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Part five

Merlin skimmed through the pages and loose sheets that were always scattered randomly through his magic book for something that would solve Arthur's problem. In all the commotion about his magic he had forgotten about Arthur's mysterious reappearing shirt. If he was honest he didn't have the first clue as to how to go about removing the curse on it, but he wasn't going to tell Arthur that.

His eyes landed on a page that explained a spell for removing unwanted things. He scanned the spell quickly. It was a simple enough spell and it didn't look like it would have any repercussions if it didn't work.

"Astyrung pys cemes."

Arthur watched in amazement as Merlin spoke the strange words. He felt the power pouring from the young warlock and had to restrain a gasp as he saw Merlin's eyes turn gold, displaying the magic running through his veins.

However almost as soon as it had started it was over. Arthur glanced down at himself and saw he was still wearing the shirt. He assessed himself slowly; he didn't feel any different however he wasn't sure what the spell was supposed to do. He moved to remove his shirt but paused, looking to Merlin for confirmation. Merlin nodded at him and Arthur pulled the top over his head and threw it behind him.

Unfortunately the moment he did he felt it reappear back on him. He sighed and turned to look at Merlin to see the frustration he was feeling reflected on the other boy's face.

"Well that didn't work." Merlin pointed out.

"Yes I can see that." Arthur said sarcastically.

Merlin rolled his eyes and turned back to the book. Further down the page he saw an alternative spell scribbled by a different hand at the bottom of the page. There wasn't anything else written around and Merlin decided it was worth a shot.

"Ábregdan serce."

Once again Merlin's eyes flashed gold and Arthur found himself transfixed by the sight that seemed to strange on his manservant but also like this was who he really was. However before he could begin to unravel this strange feeling, there was a bright flash of light and Arthur found himself thrown backwards onto the bed. He lay there, sprawled out on the bed for a moment trying to clear the spots in his vision caused by the flash. Eventually the world came back into view and he saw Merlin staring at him horrified.

"Are you alright?" He asked frantically.

"I'm fine." Arthur replied briskly, sitting up, "Don't ever do that again." He warned, pointing at him threateningly.

Merlin nodded in agreement, still worried that he had hurt Arthur. However the prince looked fine and he stripped his shirt off to see if Merlin's spell had worked. But, as had happened the last time, the shirt reappeared on Arthur. They both sighed and Merlin turned back to his trusty book, turning the page swiftly.

"This is going to take longer than I thought."


Hours later Merlin was sat slumped on the floor, slowly turning the few remaining pages in his book. They had been trying to counter the spell on Arthur's shirt all afternoon but nothing seemed to have worked. They had been interrupted halfway through by a frantic Gaius who hadn't known that Arthur was okay with Merlin's magic and had still been collecting the things Merlin would need to make the journey to Ealdor. It had taken them a while to calm the old man down and explain things but he had eventually agreed to keep the king occupied so that he didn't notice Arthur's absence.

Merlin had felt a slight twinge of guilt that Gaius had been worrying all that time, trying to help him stay alive, whilst he had known that he was no longer in danger. However the frustration of his task soon pushed any guilt out of his mind as he tried to help Arthur. But nothing he tried worked. They hadn't had anything as explosive as the second spell had been but a few had caused some chaos leaving his room even messier than normal. Most of the spells however had just done nothing and both of them were getting more and more frustrated. Furthermore the effort of using so many spells in such a short amount of time was taking its toll on Merlin and he could feel himself growing wearier and more irritable with every spell he cast.

Arthur was pacing around Merlin's tiny room, too agitated to sit still. He had thought it would be easy to fix this now he knew Merlin was a warlock. He had thought that Merlin would just have to speak a quick spell and he would be free. But it turned out it was much more complicated than that. As they didn't know what spell had been used to curse the shirt Merlin was trying to work bind and they weren't having much luck.

