He had time. He had money. He could still get every women he ever wanted. He was Gavin Cavanagh afterall! But he felt empty. He missed the music. And he missed the freedom of Radio Rock. Perhaps, he might even miss the other guys. But just perhaps.

He could go to the USA. He got some job offers. Damn it! Every fucking radio wanted him as DJ. But he couldn't go. He didn't even know why. He left before. He left Radio Rock. But he came back. He wanted to stay. And so now, leaving felt wrong.

And so he lived with Quentin and the Count, who occupied the basement and was annoying him. He really should go. Gavin didn't understand why the Count was still with them. But he didn't understand himself either.

And so he sit on his bed and thought about life. He wanted Radio Rock back. He wanted to bring Rock'n'Roll back to the UK. But he didn't know how he should do it. Pirate Radio was illegal. Perhaps a magazine? It wouldn't be the same.

And so he just drowned he depression with vodka and gin. Worrying Quentin and loosing his dream slowly.