Naruto: Prince of Darkness

Summary: Naruto is an descendent of Alucard, on his 10th birthday he awakens his ancestor's powers.

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Konoha: 10 years after the Kyuubi attack


Naruto is running for his life, he is captured by ROOT ANBU. Danzo wanted him to become a weapon for his selfish ambitions. Naruto managed to escape from his cell and he's trying to escape from the base. He held his burnt arm and pumping adrenaline in his scarred and bruised up leg. He was been experimented on for almost 5 years. That bastard Danzo lied to Naruto's 'Grandfather' Sarutobi that Naruto was killed in a mob attack. Danzo lied so he can experiment of how to unlock the secrets of gaining Kyuubi's chakra, the Experiments were brutal and savage, they injected various untested chemicals and newly developed Jutsu. The 5 years of experiments were torture for him, sleeping in his cold dark cells and eating tasteless foods that have high nutrients but no love in the food. This place will forever haunt him.

For 5 years in the streets since he was kicked out from the Orphanage has gained his skill of stealth. He hides in the shadows and waits for the ROOT ANBU who are searching for him are gone before he runs into the empty corridors, the corridors is flashing in red and the sounds of klaxons echoes loudly. Naruto was too scared and spiritually broken to notice, all he cares about is freedom.

"*Huff* I'm nearly there he he, I'm free" said Naruto in relief, his nightmarish days in ROOT HQ are now over.

Naruto rushes to the exit until a kunai plunges into his leg causing him to fall to the ground. Naruto then starts to crawl for his life, he wants to be free from the ROOT scientists and mostly from Danzo. The gates are slowly closing, Naruto crawls faster and faster trying to escape but the doors are forever shut, his hope of freedom is now shattered. Naruto sits up and turns to see he is surrounded by Danzo and his ROOT ANBU. Naruto shivers in fear as Danzo walks closer to him and lifts his cane to brutally be Naruto to a pulp.

"Naruto, Naruto, Naruto" said Danzo grinning sadistically as he taps his cane like a whacking stick "What did I tell you about escaping here?"

"No...Please sir don't" begs Naruto as he is completely terrified.


Danzo whacks Naruto with his cane, Naruto's screams of fear and pain echoes in the corridors of ROOT HQ; unfortunately Naruto's screams can't reach outside to Konoha.


The whack stings his arms


Another on his back, leaving a thick red line.




The last whack broke Danzo's cane, Naruto whimpers as he is now in more pain, blood seeps out from the bruises.

"O-Oji-san...h-help me" said Naruto weakly


Danzo kicks Naruto hard onto the floor, then he spat on Naruto's bloodied and bruised face.

"That fool can't help you, Demon" said Danzo as he is now holds his new cane and walks away. "Take him back to the cells; we have a lot of catching up to do"

"Hai, Lord Danzo" said ROOT ANBU Captain "Get this demon back to his cell"

Naruto weakly watches the ROOT ANBU walking closer to him, after that he fell unconscious on the floor.

Naruto's mindscape

Naruto woke up in his mindscape, instead of being in the usual sewer that he goes in to speak with Kyuubi. The Kyuubi was taunting him about being weak but the Kyuubi is what is still making Naruto sane...barely. Naruto is now in a dungeon, he sees 2 figures chained up, the first is a red-haired woman in a red kimono, Naruto knows that's the Kyuubi as the ears and tails got that away. The second is in a black leather straightjacket, his flowing black hair covers his face, as you see, the man's eyes are glowing red and his smile is twice horrible and scary than Danzo's in Naruto's opinion.

"Hello Naruto" the man in the black leather straightjacket spoke as he stood up and breaks himself free from the straightjacket that was nailed up to the walls. The man's fanged grin scares Naruto, Naruto's completely snaps and starts to run for his life.

"No PLEASE I WANT TO LIVE!" cries Naruto in fear, desperation and loneliness.

