What should he do after his dreams crashed with the ship? He couldn't imagine a life without without his friends. But no he had to. Without an exam or a job he had to move back in with his mother and follow her rules. Of course, the guys would think his life with her would be great. After all they knew her as the the cool Charlotte. Especially Quentin and Marc would say so. Grrr! He still wanted to vomit and the thought of Marc and her having sex. He was his mom! And she wasn't so cool to him. She was a typical mother.

Right now, he only good thing in his life was his girlfriend. Maybe they had some problems in the beginning, but now they were happy. But he knew that sooner or later she would want to get more from life than a poor boyfriend and sex. She was a girl who liked the good sides of life. She liked luxury. And so he had to go on job search. Perhaps he could go and ask Quentin for some help. Afterall he was his godfather. Yeah, he was going to ask his mother how to reach him. Perhaps he could help Carl to make his life a little bit better. A little bit like the time of Radio Rock.