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The Right Kind of Wrong

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Country

Two weeks, well I think it was two weeks. I really can't remember, but that doesn't matter now. What matters is that during my spazing two weeks ago I sold my soul... not really, but I did something extremely stupid even for me. See, for me commitment in any form causes serious problems. Here I am standing in this small airport far from Japan, far from safety or sanity. Back to the moment of stupidity, two weeks ago, on autopilot I agreed with Yunno Scrya-Harlaown, my boyfriend of five months, to meet his family. Someone...anyone... shoot me.

I could exactly say, "Oops, just kidding, I change my mind," when my green-eyed Blondie jumped from his seat, and commenced with some kind of victory dance including twirling, jumping, and fist pumping.

Present Time...

Dammit! Those dumb bags are taking forever in a fricken day. Oh, oh he's smiling at me. I smile back hiding the fear and panic that has been growing since we got on the plane. Finally, the bags come around on the carousel. With all my pent up anxieties from ride over, I stride over to my bag and yank it off the line. At the same time I just have this desire STARLIGHT BRE... Crap!

"Are you okay?" Oh good Lord! I mowed over a child with my obese bag.

"CRAZY WHALE! YOU BROKE MY NOSE!" he said clutching his supposedly broken nose.

Little rotten punk, "WELL I DAMN HOPE I BROKE SOMETHING! SHUT YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOUR TALKING TO ME! RATBOY!" he was twelve he could take it.

"FAT DEVIL LADY! I'm gonna tell my mom on you." he threatened as he ran away with fake tears.

"YEAH, YEAH! GO, GO TELL YOUR MAMA, lil' snot-faced runt...I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY...!" Yunno had me by my arm half-dragging me out of the airport. I swear some kids just don't have any manners. A minute later the arm dragging me felt a little too oppressive, "Yunno, let me go. I'm calm now." Relatively calm, actually a brief moment of explosive verbal abuse on a child did me well.

"Are you sure? You just threatened to beat a child after you slammed him in the face." He said in his calm monotone. Granted he did have a point, but...

"Mou... Yunno-kun he called me fat and a devil. Plus, he ran into my bag."

"Sure... but please try to control yourself, I mean you know try to control that temper while were here." He said with a pleading smile, eyes begging for agreeance. "And let's try to restart this vacation on a perhaps less violent way." Yunno lightly kissed my lips and proceeded to lead us to the curb. The plan was for his brother to pick us up and take us back to the "The Fort" as Yunno put it. After, five minutes of pacing on the curb, I still couldn't get rid of my nerves, but Yunno announced excitingly, "Nanoha, they're here!" Fabulous...

A midnight blue Dodge three-quarter ton with chrome sidings pulled up in front of us immediately triggering my friendly smile. From the driver's side exited a tall, handsome man with dark-blue hair under a stetson. The man hurriedly moved around the truck and took my boyfriend into a suffocating bear hug. Yunno returned the embrace with as much vigor. When the brotherly love fest was over Yunno and his brother turned towards me. With a smile a child would wear when showing off his new toy he introduced us, "Chrono, meet Nanoha Takamachi, my girlfriend. Nanoha, this is my older brother, Chrono Scrya-Harlaown."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Chrono," I said extending my hand.

"Ah don't be so formal! Come in for the real thing!" Chrono announced as he wrangled me into bear hug. "She's prettier than I imagined you could get," Chrono chuckled out to his brother.

"Shut up!" Yunno spat back.

"Hahaha," I heard feminine laughter coming from the passenger side of the truck, "Oh, come on Chrono he ain't as scrawny as he once was." A woman with short, light brown hair said as she also hugged Yunno. Turning towards me she smiled, then looked as Yunno and said, "But, my oh my, the lil' bookworm managed to get himself a hottie." I couldn't help but blush at the teasing. Damn these porcelain cheeks!

"Geez, I just arrive and you two are already ganging up on me," fake hurt in his voice.

