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Perfect, that is the only word that I could possibly describe the feeling I am experiencing at this moment. My heart is bloated with the warmth and tranquility I feel at this moment, my entire body encased in a soft and warm material. My head snuggled farther into the warm pillow that quivered from under me, my fingers wrapped around the rather lean and long object that provides such strong warmth that my heart is fluttering with the content it feels. My muscles groan in pleasure as they stretch and constrict around the object, my head continuing to nuzzle father into the blissful warmth. My fingers danced up the warm cloth to find silky velvet that rubbed sweetly against my fingertips. The softness of the material was so enthralling that I couldn't resist running my fingertips through the silky softness several thousand times, unable to stop the beautiful contentment my fingers burned with, sending pleasant tingles through my body to stab my heart. I inhaled only to be further delighted by the thrilling sweet scent that surrounded me, swirling around my nose to fog in my brain, continuing to haze my memory.

I turned my head, laying my cheek on the warm fabric, taking deep breaths to engrave the beautiful smell in my nose as my body screamed with comfort. My lungs expanded and filled with the sweetness to transfer the calming aroma through my body. A soft sigh of content flew past my lips as my fingers traced the warm fabric down to an arching model, where my ears started to pick up the faint sound of a musical thump of a heart.

Wait…a heartbeat?

My memories started to link together, ties starting to spread and pull together to finally string together what had happened. I fell asleep next to Gretchen after we talked for hours…so this object must be…

My eyes snapped open to rest on the milky skin of a neck, which was quivering as the musical thump of her heart, became more crazed, pumping to a fast tempo. I twisted my neck slightly to find the rest of my position, and nearly fainted as my heart attempted to jump out of my chest. My legs lay entangled with the lean and warm legs of my roommate as my arms constrict tightly on my prey, poor Gretchen. My head lay nuzzled softly against her chest, where my fingers found themselves entwined in the silky blackness of her hair. A warm breath quivered then faulted, falling limply on my cheek as I looked at our position. I lifted my head to look at Gretchen's face, so beautiful and peaceful, well almost peaceful; she was obviously awake as she shut her eyes tightly, as if forcing herself to go back to a state of oblivion. Her soft pouting lips were tight, twitching with emotion that would have been named if I could look into those large swirling hazel eyes. A sharp pain hit me close to my chest as I pulled my head away, wanting to lean closer, to rest my cheek on hers or brush my hand and caress the softness of her cheek.

I shook my thoughts away, confused by the fierceness of them, my heart was pounding tightly in my chest, constricting as my stomach fluttered uselessly. I let my body relax, resting my cheek on her chest again, my body refusing to release the poor girl in my grip. A soft breath escaped the girl next to me, her chin resting on my hair, our bodies seemingly fit perfectly together. Once again, my heart fluttered as these thoughts plagued my hazy mind, still lost in the bliss of the moment only seconds ago.

Gretchen's arms lay limp at my waist, her fingertips touching the sun kissed skin that lay exposed from my shirt ridding up my back. I gulped, my heart in a dazed frenzy, tingles shooting through my skin as her warm fingertips left burning flames on my waist. I closed my eyes tightly; silently trying to convince my body to move, but my brain wasn't even on my side any more, lost in all of the splendid feelings that shot through me. Move move move move…now! The dark voice throbbed in my brain as Good Claire was having a field day, bouncing in my mind as she surveyed every pleasurable feeling that rocked through me. Gretchen's heart didn't bother to calm down, it seemed to be running a one-man race, jumping and dancing in her chest as my heart tried communicated to it, jumping to my throat. My entire body ached to stay like this forever, just forget college and stay in our room like this. It was a rather tempting thought, but a ridiculous one at that. A name seemed to throb in my brain trying to restrain my hearts loud noise, reeling in the blissful feelings that calmed each muscle and soothed each knot in my body. Sylar, what about Peter, are you going to forget about them to? I winced, Sylars deranged face burning in my skull as each second passed my heart being restrained, containing the roaring emotions inside. Ice shot through my body as the face of Peter burned in my mind, a tight hand tightening around my heart, squeezing mercilessly.

I let a broken sigh fall from my quivering lips, sadness replacing the bliss I felt nearly seconds ago. Gretchen's arms tightened around me, noticing the small shiver that shook my shoulders. Everything was mixed and torn, my head light and happy at the feeling of Gretchen's care and affection then sour and bitter at the harsh coldness of my tortured memories. Their is too many thoughts that have wound themselves through my mind, tightening them in my brain and demanding attention, but at this moment, I have to release the poor girl in my grip. She is probably extremely uncomfortable with the position I have put us in. Ignoring the sharp pain that shot through my heart, I released my fingertips from her hair, lightly running themselves down her back to lie on her waist. Gretchen stopped breathing as her heart rocketed in her chest.

