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The story is about a normal girl from our time finding herself going through a gate that brings her among the people we know from Pandora Hearts. I chose her to be Dutch, since I'm afraid to make mistakes in her culture/behavior if I use another country than my own. She comes in when the story is taking place (I used the manga as guideline). She will have her own role in the storyline.

Oh, and I dont own the characters from Pandora Hearts, unfortunately...

Imagine you were there

"Aaah! It's so cold!"

Myranda laughed hard when her friend started screaming as soon as she touched the water, "it's not cold Flo, you're just a wimp!"

"Wháát," Flo raced out of the water to pull at Myranda's arm, "you are the one who's still standing on the edge of the lake. Only dipping you feet in isn't enough!"

Myranda screamed and laughed as she let Flo pull her into the water. Okay, it was cold.

Marieke en Alissa laughed and helped Flo pulling Myranda in.

"And now swim, "Marieke shuddered, "who's faster Myranda, you or me?"

"Me of course," Myranda laughed haughtily, "you'll never be able to keep up!"

After an hour, the four of them were lying in the sun, on the edge of the lake.

"I'm so tired," Alissa panted, "who would have thought summer vacation would be such hard work?"

"Hard work," Myranda snickered, "making it through the final exams was a tougher job."

"Says who," Marieke snorted, "you're marks were just too good to be true. How many cakes did you bake our teachers?"


"Myranda's cakes are the best," Flo turned around on her back and reached up with her hands, "they're heavenly. If you made me a cake, just for me, I would give you full marks."

"Our teachers aren't that corrupt," Myranda laughed, "but I should have given it a try. It's a wonderful idea."

"You made it anyway," Flo turned back to Myranda, "Not a single retake and nearly full marks on every single test. I'm so jealous! I have to do 2 retakes or they'll make me repeat last year of high school! And I really really want to travel for a year now."

"Who wouldn't," Alissa asked.

"I don't, I want to go to university right away."

"I agree with Myranda," Marieke nodded thoughtfully, "the earlier you start, the earlier you finish and start making money for a real trip around the world."

"Ah, I'm burning up," Myranda sat up, "the sun is just too hot!"

"You should sit in the sun more often, you're as white as a sheet," Alissa nodded at Myranda's legs.

"I can't help being a light-skinned blonde. I'm going to swim around the lake a few times, or I'll shrivel up completely."

"Too tired," the three girls complained, "we want to sunbathe a little longer."

"I'll go alone," Myranda jumped stepped down to the lake and threw up some water to the girls who screamed in response. Then she walked in completely and started a leisurely swim.

When she had swum half around she was getting tired. The lake was quite large. She decided to cross over the middle and swim back to her friend directly. She turned and looked over the bright surface of the lake as she swam to the opposite shore.

Suddenly she noticed a light in the depths of the dark water. Surprised she stopped. What could be down there, in the middle of a lake? She looked around. Well, why don't I take a look?

She dived down towards the light, swimming as fast as she could. She couldn't see that clear through the dark water, but the light was easy to follow.

When she thought she reached it, she suddenly found the light all around her. She looked around stunned, the water was clear as glass! It had been nearly impossible to look through just a moment ago!

She was going to need some air soon so she decided to go up anyway.

As soon as she broke the surface, she gasped for air. Looking down in the water she saw a dark spot. All around her was shining blue water. The edges of the lake looked the same though, and she could see her friends setting up the picnic table. Or at least, it looked like it.

As she swam towards her friends, she noticed something strange. It looked like two people joined them. And they had put on their bathrobes. Why would they put those on in the scorching sun?

Well, whatever. Maybe it was because of those two people. They could just be good-looking boys and the girls were rather shy when it came to that. She herself being the worst of the four, she had to admit.

When she came closer she lost sight of the group, because they were positioned right on top of a higher patch of ground. She reached the shore and climbed up quickly to see who their guests were.

"Hey Flo, who are those…" When she saw the five people she stood in shock.

So did they.

There were to grown men, one with black hair and one with silver, a blonde boy and two girls, a brunette and a red-haired one. They were all wearing beautiful - but very old-fashioned - clothes.

She was sharply aware of her – very little covering – pink bikini.

The mouth of the black-haired man fell open. The red-haired girl and the blonde boy blushed furiously. The brunette-girl huffed and the silver-haired man showed a grin.

"Well, what interesting company we got here at our leisurely picnic," the silver-haired bowed slightly, but Myranda wasn't sure if it was politeness or a way to be able to study her better.

