Mina The Vampire Slayer

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or Dracula. This fanfiction is written for my own enjoyment only. I am not making any money from it. This story takes place during series 4. Oz has left and Willow is officially with Tara. Well obligatory disclaimer over and done with, now on with the story.

Chapter 1- Studying

Buffy walked into her dorm room and dumped the pile of books onto her bed. She really wasn't sure why she had taken the class. A little light reading Willow had said. Sure, light reading. Sure the book wasn't very long, about 300 pages, but it wasn't exactly going to be an enjoyable read. She had enough trouble watching martial arts films, how was she going to cope in reading Dracula! She had an assignment to write as well, which was definitely not going to be fun. How was she supposed to ignore all of her slayer instincts and all of the inaccuracies. Well she might as well start. She flopped onto the bed with her new copy of Dracula in her hands and started to read.

"3 May, Bistritz – Left Munich at 8:35pm..." Great, she thought, Diary extracts. This was going to be more difficult than she thought it would be. After reading only the first line Buffy put the book down and made her way over to the fridge. She reached in and retrieved a can of soda. As she pulled the tab she looked up at the clock. It was after 11. Guess Willow was staying at Tara's that night. Unfortunately she wouldn't get to see Riley tonight. He had discovered just how much work she had to do that night and had insisted she study tonight. Oh, well. If she wasn't going to have any fun anyway, she really should try and read the book. She didn't want to have to sacrifice another night to study.

Hours later the book lay on the floor where she had dropped it after finishing the last paragraph. Willow came in quietly trying not to wake her friend. She pulled the blanket up over Buffy as she slept and picked up the book. As she moved to put it onto the bedside table she glanced at the title and laughed. As she moved to turn the light out she wondered what the slayer was dreaming about.