Short Story: My Day In the Forest

I was walking through the forest down the road from my house, it was a bright sunny day and I wanted to take some pictures. This was my first time in this forest alone and it was kind of creepy. As I walked through there was a swamp on one side an the sun was hitting it at the right angle so I snapped a shot and kept walking. Then I herd a noise behind me.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" I screamed so loud a flock of birds scared from the trees around me. " Hello... i-is there someone there?"

Nothing came out of the bushes. Maybe I was just scaring myself and thought I herd a noise, so I kept walking I took a lot of pictures. I got to the other side of the forest were there were a lot of coyotes and fishers. I herd the same sound but closer, it was a growing sound, kind of like a dog. The next thing I knew a coyote jump out of the bushes. It didn't jump at me though it leaped to something behind me, so I turned very slowly to see what it was. There was a fisher right behind me and then it screamed, a piercing, high pitched scream and the coyote came out of the bush with the fisher tightly in its jaws. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a picture, the coyote leaped past me in to the forest and only once did it looked at me.

As I was looking at the pictures I herd little howls a little off in the distance. I walked quietly towards the sound. I was crouched behind the bush and saw a den. There was the coyote with the fisher still in its jaws and five little heads popped out of the den. I grabbed my camera and took several more photo's, nature was a beautiful thing. I watched for a while then headed for the road, as I walked I flipped through the pictures I took when I arrived at home my mother was furious and then I showed her the pictures and told her what had happened a she calmed down.

A month later there was a photo contest held every year by the town council. I entered some of my photo's into three different categories and won two first place and a second place ribbon. I want every weekend to the forest but never saw the coyote family again.