"Oh stop cryin' and introduce me dammit," the shorter woman said turning her attention to me.

"Okay, okay, I see whose still wearing the pants in your relationship," Yunno snickered directing his attention to Chrono.

"Pfft!" Was all the cowboy managed to choke out receiving a quieting glare from short-haired brunette.

"Amy meet Nanoha, Nanoha this is Amy Limiette, my brother's keeper, I mean girlfriend." Before I got pulled into another hug. I went for it and hugged her and sure enough it was warmly returned.

When all the introductions and friendly jabs were made we all jumped into the four door lifted-truck and headed to "the fort". On the way the Chrono, Amy and Yunno took turns pointing out landmarks or sharing embarrassing stories about certain places. As we made our way down the main throughway of Midchildan the main town, which was not very large. About a minute and we out of the town. Five minutes out the town, I couldn't help but notice two huge wooden gates open towards the road with a sign on the side, "Harlaown Veterinary Clinic". Up the driveway had a few trucks parked and what look like a helicopter pad.

"Huh, looks like she'll be late as usual." I heard Chrono purposely whisper to Amy, while she nodded.


Another half-hour and we were in the middle of nowhere going down a red dirt road with rolling hills covered with green grass on each side. In front of us was a huge, two-story home that had a large deck in the front looking out over the yard which had fruit trees and pines. I swear I could see a pond in the back. Oh no, they're loaded! I can't do this! I don't know proper table manners. If and when I use forks, I use one... for the entire meal. Just as I was about to go into a paralyzing heart attack, Chrono proudly announced, "Well we're home!"

"Ready?" Yunno asked as we were the last to leave the truck mostly due to the fact that I was grasping the handle like it was a lifesaver.

Okay, deep breath, "Yep, let's go."

With my baggage tightly gripped in my hand, just so you know I don't like being babied, just one of my many pet-peeves. Chrono held open the door as Yunno and I entered the country mansion. I tried not to let my mouth hang open as I glanced at all the beautiful d├ęcor, it looked like one of those million dollar log cabins. The floor was hardwood and looked like Cherry. As I tried to hold in my drool, I heard quick footsteps coming from the stairway to my right, just as I turned my attention the the stairs I heard a loud exclamation, "MY LIL' BOY!"

"MOM!" My boyfriend managed to get out before he was tackled by a teal haired woman.

When the woman in her fifties, finished squeezing the life out of her son, she turned her attention to me. "Well, well whose this precious lil' thing we have here."

"My girlfriend, Nanoha Takamachi," Yunno told her proudly, "Nanoha this is my beautiful mother, Lindy Scyra-Harlaown."

"Aww, thank you Yunno, but flattery will get you nowhere," Lindy chuckled out, "It's a pleasure to finally meet you Nanoha. Especially since all my son does is gush about you like schoolgirl during our phone calls."

"MOM!" Yunno screamed. While everyone laughed at his expense.

"Well, its a pleasure to meet you as well... although Yunno hasn't told me much about any of you. He wanted it to be a surprise." I said glaring at him all the while. "But that aside thank you for allowing me to stay with you."

"Oh no problem. Family aren't allowed to stay in hotels. And even if he didn't say much about us," Lindy paused to give her son a disapproving look, "its okay, we'll have plenty of time to get to know each, but for now, why don't I show you both to your room." She said leading us up the stairs. As we reached the top of the stairs there was a large window with a view of a pond rivaling a lake with ducks and geese gliding across and two people fishing on a dock. In the background lie a pale-blue sky melting into pastel yellow painted with streaks of red-orange, pink and purple. Picture-perfect didn't quite cut it.

