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The guys and me walked outside of the Youth Center.

"You're gonna like it here in Angel Grove, Mathew," Tommy assured me.

"Yeah, I'm sure I will," I said, looking around at the nice surroundings.

Soon, some gold monkey creature appeared with some silver minions.

"There's only one thing wrong with these surroundings, White Ranger!" The creature said.

"Goldar!" Adam and Rocky said at the same time.

"And putties, too," Billy added.

"Billy, get Mathew some place safe," Tommy ordered. "Adam, Rocky, and I will take care of Goldar and his putties."

"Right," Replied Billy.

With that being said, Billy took me to the parking lot where we hid behind a pickup truck.

"Billy?" We heard a female voice say.

I looked behind and noticed another girl dressed in a yellow tanktop and shorts.

"What's going on… and who's he?" The girl asked.

"First of all, Aisha, this is Mathew… and secondly, Goldar and some putties just appeared… the guys are taking care of them." Billy replied.

"Uh-oh… that's not good news," Aisha said.

"Aisha, stay here with Mathew while I help out Adam and the others," Billy requested, running off to join the men.

"Okay," Aisha replied, squatting down to my height.

Occasionally, I peeked out from behind the truck to look at the guys fighting those putties. Fortunately, I was unseen.

In a matter of minutes, the putties were destroyed by the boys and Goldar retreated. Aisha and I ran back to them.

"Awesome job, guys," I said.

"What's going on?" Aisha asked.

I couldn't hear anyone answer her question, but I could see Adam whispering something in her ear.

"Mathew… can you wait at the Youth Center 'til we get back?" Adam requested.

"I can…" I responded.

"Just take cover inside, and don't come out until one of us comes back for you," Rocky explained.

"Mm-hmm… and try not to put the whole place in turmoil after what just happened," Tommy added.

"Yeah, okay," I said, completely understanding.

I made a break for the Youth Center front door.

(Tommy's P.O.V.)

With Mathew already taken care of for some time, we needed to contact Zordon, and get Kimberly with us. I activated my communicator and contacted him.

"Zordon, this is Tommy, come in," I sad into it.

"Yes, Tommy, I read you… what seems to be the problem?" Zordon asked.

"Goldar was just here with some putties," I explained.

"We think Lord Zedd might be up to no good again," Adam added.

"Alpha and I will scan Angel Grove for any disturbances," Zordon replied. "In the meantime, teleport to the Command Center, and we should be done by then."

"Alright, we're on our way," I replied, ending my contact. "Are we clear, guys?" I asked.

"Um… we are," Aisha replied, looking left, right, and behind her.

The rest of them looked around and saw nobody in sight. With that being said, we teleported out of Angel Grove and into the Command Center; Kimberly came in a few seconds later. Alpha was running the controls as usual.

"Find anything, Alpha?" I asked.

"Yes, Tommy," Alpha answered. "I'm trying to pull up an image on the viewing globe now."

A minute later, Alpha was able to pull it up. It was another ugly monster with a black ski mask over his head, a wand in one hand, and a whip in the other.

"Where are ya, Power Rangers?" The monster cackled.

"Aye yai yai yai yai!" Alpha said in horror.

"What the heck is that?" I said.

"Your suspicions were correct, Tommy," Zordon spoke. "Lord Zedd has unleashed a deadly Rape Monster to cause terror in Angel Grove. It plans to turn all of Angel Grove into victims of fictitious rape, and placing blame on you."

"Us?" Rocky said in surprise.

"Yes, Rocky. We must stop this monster before all of Angel Grove is under the Rape Monster's spell." Zordon continued.

"Zordon, how do we beat it?" Kim asked.

"We aren't sure yet, Kimberly," Zordon answered. "But Alpha and I will look deeper into the new monster that Zedd has created, and let you know of anything we find out. You will also be given an extra ranger to help out in this battle and the ones that are to come in the future."

We all looked at each other in shock.

"What?" Adam said in surprise.

"Another ranger?" Aisha asked.

"That's right, Aisha," Alpha spoke. "Zordon decided it was time for another ranger… and the new one won't be taking any of your places."

"That is correct, Alpha. Behold, Power Rangers," Zordon spoke up. "I give to you… the Silver Power Ranger… the newest member of the Power Ranger team."

The new ranger was transported into the Command Center. He or she was in full uniform and all. We all looked in surprise at who it was.

"Welcome, Silver Ranger… the time to reveal your identity is now." Zordon requested.

The rest of us looked on as we heard the unbuckling of this new person's helmet. As the helmet came off, we stood in shock.

End chapter.

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