He turned to look at the young warlock who had stopped flicking through the book and was now massaging his forehead with his eyes closed, his head leaning on the wall behind him. He sighed in exasperation. Why wasn't Merlin still looking? It wasn't like he was the one suffering; he wasn't the one that would be trapped in the same shirt for the rest of his life.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

The words came out a little harsher than Arthur had intended and Merlin's eyes snapped open as he turned to look at the prince angrily.

"I'm trying to help you, you prat. I don't have an endless supply of magic and I now have a raging headache from all these damn spells so can you stop pacing and just be quiet!" Merlin snapped at him.

Arthur looked slightly guilty. He had never stopped to think that this would be taking its toll on Merlin but now he looked he could see the other boy was paler than normal and his cheeks were flushed with the effort.

"Sorry." He mumbled, moving to sit on the bed.

Merlin restrained himself from staring at Arthur incredulously. The prince hardly ever apologised but Merlin didn't want to stop him from staying quiet. He realised that he must look as bad as he felt if it was causing Arthur to apologise. He sighed and turned a couple more useless pages. He really wanted to throw the book across his room angrily and crawl into his bed and fall asleep. However he knew he couldn't do this. Not only because his bed was currently occupied by Arthur who was sat on it and trying to stop himself from shifting impatiently, but because he owed it to him to find the solution in repayment for all the lies he had told him.

However the need to sleep was growing stronger and he felt his eyes unfocus as he turned the page again. The words blurred into illegible scribbles in front of his eyes but he managed to pick out enough to make him sit up in excitement. He blinked frantically, clearing his vision, as he stared down at the page. The page was mainly blank but in the middle there was a spell for countering simple curses. Merlin didn't think the spell that had been put on Arthur's shirt was a complex one, despite his lack of success at removing it, so it might just work.

"What is it?" Arthur asked, picking up on Merlin's excitement.

"I think I've found it." Merlin replied, looking up at Arthur with a smile.

Arthur smiled back and Merlin turned back to the book and read the page carefully. It seemed simple enough but he had been fooled by that thought before. Once he was sure he knew how to pronounce it all properly he turned to look back at Arthur, practically bubbling with excitement. He didn't want to think about what would happen if this didn't work as there were only a few more pages after this one left of his book. He took a deep breath before trying the spell.

"Wipslean ceargealdot, áwendan áwiergedness."

This time Arthur felt the change in the room. As Merlin cast the spell something seemed to shift around them. Arthur's eyes widened at the alien feeling. He knew it was magic but he had never felt magic like this. Now he thought about it he had rarely even seen magic that wasn't being used to harm or manipulate him.

The feeling past swiftly and the two boys eyes connected as they both wondered the same thing; had it worked? Arthur swiftly pulled off his shirt for what felt like the hundredth time that day and threw it on the floor in front of him. Trepidation grew inside of him as he realised that if this didn't work it was unlikely that they were going to find the solution. His stomach clenched as he squeezed his eyes shut tight.

Arthur froze in shock and slowly opened his eyes, fearful of what he was going to see. However when he opened them he saw the shirt was still lying on the floor. It took a moment for this to sink in but when it finally did Arthur tore his gaze away from it to look at Merlin. The raven haired boy was looking back at him with a huge smile spread across his face. It was only then that the truth of what had happened fully hit him. It had worked; he was free.

A smile spread across his face, matching Merlin's, and Arthur closed his eyes in relief. Merlin sighed as relief flooded through him and leant his head on the wall behind him. He could feel the exhaustion from casting all those spells catching up with him and he felt his eyelids drooping as sleep washed over him.

But he was jolted out of his stupor as Arthur suddenly lurched out of his seat and swiftly exited the room. Merlin blinked rapidly, trying to clear his foggy head. He scrambled to his feet and made his way cautiously towards the doorway to the larger room. He found Arthur on the other side of the room bent over the fireplace. Merlin leant against the doorframe for support and watched Arthur curiously. He seemed to be prodding something in the fire viciously. He moved slightly and Merlin caught a glimpse of what was in the fire. It was the shirt.

