had the same hair and a similar face. Micah. Happiness radiated from the both of them. I smiled the biggest smile I had ever smiled and Micah walked over to me. His eyes full of joy, I let her go a bit to get us into a group hug. My own happiness fed by them radiated out of me making everybody jumpy.

I heard someone cough and I turned around slightly. I saw Alice glaring at me, jealousy radiating from her. The others were just baffled. " What is this Jasper?" I heard Alice sneer from behind me. I send her some waves of calm but she shrugged them off. "Care to explain Son?" Carlisle asked me gently.

I let the both of them go and went to sit on the couch with them. I was still smiling. "This my family," I said, "Are my best friend from my human life bella, and my biological brother Micah" they all gasped and I felt relief and regret radiating from my wife. I was happy to see them but I was also sad. Sad to see them doomed to this life.

"Micah, Bella I'm so glad to see you again" I said. They smiled at me. "We are too" Bella spoke. "So what have you been up to this past decades?" I asked them. "I have been writing bit and did some singing" Bella said clearly avoiding the question. "I have painted a bit" Micah mumbled joining Bella. "I will tell you about me, but you will have to tell me about yourself first, like hobbies, favorite book, music artist etc" she said, "After that I will tell you my story" she said. "hmm, Well okay" I said reluctantly, "My favorite books are the loss of a friend and the loss of my life written by Bella Lerleys same for the rest of my family. My favorite artist of this decade is Elena Bells, and my favorite painting is Madonna of the rocks by Da vinci. I looked up and saw Bella and Micah staring at me with bemused expressions. "What?" I asked, "Well, you see I wrote those two books and I'm Elena Bells" Bella said laughing out loud now. I was baffled. She wrote those books, It pained me to know what me leaving did to her and how it eventually led to as she called her book the loss of her life.

My family gasped, "It's all true?" Rosalie asked, feeling so much regret and compassion for the girl. "Yes," Bella said she stopped laughing, "it's all true, The loss of a friend was how I felt after Jasper left me, The loss of my life was written when both Jasper and Micah were gone" she said with a pained expression. "Oh and by the way thank you that you like my painting" Micah said with a grin. "you painted Madonna of the rocks?"(I know, the painting is older but let's pretend it's not) I asked, " but that's impossible it's Da vinci's" I said. "Or it's someone's who is great at imitating the style of the master" Micah said with a smile.

"But now, tell me how you two were changed" Bella said