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The next dare for the day was this: Describe awkward. The answer to that was simple to Bonnie. Elementary, she thought.

BonniexDamon + Elena = Awkward.

Apparently, her best friend was going to have a melt down.

It wasn't really Bonnie's goal to intimidate Elena (well, Dark Bonnie was a different story), but the feeling of finally showing that she and Damon were an item gave her a sense of euphoria and she felt powerful. The Power surged in her like a wave, nearly suffocating her. Perhaps she was also partaking in Damon's feelings as well.

This made her love him even more, more so than she could possibly could: telling Elena about them managed to set him free… It was freedom from the life he led –no, not the evilness because he enjoyed it immensely (much to Bonnie's disappointment), but most definitely, the misery part. The little act of coming clean this day gave Damon the closure he needed and he was genuinely, honestly free from Katherine and everything else –even the littlest bits of Elena.

What more if Stefan was here? Bonnie could sense his subtle presence upstairs in his room. She could just imagine Damon going bonkers because of his new sense of accomplishment and this possibility made her feel fearless -the point of not caring ever she set her phone on fire.

On the other hand, maybe Stefan needs to be here soon. Elena seemed kinda green...

For the past few weeks, Elena did not take the gnawing suspicion of Bonnie and Damon being together seriously. The signs have been right under her nose, but she did not really give it much thought. No benefit of the doubt.

If there was a 'Most Loyal Best Friend Award', Caroline and Elena knew that Bonnie was the one who always deserved it. Of course, Bonnie can go MIA sometimes, but when Bonnie promises either of them something, she's hell-bent on keeping that promise no matter what.

It was probably Elena's fault for not paying attention to Bonnie's recurring absences these past few weeks –Bonnie had to be dealing with Grams' death still (right?) because Elena knew it took her months and months to recover. If the reason got dull to Elena's own ears, she would then put the blame on Bonnie's determination to master her witchcraft. Other than that, Elena knew Bonnie understood that she had her own life to live –especially now that she was enjoying the peace and love she had with Stefan. Just as she knew that Bonnie wasn't always there to listen to her stories about the new things she keeps on learning from her boyfriend (seriously, he can go at it for hours), she knew that Bonnie understood that she, too, wasn't always going to be there for her. Besides, to all the dates Elena proposed, she was pretty sure that Bonnie only managed two out of ten invites anyway –but then again, she was trying to be the understanding friend for once.

But the last straw was when Bonnie cancelled the long-awaited girls' night that the witch had prepared herself. Caroline was even the one who suggested that their best friend had 'a secret boyfriend' (apparently, even Care noticed Bonnie's successive no-show), but Elena considered the blonde's comment as a result of being denied the much-needed sleepover at Bonnie's house.

Now Damon was the tricky part. He wasn't always lurking, like everyone thinks he is. It's just that when he's present, anyone could always detect his bursting charisma –unless, of course, he decided he needed time away from the public eye. Honestly, who could ever dismiss such a face (and that cocky attitude)? And Elena knew his face all too well. She didn't know if she missed him –that would imply something else, BUT, his absences were in synch with Bonnie's 'Can't make it' or 'I'm busy, sorry' texts. There have been countless instances where Elena knew that Damon should have been around (especially when she was alone and Stefan was eavesdropping), but he wasn't –and coincidentally, Bonnie would be out of reach, too. The big black crow that sometimes caught her eye was nowhere in her radius for as long as she can remember.

Elena knew she only needed to connect the dots, but didn't bother because she really didn't think it was possible. But how could she not? She was not blind: Bonnie's green orbs seemed much more enticing as of late. Seeing the same fire in Damon's eyes should have confirmed her inkling, but she always drowned it out, thinking that no, Damon was not into Bonnie that way. If there was one thing she knew about Damon, it was that he was fixated on all things Katherine (which implied –not to brag, that Elena should be in the scene, one way or another). And Bonnie... Does she have to remember all the times Bonnie voiced out the need to burn Damon alive?

Now Elena looked at the pair again, really looking at them, left and right, and it was then that she realized that she had been holding her breath all this time. Honestly, she wanted to throw up because of the overwhelming thoughts that just consumed her. Thankfully, though, fate had so gracefully saved her from looking like an idiot or worst: a sore loser.

They were happy –there was that. And truthfully, she couldn't really say anything more. Need she notice every little detail? Hell, they were literally joined at the hip. It was as if telling her gave them the right to act like they were lovers. Clearly, this has been going on for some time now… Their lips were swollen and though not in plain sight, wedged between their bodies were entwined fingers. Aww, she cooed in her head. They held hands just like a normal couple.

