This is the last chapter. In my story plan it says Chapter 13 - Happy Ending.

Chapter 13

Harry and Draco stood outside the Ministry. Draco shifted anxiously, they had been waiting for almost half an hour.

"I'm sure it won't be too much longer," Harry assured him, "there's probably just a lot of paper work to fill out."

Draco nodded, unable to form any other reply. Then the Ministry doors swung open and Lucius Malfoy walked out. He was thinner and paler than when Harry had last seen him, but he didn't seem to badly injured.


Draco ran straight into his Father's arms. "Daddy."

Lucius held his son for a long time before he released him. "I understand I have you to thank for this, Mr Potter."

"I just did what the Wizengamont should have done, Sir."

"Call me Luc, please. You're part of the family now."

Harry felt happiness fill him. "Then you must call me Harry."

"Of course."

"Lucius." Severus hurried over and wrapped his arms around his mate's waist. Lucius rested his head against Severus' chest. Draco took Harry's hand and retreated a little.

"Don't you want to spend a bit more time with your Father?" Harry murmured.

"Yes, Master, but later. He needs to be with Severus now, so they can both heal."


Christmas Holidays

Harry stood in the ballroom of Goyle Manor, where the reception was being held. All around him were his friends from school, as well as family of Greg and Vince's and various politicians and wizarding celebrities. Not only was this the wedding of two of Harry's best friends, but it was the joining of two rich and powerful families. The politicians may have assured everyone that old pureblood families had little power after the war, but none of them were about to miss out on the pureblood wedding of the year.

Harry watched Draco mix with the guests. At the moment he was at his father's side, doing the pureblood heir thing; although almost every politician noticed and commented on the white gold collar around his neck, Draco just smiled and indicated his Master before continuing with his conversation. Harry was proud to see his submissive so self assured and at ease among people who might very well sneer at him for what he was. And Draco looked stunning. He was wearing similar robes to what he had worn at their bonding, except the outer robe was a soft grey instead of silver, and wasn't as sheer as the silver one. Altogether Draco didn't look designed for sex in the way that he had that night, he just looked dignified and beautiful.

Beside him Lucius was still a little haggard from his time in Azkaban, but was managing to command his audience in the way that only a Malfoy could. He kept a protective arms around his son for a significant proportion of the time, as if afraid someone would try to separate them. Severus stayed close to them as well, unwilling to let the mate he'd almost lost out of his sight for even a second.

There was dancing too: Greg and Vince, of course, the happy couple; Pansy and Theo, together again for now; Neville and Luna, awkward perfection; Hermione and Blaise, a budding romance. When Draco looked across at him, as he did every few minutes, Harry motioned for him to come over. Draco excused himself politely from the conversation, his father glancing briefly at Harry before relinquishing hold of his son. Lucius had accepted Harry as his son-in-law very easily, he had already known of Draco feelings Harry and was pleased to see that Draco had been claimed by someone he loved. While he was reluctant to let his son out of his sight, he seemed to trust Harry well enough.

When Draco approached him, Harry held out his hand. "Would you do me the honour giving me the next dance?"

"It is I who would be honoured, Master." Draco gracefully accepted Harry's hand and allowed himself to be led onto the dance floor.

As Harry held Draco gently in his arms, he reflected that he'd never really planned out his life. He'd had vague expectations: that he'd join the Aurors, that he'd live with Ron until Ron and Hermione got married, maybe even that he'd marry Ginny. He'd never planned though, he hadn't decided how many kids he'd like or where he wanted to live, he hadn't even officially applied to the Aurors. Now he could see himself living at Potter Manor with Draco and four, or maybe five, kids. While human men couldn't get pregnant, all magical submissive were 'receptive to their Master's seed' as Draco had so eloquently put it. They could have as many kids as they wanted.


19 years later

"We're going to be late. Has everyone got everything they need?" There was a chorus of "yes, Dad". "Harry, are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, Dove, one sec."

Finally everyone was assembled at the fireplace. The trunks were piled behind them, ready to be flooed as well. The six children were lined up ready to leave: Morgana and Nox who were seventeen; Circe who was fifteen; Lilith who was fourteen and Mercury and Salem who were eleven. Three boys and three girls, the perfect balance, even if Harry and Draco were a bit outnumbered, not to mention outwitted. The children each flooed to Platform Nine and Three Quarters in turn. Draco took a handful of Floo powder, but Harry caught his hand before he could throw it in the fire.

"You know, with Salem and Mercury at Hogwarts now, we'll have the Manor all to ourselves." He used his grip on Draco's wrist to pull the man towards him.

Draco smiled demurely as he looked up at Harry. "And what's your point, Master?"

Harry slid his hands down to clutch Draco's bum. "My point, pet, is that now I can do whatever I want to you and there's no danger of being interrupted. No one will be there to spare you from me now."

Draco shivered. "No, Master."

Harry pressed a chaste kiss to Draco's lips. "Think about that while you wave our children goodbye."

When they arrived at the station, Morgana shot them a look. "I'd ask what kept you, Daddy, but I don't think I want to know."

"Funny, Ana." Draco raised one pale brow.

"Father," Salem tugged on Harry's robe, "I'm not going to be in Hufflepuff, am I?"

"Why do you ask, Salem?" Harry replied.

"Lilith said I will be."

"Lilith don't tease your brother." Lilith just smirked, looking a lot like Draco did whenever they ran into Ron in Diagon Alley. "It doesn't matter what House you're put in, Salem, just as long as you're happy there."

"But I won't be happy if I'm in Hufflepuff." Salem pouted.

So far there were no Potter children in Hufflepuff. Morgana and Lilith were in Slytherin, Circe was in Ravenclaw and Nox was in Griffyndor. Harry suspected Salem would be another Ravenclaw and Mercury would be put in Griffyndor, but he honestly wouldn't mind if either of them sorted Hufflepuff.

Mercury interrupted his thoughts. "Look, it's Aunt Hermione and Uncle Blaise."

Harry smiled as the couple made their way over with their eleven year old daughter Rosie. "Hey, you're a bit late aren't you. I thought you'd have been camped here over night, just in case."

Hermione hit him playfully on the arm. "I'm fine. Rosie has everything she needs. I'm not freaking out at all."

"She's been hysterical all morning." Blaise confided.

"No I haven't."

"'Mione, you got up at four and repacked Rosie's trunk twice."

"Oh look, there's Theo and Pansy." Hermione quickly changed the subject while Harry and Draco sniggered.

Theo and Pansy approached with their two boys, Rory and Alexander. Their relationship was more stable now, though their arguments were still legendary. Greg and Vince were travelling, they hadn't really stopped since their honeymoon. They enjoyed the nomadic lifestyle too much. But they always visited regularly and were favoured uncles among the children for the exotic gifts they brought with them. Neville and Luna were at Hogwarts, Neville teaching Herbology and Luna teaching Arithmancy. Lucius and Severus were enjoying early retirement in the Malfoy villa in France and McGonagall was always pestering Draco to take Severus's old job, as his replacement was nowhere near as capable.

As Harry bid his children farewell, he reflected that this was definitely a happy ending. He looked at his husband. "Home, now."