Naruto: Prince of Darkness

Summary: Naruto is a descendent of Alucard, on his 10th birthday he awakens his ancestor's powers.

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Naruto fires his 2 pistols at the Paladin; the bullets hit Anderson but doesn't grunt or scream in pain as the bullets puncture him.

"May the Lord smile upon you and thou be fogiven for thine sins" said Anderson as the bullets pop out from his body and the holes shrink into nothing. "Amen"

Anderson then dashes towards Naruto and pierced in on the shoulder; Naruto managed to dodge the blade from reachin his heart, knowing that he'll die instantly if his heart was destroyed. Naruto got the advantage that Anderson was close to him so he points his Gabrielat Anderson's head and shoots point blank range.


Naruto shot Anderson on the head and his brains stains the trees; the paladin collapses in a bloody thud, twitching as the nerves slowly turn off.

"That's taken cared of" said Naruto as he then turns his back on the brainless body of Anderson and walks away.

"Do not lose your guard, Naruto"

"Huh?" said Naruto until a blade pierced his back. "What!"

"NARUTO!" shouts both Seras and Kyuubi as they try to help him until something prevents them. Seras looks to see pages of the holy bible pinned on around Naruto and Anderson.

"A barrier" said Sera as she remembers her first time seeing a barrier.

"I see you noticed, Draculina" said Anderson as his head slowly regenerates. "I can't have you and that demon whore interrupting"

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?" growls Kyuubi

"I know all about you" said Anderson at Kyuubi "The Demon fox that causes chaos; a devil's whore from the deep pits from hell. You're the other reason why I'm here; to prevent Armageddon by a group of heretics planning to become gods"

"What group?" said Sera

"Why tell you when you're going back to hell anyway" said Anderson as he pulls out. "There is no escaping from death; ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We're nothing but dust and dust what we shall return...Amen"

After that he beheads Naruto with a mighty swing of his blade and kicks the decapitated head into a tree, making a bloody mess.

"NARUTO!" screams Kyuubi as she tries to break through the barrier but was stopped by Seras. "LET ME GO; LET ME KILL THAT BASTARD!"

"Don't" said Seras "It's futile"

"Very wise of you" said Anderson as he snap his fingers and the barrier fades away as the pages of the bible flew back in his book. "Don't relay the enevitable and accept ye fate."


Sera fired her cannons at Anderson; literally blew him in half until he regenerates again.

"Give it up, lass" said Anderson "The good lord made me like this so I can dispose filth like you"

Anderson then hacks Seras in half but the Vampire returns back to her form and punch him in the face, causing him to crash into the trees.

"And my master made me reborn as a vampire to dispose filth like YOU!" said Seras as she then looks slightly at Naruto's beheaded body Hurryupandregenerate,Iknowcansurvivefromanattacklikedecapitation

Meanwhile, with Sarutobi, Kakashi and Itomé

"Hurry, knowing Naruto he'd probably started just now when he found that Anderson is here" said Sarutobi

"Hai" said both Kakashi and Itomé BesafeNaruto

Back with Sera, Kyuubi and Anderson


Anderson dodges the explosive shells from Sera's HarkonnenII and Kyuubi's demonic guns; turning the area of the forest into splinters and rubble. Anderson starts throwing his blessed blades at the 2 female vampire; some of Kyuubi's bullets hit Anderson and exploded within him. But Anderson regenerates again and charges at Kyuubi; he pierced her with a blessed Bayonet.

"ARGH!" screams Kyuubi in pain as the holy aura from the blade burns her, Anderson then embeds more blades into Kyuubi but on her chest sliced off her arms. "GAH!"

She screams loudly in pain as she drops to her knees, gritting her teeth so hard that she tasted blood in her mouth. She then growls as she then transformed into her half-fox form, her 9 tails lashes at Anderson but the Paladin pinned them to the ground with his blades, causing Kyuubi to scream again as she then collapses on the ground unconscious.

"Your screams sound lovely" said Anderson "You'll continue screaming in hell once I dealt with you; begone foul beast, to the deepest pits of hell and pray to God that you are forgiven for thine sins, Amen"

And as Anderson was about to make the final blow at Kyuubi, Sera interveaned and punched him in the gut, causing him to fly into the trees again. She turn to the immobile body of Naruto and still nothing.

Come on, Naruto thought Sera until she felt something go through her chest; she looks to and saw a blessed bayonet embedded on her chest. She looks down and saw Anderson close to her with another bayonet in his other hand, getting ready to behead.

"Amen" said Anderson as he then swing his blade to behead Seras until the blade itself shatters into shards. "WHAT?"

"That's enough"

Sarutobi, Kakashi and Itomé made it at the area; they look around to see the carnage, Kyuubi unconscious with blades inside her, and a decapitated form of Naruto.