Fantastic Claire! Try to untangle yourself to make her less uncomfortable and make her stop breathing, you truly are a natural.

Yet she didn't move her hands from my waist, her fingertips still releasing the soft affection that coursed through my body. The feeling was so pure and delightful that a soft humming sound echoed off my chest, released from my lips as it fluttered to the open air. I felt Gretchen stiffen from next to me, so without another thought, I stretched, my arms lifting from her waist to straighten above my head. My muscles have constricted as I turned away from Gretchen, a small whimper becoming strangled in my throat as my heart clenched. Gretchen's arms immediately released me, her body moving away from me to give me space as she sucked in a sharp breath.

After my unnecessary stretching, I let my body go limp, my back twisting to face the taller girl once more, my heart jumping as I noticed she had opened her eyes. Large hazel eyes looked at me from inches away, her soft rose petal lips parting to smile softly at me, panic seemed to flash in her eyes as she gulped, as if waiting for me to start yelling at her. The sudden pain stabbed me in the chest, chasing the memories of Sylar away as Gretchen bit her lip nervously, her hazel orbs wide and nervous. Her eyes caught my attention once more, flecks of grey and green dancing together as dark amber seemed to twine through the forest like eyes, tiny grey flecks sprinkling around the forest.

Somehow, through all of the chaos and bliss my mind was battling through, I found myself lost in her eyes, unable to break from the trance I was in, though Gretchen seemed to be more and more worried, waiting for some sort of punishment.

"Good morning Claire." Her voice quivered with worry, looking for acceptance or approval, I cocked my head to the side, a lazy smile taking my lips as I stared at my friend. Then a memory rocked my mind, reminding me of the night before, when she stretched and searched until she pulled me close to her. With pure delight, my mind concluded: Gretchen snuggles in her sleep.

"Gretchen, one question." Gretchen winced, nodding solemnly, her teeth biting on her lip as her eyes flashed to my face then away. "Do you snuggle in your sleep?" Gretchen's face immediately filled with shame as she smiled sheepishly, a dark blush painting her creamy white features. I smiled warmly at her, my heart fluttering as I stared at her beautiful face. "Because I faintly remember someone grabbing me in the middle of the night." Gretchen's face turned innocent, her eyes rolling to look at the ceiling, biting her lip as if deep in thought. I giggled at her expression, my heart warming at the sight of her beautiful face.

"You know I do faintly recall someone breaking into our dorm…" She shrugged, shifting to place her head on her arm, looking at me seriously, her wide hazel eyes filled with fake innocence. My heart was barely containing the warmth and ecstasy of the joyful moment, of just being able to talk. In this beautiful moment their was no one barging through the door, there wasn't any prisoners in the next room or doctor's ready to check on you, thier was no crazed evolves that wanted you dead. There was just warmth that pooled in my chest as Gretchen smiled her smile lighting up the emotion in her eyes.

I nodded seriously, shifting to lie on my back to look at the ceiling, the sun leaking through the dirty window, sharing its warmth to the people inside, spreading light to branch out and make Gretchen's silky raven hair shine, her lips pulled into an even warmer smile. A sad smile tugged on my lips, my heart wanting to continue in this blissful ignorance, to ignore that I am out of place, and that I am here for one and only one reason. To find information about regenerating so that I can finish my business in life, and when im done with Sylar, my life will be complete. That is my reason to be here, and yet just glancing at Gretchen, I find another path, following this ignorance to find happiness and content, to stay in this warmth as my heart glows in the affection this girl provides.

My smile slipped, falling away from my face as I continue through this dark thinking, reminding me once more of my life and reason, that Gretchen may care slightly about me, but she would never stay. She would never look at me with those large hazel eyes with warmth and affection; it would fill with disgust and horror, her smile long since gone as she glared at me, whispering painful words into my ear from a distance, afraid to come close. My heart twisted in pain, shooting pain through my limbs, my blissful state shattered as the reality crashes hard onto my chest, crushing me alive.

Breathing became difficult as the unbearable crushed onto my heart, crushing my lungs and watching as my organ deflated in defeat.

"Hey, are you okay?" I turned my head, forcing a smile onto my face for Gretchen. The muscles in my face twisted, not wanting to use this energy to create such a painful smile, my eyes filled with a heavy haze as my thoughts tried to control my brain, blurring my vision. Gretchen saw right through the artificial smile as always, her eyebrows as she tried to read my face, searching right through me, looking into my soul. That is exactly what I don't want, for Gretchen to suddenly see the darkness inside and realize, oh shit Claire is a psychopath!