Naruto tries to run but he is grabbed and slammed to the wall, the man grinning his fanged smile, terrifying Naruto, he hears the man's dark sadistic grin and sees the glowing red demonic eyes, those eyes are even worse than Kyuubi, it's like he's staring death right in the face. And to make things worse for Naruto, Kyuubi's chains are breaking from her arms and legs, Kyuubi grins evilly.

"I am free" said Kyuubi as she walks to the terrified Naruto "Aw such a scared child, 5 years in hell sure does damage his mind; It's amazing that he's not yet insane"

"Indeed, maybe we can heal these damages" said the man as he shows his fangs to Naruto.

Naruto whimpers and starts to cry, he is about to be tortured again, 5 years of nothing but pain and suffering, all Naruto knows is only pain. He's been in the darkness so long that he doesn't know how long. Naruto closes his eyes to wait for the man and Kyuubi to hurt him and, if luck kill him, ending his miserable life. The man slowly puts Naruto down as the dungeons changes into a classy room with a warm fireplace. The room is dark and the only light source is from the fire in the fireplace. The man is now dressed in a red trench coat with a large red hat with a wide rim covering the man's face. Kyuubi is sitting on a dark brown leather couch, looking at the dancing fires in the fireplace. The man is pouring a dark red liquid in his wine glass; he looks at Naruto shivering in fear.

"Have a seat Naruto, it is time for you to know" said the man as he sits on a dark red settee and drinks his drink.

Naruto hesitates to sit as he is with a stranger and Kyuubi no Kitsune, the demon that almost destroyed Konoha 10 years ago.

"Please Naruto, I think you need to listen to this, it can help you" said Kyuubi nicely, which surprises and shocks Naruto. Kyuubi was being horrible to him for 7 years, taunting him and calling him weak, Naruto stayed away since he heard that Kitsunes are demons infamous for trickery. She might be tricking him so she can hurt him.

"It's okay Kyuubi, I'll tell him anyway" said the man as he looks at Naruto "Naruto you are about to awaken you true powers"

Naruto widens his eyes at what the stranger said, what powers Naruto has, he could be lying, and he doesn't have any powers because that was proven from the brutality from ROOT for 5 years.

"You're lying, I don't have any powers, I'm a weak, scared and hopeless child with his dreams broken and on the urge of insanity" said Naruto as he starts to sob "*SOB* I never wanted this to happen to me, all I know now is pain, fear, suffering and loneliness , I don't know love, happiness and hope."

"Wrong, there is hope for you Naruto, we can help you" said the stranger

"Help me, where were you when I was forced to be strapped into the tables and get injected chemicals in my body, Where were you when I tried to escape this place and hoping to be free, where were you when DANZO AND HIS ROOT CRONIES KIDNAPPED ME AND SENT ME IN A WORLD OF PAIN AND SUFFERING!" shouts Naruto as his eyes turn red and glows, but these aren't the eyes of Kyuubi, no this is different.

Naruto screams in anger for the pain he went through as the shadows dance wildly like the room was on fire. Then chains shot out from Naruto's body and pierced through the stranger's body, the hooks at the end of the chains dug into the flesh but the stranger did not wince in pain. He was rather enjoying it.

Then the chains starts to drain the blood from the stranger and enters Naruto's body, Naruto screams as he starts to see into the memories of the stranger. Blood, death, carnage and lust, those are the thing that Naruto sees as starts to change, his scars and bruises starts to fade away and his torn up clothes replaces into a formal dark tuxedo. As Naruto screams his teeth are changing into fangs. His sorrow filled blue eyes are changing into glowing red eyes filled with hatred. Then more hooked chains shot out from Naruto and pierced though Kyuubi's body. As Naruto absorb Kyuubi's blood he also absorbs her chakra and seeing her memories, death destruction, insanity and lust is filled in the Demon queen's mind. As Naruto sees the images of the strangers impaling the innocent and Kyuubi tearing mortals to shreds, Naruto starts to lift his lips into a long sadistic and terrifying smile.

Real World

As Naruto rests in his cell bed, the lights start to flicker and die. At the security room, the ROOT ANBU leaves to check, as he enters the shadows, nothing came out except the scream of terror from the ROOT ANBU. 5 minutes after, another ROOT ANBU arrives to check if the ROOT as never left the shadows is alright.

