Chapter 23

Just got out of prison (hospital) and have this horrible itchy cast stuck on my arm for the next month and a half, lovely!

Alexander doesn't seem to mind, neither does anyone else actually. Max is doing okay, won't be out of prison (hospital) for a while but is okay, keeps saying he will get revenge on Alexander but everybody at our school is now slightly afraid of Alexander and highly doubts anybody will beat him in a fight.

Lots of rumours have been spread, rather quickly, around school like I like both boys but couldn't decide which one, and many others, how wrong they all are.

I and Alexander have been talking lately about maybe not hiding our relationship, and let people at school know, because it would be a lot easier, I think it would be a great idea, but Alexander being Alexander was being stubborn and said it was too risky. I am not too bothered and to be honest it's not worth the fight.

So we have a week left of school till Christmas holidays (WooHoo) and on the last day of school, in the evening each year for the Year Eleven's is a Winter Ball, I have been wanting to go ever since I heard about it which was when I was in like Year Four. So I am pretty excited, and I do have a lot of dates to choose from, but there is only one boy I want to go with, except Alexander has never been to a ball, prom or and type of dance, he can dance, just never in front or with someone before. I told him about it coming up but he keeps changing the subject, not helpful. So I am just giving up on the idea, oh well, there will be other dances, and I am just lucky for having a boyfriend like Alexander any way, making him go to the 'stupid' dance would make me look selfish, trying to force him... *sniff*.

The first night being back in my own house, in my own room, in my own COMFY bed made me feel so happy after getting out of prison (hospital). Before I fell asleep Alexander came to say 'good night' to me, but he had a little something else to talk about.

I left my window unlocked as usual for him, and when he came he sat on my bed next to me and kissed me on the forehead. "Evening Scarlet, I hear you're happy to be in your own bed again". I smiled, "How did you know I... oh yeah". We both giggled.

He took my left hand in both of his, "I have a surprise for you". My eyes widened with an excited, yet worried look. I know what Alexander was like and it's probably something like Henry found Breanna, which may be good news for them but not so much for me, I don't exactly like Breanna to much at the moment.

"I am sure you have heard about the Winter Ball, and I understand that you would like to go", his eyes twinkled in the moonlight, "Yes?"

"Well, what I am really asking is... would you accompany me to the Winter Ball this Friday?" My heart raced, he looked at me smiling expectedly, I through my available arm around his next and pulled him in close for a hug. "Yes, yes, yes... I would love to go with you!" I almost shouted from excitement to him. He ginned beautifully, "Okay, calm down, I wouldn't want your mother or father to walk in here", "Okay, sorry" I whispered. He kissed my forehead lightly, and my face went red, I always seem to get embarrassed when he gets all romantic with me, only because I can't be the same back to him.

Then my face changed, I realised something, "Is there something wrong?" he asked. "It's just that, I don't have a dress or anything to where, and I don't think you do either". He obviously had already thought about this, "I have already thought about that, and I wasn't sure how you would react, I have one of my mother's old dresses that would fit you perfectly, she was rather small, but it's a lovely dress and I only hope you will like it?"

I smiled widely again, "Ahh that's wonderful, what about you?"

"I do have something to wear, do not worry about me, I have everything sorted, and I presume we won't need to tell anyone about our perfect relationship as I would expect the pupils here are cleaver enough to work that simple part out themselves"

"Yes, you're probably right"

"Okay, it's a date, I will pick you up here at about six, and I promise that you will look stunning!" he smiled beautifully as usual and kissed me quickly on the lips then stood up and headed to the window. "Aren't you staying?"

"Sorry, Henry needs all the help he can get on locating Breanna, he has a source but we'reS completely sure, I am going tonight to check it out, but please do not worry, I will be back before sunrise".

I smiled as he turned away towards the window again, "Okay, bye".

"Good night, and sleep tight my Scarlet".