To hide my pain I closed my eyelids, keeping the pain from making surface, forcing myself to swallow up all of the hurt and bitter feelings. After a long moment, bottling up all of my pain, I opened my eyes to show the perfectly sculpted mask of joy, a bright smile on my lips as I straightened my curling body.

"Hmm, im going to get dressed." Okay so maybe I should tone down the fake enthusiasm, throwing a bright smile her way, I climbed over Gretchen and skidded to my wardrobe. I felt Gretchen's eyes on my back, but when I turned to look at her she blushed and looked away, biting her lip nervously. I nearly dashed out of the room when I got my clothes, barely hearing the sigh escape Gretchen's lips as she watched me leave.

I finally allowed my act to fade, my misery taking control once I left the room. My clothes in my hand as I walked quietly to the bathroom, my heart still clenching and fighting off the misery trying to dampen the complete affection and warmth it still tried to cling too. I let a sigh fall as I walked into the bathroom, my head still lost in its own thoughts.

Walking out of the bathroom fully dressed I turned to bump into a tall man, warnings shouting in my mind at the unexpected touch. My teeth ground together at the harsh images that flashed through my mind as my heart pound with fierce anger and irritation at this man. I sighed and looked up at the man, a heavy glare already set in my eyes, but when I met the man's gaze, he only raised an eyebrow, his smile widening as his eyes took their own invitation. Ocean blue eyes stared down at me, sparkling with interest as a wolfish smile spread over his tan skin, raven black hair dancing in front of the sparkling blue eyes. He looked familiar…I just couldn't place a name to his face.

"Well hey their beautiful." I mentally groaned as I realized where this man looked familiar from, Brian Snyder. The man smiled, placing a large warm hand on my waist, making my heart growl in anger as the touch lit off angry messages to my brain. My muscles constricted, wanting to snap at him, coiling to pounce at the man's oblivious face. Anger bubbled inside, overflowing and leaking into my facial expressions, but Brian just smiled wider, his eyes widening at me. Alarms ran off in my head as the familiar touch of a mans hand tightened on my waist. I peeked over his shoulder to see the hallway completely empty, just me and the college boy, who looked like he was enjoying my anger. "What a coincidence, it's nearly fate." He winked and I didn't bother to pretend that I thought his act was cute; I had no patience for boys like him. I rolled my eyes at him, watching as his face-hardened, his eyes narrowing as anger flashed in his eyes. His smile became tight as he glared down at me; his hands tighten onto my waist. I growled with anger, breaking his arms grip on me.

"Hey, what's your problem!" I turned to leave, my shoulders hard as my fingers clenched, wanting to throw a punch, something to release this uncontrollable anger, but his hand had reached out, snapping my arm to pull me against his chest. I turned to look at him, my face hard in and angry grimace, as he wrapped an arm around my back, his hand pushing me closer to his chest. I snarled at him, as his smile grew wider. I placed my hands on his chest, pushing him roughly off me, sending him a glare but his smile turned amused as his eyes burned with smoldering emotions, lust and desire as they traced every curve in my body.

"Hey baby, don't be like that" He placed his rough hands on my torso, pushing me against the wall. My head hit the wall, creating a loud crack, anger pulsed through my entire body, my mind switching from defensive to aggressive. I snarled, preparing to jump off the wall to punch him in the mouth, my hands twisting his arm until it popped out of its socket, and his delicious screams filling the air. However, before I could even stand up, a lean body fell into my vision, her body standing tall as she swung her arm around, creating a satisfying crack to shatter the silence. Brian fell, his face filled with shock as he stared up at Gretchen, her entire body shaking with anger as she pointed a finger down at him, rage coursing through her body.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Her voice shook with disdain and anger, reverberating off the walls as she glared down at the shocked man. My anger disappeared as my vision rested on Gretchen, her shoulders stiff as her muscles underneath her skin twisted and twitched, her neck pulsating as she glared down at Brian, her hazel eyes filled with anger and hatred. I stepped calmly towards her, watching as she took a shaky breath, reaching my arm out I placed a hand onto her tense back. I watched as her back slowly relaxed, her shoulders sagging as she turned to me, a small smile on her face as her eyes scanned my body, searching for any wounds or cuts.

A husky voice cut off our moment of peace, filling the air with poison and strain.