"Hey pal, are you alright?" said the ROOT ANBU

All was silence, the ROOT ANBU takes out his touch and illuminates the shadow blanked room, as the ROOT ANBU searches for the missing ROOT ANBU, he widens his eyes under his mask to eye a body and another.

The second body is moving but the other that is the missing ROOT ANBU is not. The second body is 4 foot tall, blond hair and wearing rags, it is Naruto. Naruto has his month on the dead ROOT ANBU's neck, blood pours out from the neck of the dead ANBU. The ROOT ANBU starts to shiver at the sight of Naruto sucking the Dead ROOT ANBU's blood, Naruto stops to see the shacking light, he drops the dead ROOT ANBU and lifts his blood stained mouth into a fanged grin.

"Nice night for a drink isn't it" said Naruto before the light vanishes.

"AAAAAAGGHHHHH!" the scream echoes in the darkness as the ROOT ANBU is no more.

Naruto exit's the shadows, wiping off the blood from his hand and licks it, then 2 figures slowly walks from the shadows, it's the ROOT ANBU but something is different about them. Their bodies are all shrivelled up like a raisin due to the lack of blood in their bodies, their eyes are glowing purple. Grunts and moans escapes from the ROOT ANBU's dry voices. The ROOT ANBUs are now ghouls, reanimated corpses under the command of Naruto. The 2 ghouls follow Naruto as he walks to the now dark corridors of ROOT ANBU. The lights are cut and darkness covers the base.

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi is doing his Hokage duties, he is finding it hard to concentrate due to the fact he lost his "Grandson" that Danzo quoted that died from a mob attack. Sarutobi doesn't believe Danzo because he was a ninja veteran and retired or not, Ninjas are masters of deception. He sent his loyal of all ANBU, Kakashi Hatake or in his codename Inu to investigate and locate the ROOT base. Sarutobi disbanded ROOT for Naruto's safety but he know Danzo will keep it active. He is going to have Danzo executed but first he needs proof. In a puff of smoke a silver haired ANBU with a dog mask bows to Sarutobi.

"Report Inu" said Sarutobi as he smokes his pipe.

Inu nods and reports to Sarutobi

"I located the ROOT base, however they managed to have it on lock-down and the power is turned off, we were unable to infiltrate it and save Naruto" said Inu

"I see... anything else?" said Sarutobi

"Surprisingly we heard inside allot of screaming, like they are being attacked by a monster" said Inu, then he gasped in shock and fear "Could it be possible that the Kyuubi has been free?"

"Let's pray to Kami that the demon is not free" said Sarutobi as he removes his robes than reveals his battle armour "Gather many off-duty ANBU and Jonin as possible Inu, we are in a rescue mission"

"Hai, Lord Hokage" said Inu as he vanishes in thin air, Sarutobi sighs as he looks at the carved up mountain that reveals the 4 faces of the Hokage.

"Oh Minato, if you were still alive you would see how corrupted this village as become, especially at how they treated your son" said Sarutobi before he leaves.


The base is in lockdown and the doors are sealed shut, it took hours for the ANBU to blow up the doors. As the doors are opened, the light outside enters the base. Sarutobi and the Jonin and ANBU gasps at the carnage in the base, but no blood stains the walls and floors, only beheaded ROOT ANBUs and Scientists litters the floors.

"What kind of monster could do this?" said a Jonin named Inoichi Yamanaka

"I don't know, from all the carnage I have seen I've never seen anything like this, not a single drop of blood was seen and the corpses are all shrivelled up" said Sarutobi

"It's like the blood has been drained from their bodies" said Inu

Sarutobi nods as he walks in into the dark base.

"Inu, you take your ANBU squad and try and turn on the power, if possible find some survivors, we need to know who or what did this" said Sarutobi

"Hai" said Inu as he and his squad enters the darkness.

"The rest follows me, we need to find and rescue Naruto" said Sarutobi

"HAI" said the Jonin as they follow Sarutobi.

