Final chapter, at last! I hope at least some of you enjoyed this story, but it was hard for me to write. And now please imagine you were there.

Normally the story is completely from Myra's pov, but to enhance the readability of this story, I put a little of my pov in it :P If you try to think about how this chapter would have looked like completely from Myra's pov, you'd understand XD

Imagine you were there

Her head hurt.

And so did her back and her arm.

Myra slowly opened her eyes, moaning when the bright light shone in her face.

"Miss Myra! You're awake!" She felt arms around her squeeze reassuringly. "Are you alright?"

She looked up dazed to see Gilbert's face right above her. Hihi, now he had a reason to hold her, hadn't he?

She looked in front of her and saw Oz, Flo and Marieke bend over them worried. Alissa just came running to them, followed by a man with a shining orange jacket. What did that orange mean again?

"I'm fiiinnnnnne…"

"Miss Myra!"

When she woke up again, she felt a sharp pain in her arm. When she looked down, she just saw how the man in orange cut through the threat he used to stitch the ugly wound right under her elbow moment ago.

"Ah, are you awake again?" He looked up at her friendly. "Don't worry, you just have a little concussion. You need to rest for a while. But I gave your friends instructions, so you don't have to remember now." He lightly tapped her cheek reassuringly.

The man stood up and talked to Gilbert. She couldn't hear it clearly somehow.

"Mistress…" Cheshire hugged her carefully.

"I'm fiiine Chesh're~ Just u luttle headayche~"

"Is it normal she talks like that when she has a conc-thingy." Oz bowed over her, examining her face.

"Well, sort of." The man laughed a little. "Don't worry, she'll be fine if you let her rest a few weeks. Make sure she doesn't strain herself though. And I advise you to take her home and put her in bed as fast as possible. Keep her well-hydrated. The wound on her arm is not as bad as it looks, just keep it clean and it will be healed soon."

"Yes, thank you." Gilbert kneeled next to her again. "You think you'll be able to go home?"

"I go wizz you~" She extended her arms to Gilbert, not noticing herself being held back by Cheshire's claw.

"Can Cheshire open a Gate back home by himself," Oz asked softly.

"Cheshire can," he nodded furiously, "but Cheshire isn't as accurate as Mistress."

"Then let's go back to that garden door and go home." Gilbert picked her up and held her close, pushing Cheshire away.

"Did you juzt puuuush Chesh're?" Myra laughed. "Is anything zze matt'r, you push Chesh're! You fore…gget he's caaaaat?"

Gilbert blushed and trembled lightly. "Just be still, Miss Myra. We'll bring you home and you'll go to sleep."

"Does this mean we'll never see her again?"

Myra turned her head and saw Flo, tears again in her eyes.

"Flo~" She extended her arms to her friend.

Flo carefully hugged her in Gilbert's arms.

"I'm sorry," Gilbert answered, "but I'm afraid this is indeed a permanent goodbye. Miss Myra will come with me, and I don't think I'll ever let her leave me again."

"Be good to her then," Alissa said sternly, "if I ever find out you've hurt her, I'll come to kick your ass, no matter how good-looking you are! Understood?"

Gilbert smiled, "I know. I'm glad Miss Myra has such good friends back here. Now come Oz, Cheshire, let's go home."

When she woke up again, she felt cold rain pouring down on her. Gilbert was muttering angry words while carrying her as fast as possible, Oz and Cheshire in his cat-form right behind him. She could see the Rainsworth mansion and one of the butlers hurrying out with an umbrella.

"Miss Myra is injured, we need to get her to bed," Gilbert panted as the butler reached them and held the umbrella above them.

"Do I need to get a doctor, my Lord?"

"No need, that's been taken care of already. They told me she just needs to rest a lot."

He carried her up the stairs to the mansion and headed straight for her bedroom. He put her into a chair heavily, sighing in relief for finally being able to put her down.

"Gillll~" she extended her arms to him again. She felt so cold. Such a headache!

"I'll get you in bed," he mumbled, "don't worry." He started fumbling at her dress.

"Mister Gilbert!" One of the older maids was standing in the door. "I will do that, thank you!"

Gilbert blushed deeply and turned around while the maid undressed Myra and put her nightgown on.

Myra tried to get up, but staggered.

Gilbert quickly caught her and carried her to the bed. "I'll stay with her," he informed the maid, "please get her something to eat for when she wakes up."

"Of course, sir." The maid bowed and left.

Myra nuzzled into the cushions and the warm blankets. She caught Gilberts hand and cuddled it to her face.

"Miss Myra…"

"Did I behave like a toddler yesterday?"

Myra rubbed her hurting head when Gilbert helped her sitting up.

"Well, actually… Yes. You did."


Gilbert smiled gently and put a plate with some light food on her lap. "Please eat Miss Myra. And don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

She gasped indignant when he winked.

He looked so tired. He hadn't been watching her all night, had he?

"Are you alright, Gilbert? You fought that chain."

"Just a light scratch on my arm. Nothing like that cut you got when you hit that tree." He raised her arm and lightly caressed the glowing white bandage on her arm. "Cheshire seems to be fine too. You were the only one to be hit so badly." He sighed deeply and looked her in the eyes. "That's why I don't want you to get in trouble, Miss Myra. I really hate it when you get hurt. We could have taken down that chain alone."

"I just wanted to be useful." She looked down ashamed.

"You were definitely useful, but for what price?" He snickered to lighten the mood. "Besides, I have won your 'extra time'. It's a shame I have to get that price next to a sickbed."

Myra laughed, but found her head stinging painfully at that action. Gilbert lightly brushed away some strands of hair to look her in the eyes.

"You can get more than just some extra time, Gilbert." She smiled softly. "Just take it slow please. You know I'm afraid of loving someone and being loved in return. Especially someone who can get killed at his job every day." She looked at him sourly.

"Yes, I will."

"Now get me Cheshire! And Oz! I don't have to look just at you for the entire day, do I?"

"What? I won you fairly! Besides, you're going to sleep for the entire day, not chatting with some guys who are busy falling in love with you again!"

"I refuse! Not before I see Oz and the others!"

She laughed happily when Gilbert stood up grumbling to make his way for the door and she grabbed her head for the pain. The cut in her arm stung at the sudden movement.

But she couldn't help laughing.

She was happy.

Imagine you were there. What would have happened?