Normal my ass, Elena thought. The glare in their eyes warned her that she should take them seriously. Damon's eyes sparkled quite clearly of mischief, but Bonnie… Elena couldn't help but feel a little petrified. Though she was not familiar with magic, Elena felt this huge force emanating from the petite witch, as if clawing to get out and making her want to hide under a rock. She wasn't sure if Bonnie was doing it on purpose, but it was almost like a fence was being officially hammered down between her and Damon, clearly stating: OFF LIMITS.

Elena got the message. This was so getting written down in her diary later when she gets home.

Stefan wondered how long exactly the trio had been standing there, eyeing each other. He let it play out, just the way Damon wanted it. He purposely went up to his room to shower, giving Damon the time he needed, and let Elena entertain the two. He wasn't sure what gave Damon the courage to actually do it, finally.

Honestly, Elena's crush on Damon wasn't a very comforting thing –but he wasn't the jealous type (he knew how this secretly disenchanted his girlfriend). However, if things were the other way around, say, Damon was the one who really crushed on Elena, now that would probably really drive him to do something to stake his claim. Fortunately, this was not the case, he thought happily. Apparently, somewhere in the past few months, Damon's affections have been diverted to the witch. He bet it was because of Damon's first sip of Bonnie's alluring blood back at Fell's Church. That's when Damon's secret obsession started. Stefan didn't say anything about it, because clearly, Damon wasn't even aware that he was digging his own grave…

It was nice, too, not having a repeat of Katherine with Elena. Because if they fell into that same routine, it would be just damn pitiful. But he didn't want to dwell on that thought. Stefan should celebrate and double his efforts on not brooding. Later, Stefan decided he just had to take Elena out on a restaurant to do exactly just that. He will not mention the reason for his rejoicing, but he would be extra sweet and playful tonight because she was finally his and his alone. Finally, Damon would no longer distract his lover.

Thank the heavens for Elena's dare –she made three people happy without her knowing it. Kind heart, he thought, and wanted to take her up to his room and shower her body with kisses.

When the girls started to giggle, Stefan made his way to them. He couldn't wait to see his brother sincerely happy for the first time in his life. Strange as it sounds, Damon's happiness made him happy, too.

"Looks like I win," Damon announced, tilting his head to his side where Bonnie stood. "So… Cash or check? On the other hand –I prefer Stefan's brooding head on a plate. Medium rare."

Bonnie rolled her eyes for effect, then gave Damon a nudge on the ribs with her elbow.

"Oompf." Recovering from the playful assault from his witch, Damon winked at Elena and nodded. Yes, she's the one, his eyes told her. "Ta-dah."

The supernatural pair watched as the human took a deep breath.

"Well, what can I say?" Elena asked, forcing a smile. Of course Bonnie made her happy. Bonnie made Damon happy too. "I'm impressed." She'll get used to this. Eventually.

"We both know he couldn't bring Stefan to you," Bonnie blurted out, unable to keep the thought to herself. Giving Elena a knowing smile, both girls started to giggle.

"Ha-ha, really funny." Damon made a face. Spotting his brother enter the living room, he smirked. "Speak of the vampire who reeks squirrel." Turning to Elena he flashed her his whites. "Cancel my order; I don't know how you put up with the smell." Ignoring Elena's angry retort, he gave Bonnie's behind an affectionate squeeze, making her yelp. "I'd rather have my sand-witch."

"I did not snack on a squirrel, Damon."

I'm a mindless, obsessive bloodthirsty vampire.

I'm a mindless, obsessive bloodthirsty vampire.

I'm a mindless, obsessive bloodthirsty vampire.

This is all they would ever think of him.

It actually made Damon smile. R.I.P., Salvatore.

Let them be, he thought. Elena, still unable to say anything beyond comprehension (all she did was giggle and mutter girly things to Bonnie -she's probably curious about the great sex that makes his witch glow), Stefan thinking that he was the one who orchestrated everything (yeah, right –like he was that smart), and Bamon wherever the little rascal is (honestly, he was starting to consider the dove like his very own offspring with Bonnie), and his beloved witch who thought that he didn't know he loved her.

And please, Damon mockingly thought. He knew she was falling for him every single day as much as she tried hard to hide it (he finds out every time he gives her le petite morte, he swears it's just the perfect timing for her to just lose control of that damned mind barrier).

Bonnie Bennett was falling for him and she was falling hard.

Damon liked things the way they were.

Yes. La vita e' bella. Life was good.

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Le petite morte – little death (for those innocent ones, it's an orgasm) ;D La vita e' bella – life is beautiful