ROOT power room

Inu and his enters the power room, he sees the power box completely totalled.

"When, there goes the power, someone or something must've destroyed the power box to kill its prey in the darkness" said Inu. "Taka, go and try to fix the power box"

"Hai" said the hawk masked ANBU as he goes to repair the power box

"Saru, Neko, go and find some survivors" said Inu

"Hai" said the monkey and cat masked ANBU as they leave the power room.

Hebi, Tora, come with me" said Inu as he also leaves the power room.

The Snake and Tiger masked ANBU leaves the power room also as they follow Inu. Inu took out his tanto as he has a feeling that he is being watched.

"Swords out and get ready" said Inu

"What's wrong?" said Hebi

"It's too quiet, and I don't like the look of this darkness" said Inu "It's too evil"

Then suddenly a humming sound echoes the corridor and the lights starts to flicker, as the lights starts to come on, the corridors is empty, completely.

"What's the problem? The room's empty" said Tora

"Exactly" said Inu "The base was in lockdown, trapping hundreds of ROOT ANBU and scientists, including Danzo, the powers been cut and the power room is been totalled. Something is not right"

"Captain I fixed the-AGHHH!" screams Taka as he's been dragged in the power room, Inu rushes to see a corpse of a ROOT ANBU biting Taka's neck "HELP ME PLEASE!"

Inu rushes in and beheads the corpse, the body the slumps to the ground like a puppet without strings. Taka is holding his bite wound. Inu sighs as prepares to kill Taka.

"Forgive me" said Inu

"WAIT NO!" shouts Taka before Inu behead Taka.

"Captain Inu, what is the meaning of this?" said Tora

"Taka is been infected, the corpse has been reanimated, catching us off guard" said Inu "If they bite or scratch you, I won't hesitate to kill you, it's the only way"

After that, Inu leaves the power room and walks to find Naruto and if possible, some survivors.

ROOT Laboratory

Sarutobi enters the Lab; it is littered with dead corpses.

"Burn them" said Sarutobi as he keeps searching.

The Jonin performs fire jutsus on the corpses; they extinguish the room if caught fire. Sarutobi goes around and looks at the lab notes that tell about Naruto, harsh and inhumane experiments were done here, he then notices DVDs on the desk he takes out one and puts it in the player.

"October 10th 20XX, it's been 10 years now since the Yondaime died and sealed the Kyuubi in the lab subject: Naruto Uzumaki. We will now try to inject these chemicals to see the reaction and if our guinea pig survives" said the ROOT Scientist as he injects the chemical into Naruto.


Sarutobi turns off the player and throws the screen to the ground in anger, Danzo was a heartless bastard, how could he experiment on an innocent child, even he cries out Sarutobi's given name by Naruto. Sarutobi wipes off the tear from his old eyes and looks to see the Jonin burning the corpse.

Danzo's Office

Inu and his Squad arrives at Danzo's office, Inu signals his squad to search for Danzo while he goes through the document in the file cabinet.

"Danzo has been secretly stealing from the treasury so he can keep his base online" said Inu until he gasps "So Itomé was innocent, it was Danzo and his ROOT cronies that massacred the Uchiha clan"

"Captain, we found him" said Tora as he restrains the traumatized Danzo.

In Danzo's undamaged eyes shows fear, from 60 years experience as a ninja he saw true terror before him. Inu grabs Danzo by the collar and glares at the Old war-hark.

"Who did this and WHERE'S Naruto?" said Inu

"T-The demon d-did this, he slaughtered them and turned most of my men into ghouls" said Danzo in fear "H-He's after me, he should've killed me but he couldn't find me, he's still looking for me, please don't let him find me"

Inu ignored Danzo's pathetic pleas as he puts chakra disrupter cuffs on his hand.

"Danzo you are under arrest for treason, unauthorised use of ROOT base and kidnapping a child for inhumane experiments" said Inu as he drags Danzo out his office.

"NO PLEASE, HE'LL KILL ME!" shouts Danzo until Naruto appears from the shadows and lunges onto his neck "AGGGHHHHH!"

