Chapter 1

My alarm went off to upset me deeply. I dragged my 'perfect' body out of bed to my mirror only to see the same I see every day, Scarlet Reasner, the fifth teen year-old-girl who is the most popular girl in school that has friends people would die for to have, Emily and Connie, and many 'other' friends of course.

I got dressed quickly, quicker than wanted, but went swiftly and smoothly downstairs to see my mother making breakfast and my father drinking tea while reading, but failing to do so as men cannot multi-task.

I went out the front door not drawing attention to myself as I get enough of that at school. My Italian coffee brunette hair rested on my shoulders in little curls as usual, my perfectly ironed white shirt rested over me with the two top buttons undone because 'boys like it', my thigh high chequered skirt flowed in the cold early morning wind. I took a deep breath calming myself before the excessive attention of every pupil and male staff in school crowds me all day every day of my life.