We're too late thought Sarutobi before he turns to Anderson "Father Alexander Anderson of Vatican's secret divsion section XIII Iscariot; you do know that this place has nothing to do with you. We don't worship your god here and our actions here don't concern you"

"Ah shut it, you old fool," said Anderson "I have my own reasons of being here"

"And what is that?" said Sarutobi

"The Pope is really concerned about a certain organisation collecting unholy beasts like this whore fox here" said Anderson as he points at the unconscious form of Kyuubi "Not to mention that the spawn of the Nosferactu Alucard remains alive; 15 years ago I slain the Red Death and now I came to finish the job. In the name of God, I am his instrument of justice; we are called here to avenge him and cleanse his holy kingdom from heathens and monsters"

"Cut the crap, Anderson" said Kakashi as he aims his guns at the Paladin "We are giving you one last chance to leave the Shinobi nations at once"

"Is that an order, Hatake?" said Anderson as he then glares at the Scarecrow-like shinobi "You think me, God's only instrument of justice would just leave here by your orders? YOU THINK I WOULD OBEY TO A BLOODY HERETIC?"

Then Anderson charges to all his might, his blades ready for the kill.

Naruto's mindscape

Naruto is in the darkness; it feels comforting to him, like being in a soothing warm bath.


A voice calls him, it wasn't Alucard like before; this voice is a woman's voice, filled with kindness and comfort. Naruto can't see who that voice was but he can feel her hand caress his cheek.

"W-Who are you?" said Naruto until he felt a finger touch his lips, silencing him.

"Rest now, my son" said the woman's voice as she kisses him on the forehead "Rest and I'll take care of you"

"M-Mommy?" said Naruto tirelessly before he drifts to sleep in the darkness.




Kakashi and Itomé are fending off the raging paladin, due to their shinobi skills they are doing fine against Anderson's attacks. But what irritates them is that everytime Kakashi's guns and Itomé's blades go through him, Anderson doesn't drop dead.

"GUH!" grunts Kakashi as Anderson then pierced him on the sides and kicks him on the floor.

"GAH!" screams Itomé as her Sharingan failed to predict Anderson's movement and got a blade through her heart and collapsed on the ground.

Then Anderson charges at Sarutobi, who were now bounded by vines; he swung his blade and beheads him. However the body turns to mud and melts away.

"So the rumours are true" said Sarutobi as he appears behind Anderson "You are a monster of God; a beast born from the Nails of Helena."

"And how would a heretic know that?" said Anderson

"I may not worship you God, Anderson but I do read the bible as I am a man of culture" said Sarutobi as he pulls out his Bo staff. "Knowledge is power and with that power, I can use for my advantage. I know you once confronted Alucard and Seras 500 years ago, but you're facing someone far greater than them"

"Don't make me laugh, old man" said Anderson "I dealt with the Vampire Bitches and that hellspawn"

"You're sure?" said Sarubobi as he felt KI in the air

"What?" said Anderson as he felt it too

The beheaded body of Naruto stands up, completely shourded in darkness; then his physique changed from male to female, including the age. Then the blood and brain matter from Naruto's splattered head crawl towards the body and towards the neck, slowly rebuilding the head. But instead of Naruto, it was a woman with long red hair, red eyes and a face that rivals all women. She grins a sadistic grin that shows her elongated fangs thirst for blood.

"You" said Anderson in shock "But I send you to hell"

Even Sarutobi was shocked until he noticed something.

Of course, Naruto is Kushina's son; that means her blood flows in his body thought Sarutobi Part of her soul still resides within him, making her his familiar to Naruto.

"Hello Anderson" said Kushina "It's been a while"

"How are you alive?" said Anderson in anger

"I'm not; you killed me alright" said Kushina as she then pulls out a forgiven sword, a Turkish Kilij* eternally stained in blood."Part of my soul resides within my son; I knew you'd show up eventually to finish the job. And as a mother, I can't have that"

"Be silent, wench" said Anderson as he then charges at Kushina and passes through, severing her arms but finds it futile. "What the..."

"I am not like what I was the last time we fought" said Kushina as strange shadows spur out from her shoulders and form up arms to replace her old ones. "The pregnancy weakened me, you took advantage of that and killed me; but not today, I'm ten times strong than before."

Kushina then charges at Anderson, severing his left arm and shattering his bayonets. He grew another one and jumps back and pulls out his bible.

"Looks like I have no choice" said Anderson as his bible hovers and opens on its own, the pages scatter and surrounds him like leaves caught in the wind. "I'll leave this place as I'm now under prepared; but next time we meet; I'll butcher your son and sent you straight to hell permanently, Kushina"

After that, Alexander Anderson vanishes along with the bible pages; Kushina chuckles and turns to see a few shocked expressions from Kakashi, Itomé, Seras and Sarutobi.

"Hello, Oji-san" said Kushina "Nice to see you again"

"Is that really you?" said Sarutobi

"In part" said Kushina "Before I died, I used some of my soul within Naruto-kun to protect him from Anderson until he reaches full potential as a True Prince of Darkness; he is a hundred years too early to take on the Paladin"

"Even in death, you're always there to protect him" said Sarutobi smiling at Kushina

"I must thank you for saving my baby from Danzo" said Kushina "Since Naruto-kun killed him and drank his blood; his soul is trapped with in him forever"

"Making him his familiar" said Sarutobi "The bastard deserves it"

"I'm glad we agree" said Kushina as she slowly changes "I'm sorry this hello has to be short, but Naruto is fully healed now and regaining consciousness"

"Until next time Kushina"; said Sarutobi until he almost forgot, "And what of Minato?"