"Here we are." Lindy declared as we arrived at a room with a queen-sized log bed, antlers on the wall opposite the bed with a painting below of horses that appeared to gallop off the canvas. I also noted the small doorway. "As you can see," kind blue-green eyes pointed to doorway, "this room has its own bathroom, so you two luckily don't have to share with everyone else." Huh, exactly how many people live in this country castle. "Okay," teal hair whipped around after a final glance at the room to address us, "you two get settled. Take a shower. Whatever you want, but in two hours I expect the both of you to be at the dinner table ready to eat some steaks and baked potatoes. Understood?" She finished with a assertive tone... as if I had a choice...

"Understood." We both affirmed at the same time.

As soon as she left I walked into the room and began unpacking the clothes and supplies I had brought for the trying journey ahead of me. A month... a very, very, long month. God have mercy! Just as I finished shoving my luggage in the closet I felt two arms snake around my sides and blonde hair brushed against my cheek as Yunno rested his chin on my shoulder. All I can think is, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" You know those moment where you just want to be left alone. Its almost as if you give off the vibe of, "I don't want anyone around me. Don't touch me, don't talk to me, just don't." Well my green-eyed intruder-of-personal-space never, I mean never feels the vibe. AND I AM SO GIVING THE VIBE!

"You smell good Nanoha," boy better not be the mood because my foot is in the moodto kick something. Continuing in a supposedly seductive voice, "we still have an hour before we have to go downstairs... and it has been a while since... you know." NOT IN THE MOOD, NOT IN THE MOOD! The chant seemed to echo in my mind even as Yunno began to kiss my neck. As subtly as I could I gently removed his arms from around my waist placing them at his sides. As we came face to face I finally opened my eyes that had been controlling my fury. Poor thing recoiled, tucking his tail like a dog done wrong, as he was meet with two icy, blue sapphires. I tried as best as I could to keep the, "GET YOU FUCKING HANDS OFF ME," tone out of my voice.

"Sorry babe, but I don't really feel up to that after all the traveling," partially true, "I'm pretty tired y' know... And I don't feel comfortable doing that in your mother's house." Yes, there is the discomfort in those eyes, let the unease and guilt settle in. Now for the final touch, an excuse. "Plus, I planned to take a shower. I feel so gross after all the traveling we did. Thanks for understanding." I said, gently squeezing his hand.

"O...of... course." He managed to squeak out. Still in a stunned state of mind. Hmm... I almost feel bad. Almost...

4 hours later...

Dinner went without a hitch, just filled with embarrassing stories of Yunno in his childhood. Including an incident where Lindy and Chrono caught Yunno dissecting a bird who had a hit the house window, while his friend Johnny passed him tools. Lindy said that was the moment she knew he was going to be a doctor and not a veterinarian. Which is something else that explained my lavish surroundings. It turns out Lindy owns the Harlaown Veterinary Clinic, which she had inherited from her late husband Clyde Harlaown. Chrono turned out to be a vet at the clinic and Amy, his assistant. However the topic was brushed off fairly quickly especially after Amy began to complement how good Chrono was, I believe it was just to see him blush, poor bastard. The most interesting or mysterious conversation of the night went like this.

"Oh don't be so humble, honey." Amy began, "Come on it something to be proud of, share." When Chrono resisted the teasing woman she went on directing conversation to me, "Since someone has lock-jaw, I'll share. Chrono happens to be the fourth best veterinarian in the state. And let me tell you there are many, many talented vets in this state." I do admit I was somewhat curious and eager to help in the teasing. Especially since that blue bear made me fear for my life when he came in for the real thing.

"So who beat him out of the top three?" I questioned in a playful voice.

"Hahaha. Women, of course!" The brunette laughed out. After she contained her giggling at her glaring blue-haired companion, she continued. "Well, of course Aunty Lindy is third, Shamal Yagami is second. Oh, you'll meet her later on. She's a good friend. And..." Amy seemed to pause looking at Lindy, then at Yunno, whose face seemed to tighten, jaw clenching. The usually perky brunette hastily finished with, "You'll meet that one later. I'll let it be a surprise." After that awkward statement, a strange silence took over the table until Lindy asked if anyone wanted seconds on steak or potatoes. But there was definitely something going on...

