My Little Rockstar

Just something cute and funny I wrote after watching a Guitar Hero commercial (the Corbin Bleu version!) for the nth time. Hope it makes you giggle! :D

Kurt was almost ready to head out for work. Face: moisturized. Hair: styled to immaculacy. Outfit: form-fitting and fucking fierce. He smirked at his distorted reflection in a spoon before stirring his morning tea. (Chamomile and lavender blend to settle his nerves-Kurt could compare snake handling to a job in the fashion industry; wrangling vipers was always the lesser evil.) The toaster popped, and he snatched his two slices of perfectly browned seedless rye with a practiced effortless grace.

Just as he was perfecting his provolone layer, he heard muffled singing coming from the apartment bedroom. He frowned-Noah never awake before Kurt left, so he was running pretty late. He cursed and hastened to count out his roast beef slices.

"Kuuuuurt, Kurt, ka-Kurt!" Had it not been sung to the tune of Sweet Caroline, he might've thought Noah was calling him. He nearly dropped a butter knife in surprise when his boyfriend, dressed in a pair of dreidel pajama pants and striped toe-socks, slid his way into the kitchen. He watched, transfixed, as Noah proceeded to spin around, grinning with his eyes closed. "Ba-ba-ba! Kurt ka-Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt Kuuuuuurt!"

"Ooooh, Kurt-KURT KA-KUUUUURT!" Noah dropped down to his knees, arms flailing around in the air as he head-banged. "Ba-ba-ba! Ku-Kurt?"

There was that Very Awkward Silence, which only lasted for about five seconds because by then Kurt couldn't contain his laughter. Noah watched from below him, petrified and reddening at an alarmingly fast rate. His hands were still extended upwards, "Rock on!" symbols pointed up at the ceiling.

"I...! A-and you-Noah, you're…!" Kurt couldn't gasp out much more around his embarrassingly loud whoops of laughter.

"I didn't-!" Noah tried to talk around Kurt, to no avail. "I just…"

Poor Kurt giggled so hard his stomach began to cramp, and he took ROFLMAO to a whole new level, throwing in some enthusiastic foot-stomping for good measure as tears ran down his flushed face. Noah grinned and began to chuckle in spite of himself, and it wasn't long before the two of them were holding onto each other, splayed out on the linoleum floor trying to control themselves.

"Tell me… tell me you do that often." Kurt wheezed, wiping as he started to snicker again.

Noah grinned sheepishly. "I usually wait till you're gone," He admitted, pulling at the man's narrow hips until Kurt straddled him. He kissed that humongous grin until Kurt was breathless for an entirely different reason.

"Mm, Noah." Kurt sighed as he detached himself from his boyfriend and got up off the floor. He smiled, holding out his hand for Noah to take. "Thanks. I needed that."

"You could have a weekend-long marathon of Comedy Central, and it still wouldn't lighten prep for Fashion Week." Puck muttered. "Seriously, you people take silk-or-satin to a whole 'nother, obscene level."

"Yeah, yeah." He sighed and packaged up his lunch. "I'll see you when I get home. My little rockstar," He giggled, kissing the tip of Noah's nose as he walked to the door.

"Come home early enough, and I'll be your Gene Simmons!" Noah yelled as Kurt exited.

Their elderly neighbor (a homophobic woman with too much free time) stood outside, poised to knock. Her eyes looked like they'd bulge right out of her skull from shock.

"Sorry for being too loud again, Connie," Kurt said causally over his shoulder, smirking to himself. "And I figure I should apologize in advance for tonight. Noah does the best rimming when we do Kiss role-plays."