Doesn't matter who they are if you are normal people with normal jobs , or if you are people behind the badge. Everyone has lives , everyone falls in love , everyone makes mistakes and everyone has pasts. Even people behind the badge.

David Rossi knew that he couldn't get out of this know that he had the whole team starting at him with questioning looks , waiting for him to answer there very confused looks. But there is one person that is uncertain if they want to know the answer to the question and her name is Jennifer Jareau aka JJ she has by her better judgement fallen in love with the mysterious , alluring but dangerous Special Agent David Rossi(to all she will reject) . Know there is something that he is going to tell everyone that could change her life and she is shaking in her boots , hoping it is something that want ruin her dream of ever being Mrs David Rossi. The next thing that came out of Agent Rossi's mouth wasn't much of a shocker but has something that made her change her mind about telling Rossi about how she feels. Oh know don't get me wrong she is going to tell him but know the question is soon or later.

" She is my ex-wife" Rossi said in his deep tone that tells everyone that he doesn't want to be questioned about his response. So everyone just sat there looking at Rossi waiting for him to say something.

" Well are we all going to just sit around we do have a case to solve". With that everyone got up and start to head out to where the body of the women that know has been identified has Rossi's ex-wife Zoe Henderson.

" Before you all run out the door , wheels up in 30 minutes".

Then the team left to go and grab there go bags and get to the plane. The plane is the private jet that the team got for travels to far place that you can't reach by car.

The car ride was silent you could hear all but a pin drop , everyone knew not to say anything out loud but they were all thinking it. Which Wife?

We all know that Rossi has had his share of wives in his time but know the only person that mattered is the person sitting across from him the one staring out the window of the fast moving vehicle JJ. They both have feelings for each other but are oblivious to the thought. Instead they just sit there staring at each other lost in the thoughts of what could be , if they became brave enough to voice how they feel.

" Ok I have had enough of this quiet , will someone please say something or I will spill everyone secrets that I know and they are all big.." Garcia. Everyone knew that Garcia wouldn't spill there secrets.

"So nice weather we are having"Emily added hoping that , that would relive some tension.

But that was all that was said when the car pulled up to the run way. And that was all that was said the whole plan ride there with people just staying in there thoughts of what ifs. Aaron longing for Emily , Emily in love with Aaron , JJ confused about Dave , Dave wanting JJ , and last but not least Morgan in protective love mode over Garcia , and Garcia lusting over her chocolate god of thunder with love in her eyes. It seems that everyone is in love with each other and they seem to not know just to stay in there own little world. Now we can't forget Spencer Reid , know it would seem that Reid is the bravest of them all he already told the person that he likes and they have been together for a while know. Austin.