Anyways, I was officially exhausted. A full of day of traveling, all my nerves buzzing, introductions, all that smiling. Yes, all I want to do is sleep...but I can't. I got out of bed an went downstairs, so I didn't wake Yunno with all my restless moving. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I just sat down unsure of what I could do at the moment, counting sheep wasn't helping. Sitting there, huddling to keep warm, I began staring out the window, above the door down the hall. The full moon shone right into the house, light reflecting off the polished wooden tables in the entryway. Enraptured by the light I didn't notice the quiet footsteps behind me, until the little beast was upon me. With a lick to my neck, a shiver ran down my spine, but before I could scream bloody murder. I turned around to see the most adorable, fluff-ball with innocent rusty-colored eyes. She (I checked) was the cutest, yet fiercest looking puppy I had ever seen. It was hard to tell in this light but her fur appeared to be red and she had a wolf like-look, expect for the fluff of fur around her neck. Of course I could resist the urge, so I scooped her up and squeezed her like I would a teddy-bear. The wolf-pup didn't seem to mind, just continued to lick my face. In the middle of our squeeze session the loud roar of a diesel engine pulled up in front of the house. My new friend's ears quickly perked up. As soon as the sound of a key turning in the lock could be heard she was on all fours racing to the door just as the late-night intruder came through.

"Arf?" A low feminine voice quietly questioned. The red puff leapt using the strength in all four legs to propel her into the arms of the unknown person. Seemingly out of reflex the woman caught the furball, who began a licking onslaught. "Geez, Arf! Be careful will you. Jumping like that is dangerous. What if I couldn't catch you." Genuine concern and heartfelt affection dripped from those words, while a kind hand ruffled the fur on Arf's head. As the mysterious newcomer moved in further the moonlight lit her form as she slowly bent down to release the little jumper from her arms.

And oh my bejeezus! From that crouching position emerged a goddess. With hip-length hair- if not longer followed freely over a super-model, no no, super-models were human, and this person could not be human. The angel with curves in all the right places, appeared to be toned perfectly. Skin so perfect the moonlight radiated off of it to give her the angelic glow. Even her golden locks seemed to create a halo. Tight jeans hugged her curves and a long-sleeved black V-neck clung to her form in just the right way. As I completed my I inspection from bottom to top of my tall angelic statue. My eyes caught a gaze I'd never forget. Burgundy eyes, so cold, so vague, held me in place, shut my jaw that had been hanging open and choked back the drool that had been spilling out.

Damn voice! Just when I need it most. Okay, calm down. Heart, stop beating so fast so I can think. Nanoha inhale and force the words out. What words, now? I think I'm ready, "I...I...I'm," dry-throat, I sallow and start again, "Na...na..nano.." SAY YOUR DAMN NAME GIRL! As I composed myself, I realized I looked completely foolish squatting on the floor where I had been petting Arf. Managing to break eye contact I attempted to get up, but my legs were weak from squatting so long I stumbled getting up. I heard quick footsteps in the back of my mind as I prepared myself to crash into a wall.

Slowly, opening my eyes upon impact I realized this wall was quite soft and warm. I hadn't realized how cold I was until I felt the warmth of this comfortable wall. Wait. Hmm... walls aren't soft, or warm. I adjusted my eyesight to see a creamy white neck, and understood I was leaning against the golden-haired angel. Looking up further, those enigmatic burgundy eyes stared at me in amusement. Captured in that powerful gaze I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. I mean I just crashed into the most beautiful creature created. Smooth move, graceful! I could feel her arms around me holding me gently , yet securely. My hands, thank the Lord, weren't on her breasts, but her strong shoulders. I stood there regaining control of my weak knees. Traitorous bastards!

With a slight grin, she said in her husky voice that could melt butter, "I'm Fate."

I must have been butter because all I could manage was, "Really?"