"Don't you think that's a little unnecessary?" Merlin asked.

Arthur turned round surprised and spotted Merlin in the doorway.

"No." He replied stubbornly, "I never want to see that thing again."

Merlin rolled his eyes at Arthur's behaviour and turned back towards his room, intending to fall into his bed and sleep for as long as possible. However Arthur seemed to have other ideas.

"Where are you going?" Arthur demanded, "I need you to go fetch me another shirt, one that isn't cursed this time. And then there's that list of jobs for you to do."

"Arthur!" Merlin whined, "I'm tired! I just solved your shirt problem; surely I should get a break after that."

"But you also lied to me for two years so I think that cancels that out." Arthur pointed out.

Merlin sighed dramatically and pushed away from the door frame and crossed Gaius' room.

"Prat." He muttered fondly as he exited the room.

"Idiot!" Arthur called after him with a smile.


Elaine smiled as she gazed down into the image of the two boys in the pool of water. The blonde and the raven haired boys seemed to have returned back to their normal teasing relationship. She whispered a few words and her eyes flashed gold as the image in the scrying pool disappeared. It was clear that her plan had worked and she no longer needed to monitor the two boys.

She had been watching them for some time. Watching their relationship develop over the last few months. Seen the near death situations that they kept ending up in. How the brunette had saved the blonde with magic over and over again whilst still managing to hide it. She had known for a while that the time was coming for Emyrs to tell the Pendragon prince the truth but he was stubbornly refusing to. She had been scrying the future of Camelot and seen the danger that would face the pair. She could feel it coming closer every day and knew that they wouldn't be able to beat it unless the truth came out.

However every time she thought Emyrs was getting close to telling the prince something always seemed to happen and he would change his mind. She had known that the truth wasn't going to come out on its own; she was going to have to do something to help it along. It had taken her a while to come up with a plan. She couldn't risk anything dangerous in case it went wrong, she didn't want to harm them. It had been easy to slip into the castle disguised as one of the maids and hide her cursed shirt in with some of the prince's others. She'd thought she'd come up with a foolproof plan, though it hindsight it was completely flawed.

She'd watched Pendragon pace round and round his room, trying to find a solution on his own. She'd hoped that he would go straight to his trusted manservant for help but it seemed he had decided to try and fix it on his own. She'd been practically tearing her hair out with frustration when luckily Emyrs headed towards Pendragon's room of his own accord. She had held her breath in anticipation as they had tried to find a solution. It had taken a while but eventually Emyrs' conscious got the better of him and he had spilled his secret.

However Pendragon's reaction was not the one that Elaine was hoping for. His anger at Emyrs had made her question whether she had done the right thing. But she couldn't take it back now; all she could do now was watch and see how it would unfold. She had seen Emyrs start to flee Camelot and her heart had sunk at the chaos she had caused. Her only hope had been the figure of the prince she had seen heading toward Emyrs' chambers.

Relief had coursed through her as she had seen the pair start to talk about it. After what felt like an age to Elaine the pair finally worked it out and she had let out a huge sigh of relief that her plan had paid off. However guilt had started to gnaw away at her as the pair struggled to find away to remove the shirt. She had known that it could only be removed by magic, but she didn't realise it would be so tricky for them to find a counter curse. Emyrs was supposed to be the most powerful warlock ever; she had thought it would be simple for him. But it seemed he still had a lot to learn.

Finally Emyrs had found the counter-curse and the prince had managed to permanently remove the shirt. She had sighed in exasperation as Pendragon had burnt the shirt unnecessarily. She moved away from the stone basin and sat down on a rock in the cave she had been hiding out in. She had spent most of her life on the run from Uther's men for her gifts. This cave had been her sanctuary for the past year but it was feeling less like a prison now she knew that the future was safe, that a time was coming when she wouldn't have to hide who she really was and could live in peace.