My dearest Readers,

Chapter 8 was my last chapter to this part of the story. I have already started the sequel of this story. Two chapters are done and have been sent to my beta so as soon as I get them back they will be put up. The name of the sequel is called "Fulfillment."

The first two chapters of Fulfillment are first in Harry's Point of View. The second chapter is in Godric's Point of View. That's all that I willing to say about the next story.


Thank your for all your help.

It really helps to have a beta cause I get really good ideas just need help to iron out all of the problems I have. I never thought that I was all that good at writing. So she has been really great with working with me.

Replies to the Reviews-

Valgal37- I in fact know that Shreveport is in fact a city but I changed that. I didn't want the club to be in the city because he was trying to hide himself away so I changed that little detail.

SPEEDIE22- Thanks! I really like how my story seems to be coming together. I never thought that I was all that good at writing.

Mrs. Sammy Dean Winchester- Thanks for the review it nice to see people who favor other pairings taking a liking to my own. I myself have a hard time reading stories without my favorite pairings.

Thank you for all your review and thanks for the ideas you had with this story. I hope that you like what I did to the next part of this story I wanted to do something different. So I hope you like the changes that I put into place.