Naruto bit hard onto his neck, while tearing him limb from limb, Inu drags his squad back then he takes off his mask and headband that covers his left eye. Naruto finishes draining Danzo's blood he looks at Inu in hunger.

"That's enough Naruto, you suffering ends now" said Inu as the tomoes from his Sharingan eye spins.

Naruto looks at the red eye and starts to get woozy, his red eyes turns back to blue and his fangs vanish.

"I-Inu-onii-san" said Naruto before he drops to the floor asleep.

Inu covers his sharingan as he starts to feel weak from using it; he then takes out a communicator and contacts Sarutobi.

"Lord Hokage, I found Naruto" said Inu

"Well done Inu, and any sign of Danzo?" said Sarutobi

"I'm afraid Naruto killed him, it appears the 5 years of torture and experimentation made him gone insane" said Inu "And I think Naruto is the cause of this carnage" said Inu

"Did you sense the Kyuubi's chakra flowing in Naruto?" said Sarutobi

"No, the Kyuubi didn't cause him to do this, it was…something darker" said Inu

"I see, place explosives around the base" said Sarutobi "This base must be buried"

"Lord Hokage, I found something very interesting, it appears that Itomé did not massacre the Uchiha clan, Danzo killed them so he and claim the Sharingan" said Inu

"Well that is interesting, with this evidence, Itomé will be pardoned and returned to Konoha, also tell Sasuke about the true murderer. Sarutobi over and out"

Inu puts away the communicator and looks at his squad.

"Plant explosives around the base, it you see any ghouls, burn them" said Inu as he carries Naruto

"HAI!" said the ANBU squad as they vanishe to plant explosives around the base.

Inu then rushes out to the exit carrying Naruto in his arms.

Oh Naruto, what did they do to you? thought Inu

ROOT ANBU base gates

Inu arrives with Naruto; Sarutobi checks on Naruto's condition, he sees blood in his mouth.

"What happened?" said Sarutobi

"Naruto killed Danzo, he sank his teeth in his neck and torn him to shreds" said Inu

"The bastard deserves it, experimenting on a poor child like that" said a Jonin named Anko

Naruto wrinkled his nose and slowly opened his eyes; he sees Sarutobi and the Jonin that sees Naruto as a hero. Inochi Yamanaka, Tsume Inuzuka, Asuma Sarutobi, Shikaku Nara and Anko Mitarashi.

"Oji-san, you came" said Naruto

"That's right" said Sarutobi smiling "And don't worry, Danzo is dead"

Naruto widen his eyes at the news.

"Dead, who killed him?" said Naruto

He doesn't remember, the insane bloodlust must've made him unaware of his actions thought Inu poor kid, but it's a good thing that he doesn't remember or he'll get more traumatized

"Are the explosives in place?" said Sarutobi

The ANBU arrives, only leaving Saru, Neko and Tora.

"Where's Hebi?" said Inu

"A ghoul got him, we have to kill him and cut through an army of them" said Tora

Inu nods at this.

"I see, are the explosives in place?" said Inu

"Hai" said the 3 ANBU

"Good, now to blow up this terrible place" said Sarutobi as he, the Jonin and ANBU leaves the base. Inu performs a hand sign and the base explodes and buries underground.

Sarutobi held Naruto in his arms; his "Grandson" is saved but heavily traumatized.

"Come Naruto, let's go to the hospital to check you up" said Sarutobi as he leaves.

In the shadows, the stranger from Naruto's mind and Kyuubi appears as they watch the Konoha ninjas leave.

"It seems that Naruto, has put up a great performance" said the man

"Indeed, shame he doesn't remember the carnage" said Kyuubi

Kyuubi no longer has her fox ears and tails; she is wearing a sexy police uniform with tight shorts that fit her smooth legs.

"Oh he'll remember, he only awoken half of his heritage" said the man "Soon he will know that he's the descendant of Alucard and the new Prince of Darkness, MUH HA HA HA HA HA

End of Chapter 1