Kushina sighs sadly until her form disappears and Naruto returns to his form; he reviewed one of her memories of how she met his father.

Kushina's memories: Namikaze Compound dungeons

Teenage Minato arrives at the dungeons of his Compound; his father died and told him something he'll never forget.

Minato; when the time is right, when you're surrounded by enemies with great force. Go to the deepest dungeons of the compound; there lies the Namikaze Legacy, our ancestor's legacy, the pride of what we were once called Hellsing. May it guide you and protect you, my son.

After the death of his father, Minato's Uncle took advantage of the situation and went to assassinate Minato so he could claim the Namikaze title. Minato enters the last room and sees a shrivelled up corpse; probably 100 years old.

"How can this corpse guide me and protect me?" said Minato with no hope on his voice "Was we senile?"

"There you are"

A Kunai flew towards a 15 year old Minato, it slashed through his shoulder.

"ARGH" screams Minato as blood was splattered on the shrivelled up corpse with long red hair. Minato turns and glares at his treacherous uncle. "Uncle; are you so desperate to claim the Title that you'd go so low of killing me for it?"

"Quite the observation, Minato" said Minato's uncle as he pulls out another Kunai and places it near Minato's neck. He grins evilly as Minato closes his eyes to accept death.

Then suddenly; a noise of slurping echoes in the dark room; the Uncle and Minato turns to see the corpse, now vitalized in the form of a beautiful girl the same age Minato is. She is licking Minato's spilled blood on the floor and moans with satisfaction.

"Mmm, pure virgin blood" said the woman as she looks up when a sadistic grin on her face. "The same delicacy of those from the Hellsing family"

"W-Who are you?" said the Uncle in fear until without warning; his heart was pierced by the woman's hand. He struggles to breathe as the blood starts to flood his lungs and his heart is getting crushed.

"Begone, worm" said the woman "You have no right to claim me; better learn your place in Hell"

The Uncle collapses in the floor, his blood partly floods the floor; Minato is on the floor with a Kunai in his hand, pointing it at the woman.

"Who are you?" said Minato as he saw her walk towards him; she lets the Kunai pierce through her and crouches so she looks at him.

"You may call me...Kushina" said the woman known as Kushina


Naruto woke up instantly to see all white; he is now in a hospital ward and on a bed. He turns to see Kakashi, Seras and Itomé sitting on their chairs.

"I see you're awake, Naruto"

Naruto turns to see Sarutobi entering the room, with a 3 foot long parcel in his hands.

"What happened?" said Naruto "Last thing I remembered is fighting Anderson and then..."

"Anderson retreated" said Sarutobi "He saw a ghost that once thought was eliminated"

"I see" said Naruto until he remembered what he saw in his mother's memories. "Oji-san; do you know anything about the Hellsing family"

"Hai I do" said Sarutobi "It was branded as an S-class Secret by your Grandfather on your father's side. The Hellsing Family was the Namikaze's former family name, goes back in the 19th century when Abraham Van Hellsing slain the dreaded Count Dracula, but when Van Hellsing failed to slay him, he tamed him to slay other Vampires for him as he knows that Humans are easy to corrupt and die. The name was changed when a Woman named Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing fled from a country called England when the Millennium war ended"

"Why did she leave?" said Naruto

"Iscariot betrayed her and invaded her home" said Sarutobi "She was exiled, along with Seras Victoria and your Ancestor. I managed to go through the history archives of the Namikaze library when I tried to find this"

Sarutobi places the parcel on Naruto's lap; Naruto opens the parcel to reveal Turkish Kilij.

"It was your mother's" said Sarutobi "A keepsake, you might say; once used by Alucard when before he became a vampire and formally known as "The Impaler"

"Impressive" said Naruto as he picks up the sword to get a better look; its blade is sharp and curved and makes a Katana look like a kitchen knife. "I bet I might hack Anderson to pieces with this"

"Don't get cocky" said Sarutobi "You're 100 years too early to face him"

"What was that?" said Naruto as he wasn't listening

"Nothing" said Sarutobi as he pulls out his pipe and lights it "Now if you excuse me, I have some *shudder* paperwork to do"

"Okay" said Naruto before he spoke again "Have you tried using Shadow Clones; they work better and gets the job done faster"

Sarutobi lowered his head in shame and muttered "Why didn't I think of that 40 years ago?"

Naruto sweatdrops as he watches the Hokage leave the room, then he looks at his mother's sword and admires it.

"It's beautiful" said Naruto Don't you agree, Kyuu-chan?

"Hai, master" said Kyuubi as she is resting within Naruto subconscious "A true blade for the Prince of Darkness

End of Chapter 5

*A Kilij is a type of Sabre used by Turks during the 15th Century; Vlad Tepes the Impaler used this weapon against the Turks during his dark reign.