~ 20 Years Later ~

A girl about the age of 17 walked through a desert area while strong, sturdy wind whipped her charcoal colored hair about. She walked into a seedy looking bar that was a few miles away on the outskirts of a semi rundown looking city. The girl was wearing black fingerless goggles, black goggles, had a tan scarf covering her mouth, was wearing black cargo pants, grey gunner boots that stopped an inch below her knees, and an old black leather jacket. She had tan skin, stood at a height of 5'7, and had a lean build.

The girl took a seat at the bar before pulling her scarf away from her mouth and pulling her goggles up.

"What'll it be?" The bartender said.

"Pear Vodka, and some water to fill up my canteen." The girl said, pulling her canteen off her belt.

The bartender eyed the girl.

"Do you have the means to pay for it?" The bartender said.

"Of course." The girl said, pulling out a decent looking wad of cash before taking a few bills from the wad and shoving it back into her pocket.

"You seem to have a decent amount of cash, and you're young. Why come in here? Or are you a murdering thief like most of the people who pass through here?" The bartender said.

"Don't worry about it. I'm nobody." The girl said.

The bartender took the girl's money before leaving to fill her canteen back up. When he came back he handed the girl her canteen and Pear Vodka.

"Got anything to eat?" The girl said.

The bartender set a bowl of pretzels on the bar.

"Bon appetit." The bartender said.

The girl pulled the bowl closer before stopping to look up.

"Do I have to pay for these?" The girl said.

"Nah." The bartender said.

The girl put a single pretzel in her mouth before chewing and swallowing.

"It's true what they say. Everything does taste better free." The girl said, smirking at the bartender.

The bartender cracked a slight smile himself.

20 minutes had passed before the girl had decided it was time to leave.

"Thanks for the water." The girl said, before getting off the bar stool.

"Anytime." The bartender said.

The girl trekked on towards the city. There were mostly homeless people out in the streets and kids playing with a soccer ball. The girl moved through the streets easily, never flinching or turning away when she would walk by people fighting, or seeing someone getting jumped in a alley way.

'Poor bastard.' The girl thought, not bothering to help.

It was an hour and a half later, and the girl was still wandering around the city before she decided to ask around. She was looking for someone she hadn't seen in years.

"Excuse me, have you seen this man?" The girl said, holding up a picture.

The picture had three people in it. One was a man with a shaved head, goggles, and tanned skin, the second was a woman with mocha skin and dark brown hair with a grey streak in the front, and the third was a child around the age of 4 or so, being held in the arms of the man. Everyone in the picture was smiling in their own way.

"He looks somewhat familiar, but I'm not entirely sure." The man said. "Who are you, and why are you looking for this man?"

"He's an old friend of mine, and I have something of his that I promised to return." The girl said.

"I see. Well, good luck." The man said.

"Thanks." The girl said, before continuing to scour the city for the man in the photo.

'Did he leave? Was he ever even here in the first place?' The girl thought, started to feel slightly deflated.

"Ay girl!" A male voice called.

The girl turned in the direction of the voice and saw that it belonged to a man in his early twenties, he was surrounded by other men his age.

"Yeah?" The girl said.

"How about you and me go somewhere together." The guy said, smirking at her cockily.

"Ew." The girl said, before turning and walking away.

"Oooohhhh!" The men surrounding the man could be heard saying.

"Hey, Bitch!" The man said.

The girl kept walking without bothering to look back.

"I said get back here!" The man yelled.

The girl never stopped moving, but her pace stayed the same.

The girl felt a hand on her shoulder and was turned around to face the man that had been yelling in her direction.

"What's your problem, you stuck up bitch? You think you're better than me?" The man yelled in her face.

The girl wiped her face to show the man that he was spitting.

"No, I don't think I'm better than you, I know I'm better than you." The girl said casually.

The man cocked his fist back and let it fly towards the girl face. The girl ducked and tripped the man by kicking his legs out from underneath him. Once the man hit the ground, the girl slammed her elbow down onto his chest hard. The man stopped moving.

"Oh shit! I think she killed him!" One of them men that were with him said.

"Oh relax, only a child couldn't take a hit like that." The girl said before walking off.

"You have your mother's eyes, Kyra." Riddick said.

"My eyes could eventually end up like yours." The girl, now known as, Kyra said.

"Maybe." Riddick said, starting to put ice cubes in the blender.

"How's life been?" Kyra said.

"Pretty quiet. No mercs to piss me off." Riddick said.

"They're the worst, aren't they?" Kyra said.

"And what would you know about merc brutality?" Riddick said, raising his eyebrow at Kyra before handing her a glass of Pina Colada.

"I mean, I would think that they're the worst." Kyra said, avoiding eye contact with Riddick while taking the glass.

"Uh huh." Riddick said incredulously

"What are you doing out here anyways?" Riddick said, sitting across the kitchen table from Kyra.

"I wanted to see you so that I could return these." Kyra said, taking her goggles off and handing them to Riddick.

Riddick took them from Kyra and looked them over.

"You've been taking decent care of these." Riddick said, moving them around in his hand.

"That's what you asked me to do, isn't it?" Kyra said.

"Yeah, I guess I did. Does your mother know that you're here?" Riddick said.

"Yeah. She's the one that sent me." Kyra said, beaming a smile at Riddick.

"Wake up. You lied to me." Riddick said, pulling Kyra from her slumber.

When Kyra opened her eyes she saw an annoyed looking Riddick, and a furious looking Rhea.

"Ah, shit." Kyra mumbled, looking down at her feet to avoid eye contact with Rhea.

"What the hell? Do you have any idea how stressed I was not knowing where you were or if you were safe?" Rhea exclaimed angrily.

"I was gonna call." Kyra mumbled.

"When?" Rhea said, crossing her arms and giving Kyra a look that said, 'The hell you were!'.

"When I remembered." Kyra said sheepishly.

"Does she normally leave home without telling you?" Riddick said, addressing Rhea.

"No… At least not that I know of, now that I think about it." Rhea said.

"I haven't!" Kyra said quickly, trying to save herself from further embarrassment and trouble. "Before now, I've always been where I said I would be."

"I don't know." Rhea said, incredulously shaking her head.

"Mom, please believe me." Kyra said, pleading with her mother. "I'm sorry."

"No doubt you're going to be. Go wait outside." Rhea said.

"Daddy." Kyra said, turning to Riddick with pleading eyes.

"You're pleads are falling on deaf ears." Riddick said, not wanting a fight to break out between Rhea and him.

Kyra sighed and left to stand outside with her head hanging low.

"Sorry for the trouble." Rhea said.

"She didn't really cause a disturbance." Riddick said.

"Oh, I guess that's good then." Rhea said.

There was an awkward silence after that.

"We should get going." Rhea said.

Rhea motioned to leave before Riddick caught her hand.

"I don't want there to be bad blood between us." Riddick said.

"There isn't." Rhea said, turning around to face Riddick. "I know you're not one to be around people, and I know you left because you thought it was for the best. Why would I hate you for doing the same thing I did 20 years ago?"

"Well, you know how woman can be." Riddick said jokingly.

"Yeah, you can be pretty crazy." Rhea said jokingly

"Oh, so you've got jokes." Riddick said, pulling Rhea closer by her waist.

"Always." Rhea said, before wrapping her arms around Riddick's neck and kissing him.