"I wasn't doing anything, Claire was the one to come on to me, you got this situation all wrong." Gretchen's face twitched with anger once more, her hazel eyes turning dark as anger spiked through her eyes. My jaw clenched, allowing my instincts to wash over me, taking control of my body. I stepped forward, each leg striding to meet Brian. He watched me curiously, as I stepped closer, then his eyes rolled to the back of his head as my fist snapped into his nose, a satisfying shattering sound filling the air. I smiled despite myself, happy to see the look of pure terror wash over his face when I pulled my arm back.

A calming hand landed lightly on my shoulder, letting myself relax, each muscles going limp as a breath fell from my locked lips. The hand pulled me closer, pulling me into a warm embrace; my head snuggled into the taller girl's neck. Her calming aroma filled my nose as I relaxed into the embrace, my arms wrapping around the lean body.

"Are you okay?" I nodded, rather enjoying the sound of her heart filling my ears, her warm breath hitting my ears as I leaned into her arms. She sighed, breaking out of the embrace to look at me, her hands restraining my shoulders so her large hazel eyes could observe me. "Claire…im not quite sure if you realize what could have happened to you." I smiled at the taller brunette, shrugging softly as I stared happily into her hazel eyes, an electric pulse humming between our small contact.

"It's all happened before." I froze, my eyes going wide as I realized what just slipped out, my brain in a dazed state of mind, not catching the statement that carelessly jumped off my tongue. I hesitantly looked into Gretchen's eyes hoping she hadn't connected the dots, her hazel eyes narrowed in confusion, mist swirling in her glassy eyes before shooting wide, staring at me with shock. Her fingers dug into my shoulder as her mouth hung open, staring at me with horror clear in her expression, I closed my eyes, shaking my head.

No, of course she caught what I had said.

I sighed, breaking out of Gretchen's arms, turning to leave her in the hallway, my shoulders frozen still as I mentally cursed myself for being so careless with my words.

"W-wait!" I didn't turn to see Gretchen running after me, the unconscious boy on the floor completely forgotten. I sighed, my chest heavy with disappointment and anxiety, knowing what was coming. The dreaded questions, pulling and prying through my past, stealing information that best lay hidden. My heart twisted as Gretchen came to a stop in front of me, determination clear in those beautiful hazel eyes, her mouth turned down in a frown as she stared at me. Lightly, hands fell onto my shoulders, locking me in place. I sighed, looking away from Gretchen, avoiding eye contact at all costs, ignoring the pain that has ignited back into my heart. Smooth cool fingers brushed against my chin, simultaneously causing a small shiver to run up my spine at the smallest of touches. Her fingers tightened around my chin, forcing my head to meet the swirling hazel eyes that would pry and steal the information from my unwilling mouth.

I closed my eyes tightly, knowing that once I looked into her eyes, my resolve would crack, breaking the locks and chains that I keep binding over my secrets. A gentle caress of her thumb moved across my cheek, causing small flutters to roar inside my stomach as my heart jumped to reach my throat. My eyes snapped open as my body jerked from the intimate touch, ragged breath falling from my lips as my head fell from Gretchen's smooth fingers.

Gretchen looked like I had slapped her, her eyelids blinking rapidly as she looked down at her empty hands, her eyes filling with endless pain. Her hand fell limp to her side as she bowed her head, shame and pain twisting her expression before her raven hair hid her expression. My heartstrings pulled at the sight, shame shooting through my limbs. I sighed, walking over to the wounded girl next to me, laying my forehead on her shoulder as she whispered a broken apology. Hollow laughter broke through my lips making Gretchen cringe at the sound; I just shook my head against her shoulder.

"Why do you even want to know?" Gretchen shook her head, her midnight hair dancing lightly against my nose. Her hand wrapped around me, her eyes hollow from emotion as she rubbed my back without any emotion.

"I want to know because I care about you." Her voice was barely audible, breaking slightly at the end. I stayed still keeping my head close to hers as I listened to her breathing slowly calm down. "However I understand why you wouldn't trust me, you have barely known me for three days." Is that how long it has been? How, time goes by too slow, it truthfully has felt like I have known Gretchen for at least a month. It would make more sense as to why I can hardly stand to see her in pain or how her beautiful hazel eyes have such an effect on me. Even her smell seems addicting to me.

I moved away from her, noticing the sharp intake of breath when I broke out of the small embrace. I looked into Gretchen's eyes, watching as pain and hurt flashed quickly across her face before disappearing behind a fake indifference. She nodded slowly, my silence answering the question that hung in the air unasked. I watched with sorrowful eyes as she bit her lip, nodding again, turning away from me and walking silently to our dorm.

We both drifted into misery, each thought drenched in pain and distress as we separated to go to class, each making a mask of cheerfulness to cover the misery.

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