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Everyone you love will reject you or die.

Sometimes, I still have trouble going to sleep.

I'll just lie on the couch, in that state of not sleeping/not being awake, feeling the insomnia distance of everything. You can't touch anything and nothing can touch you,

You know that old saying, how you always kill the one you love, well, it's true.

I wanted Tyler. Tyler wanted Marla. Marla wanted me and now Tyler is gone and Marla is asleep upstairs in that big four poster bed with the green sheets and I am alone on the couch.

Thinking back on it, with insomnia all night, your thoughts are on the air, I realize that all of this: Tyler, fight club, the anarchy is really about my inability to go to sleep.

Sometimes, I wonder if killing Tyler was the right thing to do.

That old saying, about how you always kill the thing you love, well, it works both ways.

And with my eyes open on the ratty couch with Marla asleep upstairs and Tyler sitting next to me, it does work both ways.