"Uh, I-I must have gone the wrong way just now," Myranda stuttered, "I won't disturb you any longer." Was this a cosplaying party?

"Please don't leave just yet," the silver-haired walked around her quickly, "because you see~? There is no wrong way in the lake. There's just the lake, and we can see all sides from here. We didn't see you enter the water at all. Still, you're trespassing."


"Yes. And practically naked to make it worse."

Myranda wrapped her arms around her chest, "but we never saw a sign or a fence! But I'll go back immediately and l-leave with my friends." She tried to step away from the silver-haired, but he was circling around her like a vulture. "Stop looking at me!"

"Hmmm? Dressed like that, aren't you asking to be looked at?"

"Break!" The red-haired girl exclaimed shocked.

The silver-haired stood up straight and shot a look at the red-haired girl before returning his attention to Myranda. "How did you get in the lake anyway?"

"I just walked in to go for a swim. I thought it was around here somewhere, but I'm not sure because I was swimming under the surface a little."

"Swimming under the surface?" He started circling around her again.

"Y-yeah. I saw this strange light and I wanted to know what it was."

"Ooooh? Oh my! Oh oh oh, dear."

"What is it," Myranda snapped. This guy made her so nervous. He was good-looking, but constantly shading one eye with his hair. He was dressed in light colors, so was he an emo or a clown?

Suddenly she felt a weight on her shoulders. Her head shot up in fear when she realized the black-haired man had walked up behind her. Her eyes widened when she realized he had put his long black coat on her shivering wet – and naked – shoulders.

"Quit bugging her and let her leave if she wants," his voice grumbled low.

"It's just that I don't think she can go back to her friends." The silver-haired returned to his seat at the table and put a candy in his mouth. He scrunched it between his teeth. "I think she just came in through that gate that is currently disappearing under the surface of the lake."

Myranda swirled around to face the lake. She could see the dark spot from here. She could also see very clearly it was getting smaller very fast. She stepped forward with wide eyes and saw the dark spot disappearing completely.

"Oh my." The soft whisper of the red-haired girl was enough.

"What is going on," Myranda screamed at the silver-haired, "where am I? Who are you? How did I get here and how do I get back, damnit!"

Eyes widened again at her cursing.

They were quiet for a few moments before the blonde-haired boy finally turned to speak to the silver-haired. "Hey Break, was that gate just now from the Abyss?"

"Not the Abyss itself, I think. It was made by another dimension that is highly correlated with the Abyss though." The man snickered before popping another piece of candy in his mouth. "You'll find out soon enough though."

"What is that supposed to mean," there was a twitch around the eye of the black-haired man.

"Ah, you're being so rude~ Ignoring this Lady's questions!"

"You never seem to care to ignore ours," the blonde boy pouted.

The silver-haired ignored that last remark and bowed to Myranda again, "You are at the Rainsworth estate. This is the home of Miss Sharon Rainsworth," he pointed at the red-haired girl who nodded in acknowledgement, "and I'm a humble servant of this household, Xerxes Break. These are currently our guests, Mister Gilbert Nightray," pointing at the black-haired man still standing right behind her as if he were afraid she would run off with his coat, "Mister Oz Vessalius, "the blonde boy smiling at her gently, "and Miss Alice," the brunette girl still looking at her suspiciously, though Myranda couldn't really make out clearly whether it was distrust or something else. "You probably got here through a gate between different dimensions, but since you don't look confused like you've seen some impossible things between leaving your friends and coming here, I suppose you came here straight from your dimension without the usual stop in the Abyss. I wouldn't know how you can get back, since I don't know where you came from. Were those answers satisfying, Miss?"

"Uh, I guess so," she looked at them doubtfully," I guess I should introduce myself too. I'm Myranda van der Meer."

Break blinked, "Myranda vandrmihr? What a strange name?"

"It's Myranda van der Meer. It's a Dutch name."

"Dutch?" Break looked around to his companions to find support, but they looked even more clueless.

"Don't tell me this isn't the Netherlands," Myranda looked around, fear now seriously starting to build in her belly.

"I have never heard of anything like 'Netherlands', Miss Myranda, but like I said, you entered from another dimension. This is probably a completely different world from what you came from."

Myranda stood there, gaping at Break for a few seconds before her legs gave out. She just felt Gilbert catch her arms when she blacked out.

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