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"Try a chocolate frog, will you Lily?"

Lily felt nauseous at the thought after seeing her new friend Alice devour one. It looked so alive, and Lily simply couldn't stomach the idea of eating an almost-alive-frog-toad-thing. She had only been in the wizarding world for a few days, but already Lily was mesmerized. Growing up in a muggle household had not prepared her for the sights of Diagon Alley or the Hogwarts Express. Everything was different here, and not in a bad way. Galleons and sickles were much more exciting than paper pounds, brooms seemed like so much more fun than station wagons, and potions sounded ten times better than chemistry. Still, certain things were too weird for Lily's taste...like chocolate frogs.

The red head giggled nervously and said "I think I'll just opt for some of Bernie Bott's Every Flavored Beans," not realizing that the box actually contained EVERY flavor, from licorice to dirt. It was just as Lily got her first taste of bogie flavored beans that James Potter walked by her compartment.

"We are going to rule the school, you and I!" said a cocky Sirius Black. He and James Potter had only just met, but had already discovered that they both had a taste for mischief, quidditch, and pretty girls. As James was about to reply, a glint of auburn caught his eye. He turned and saw the ginger wiping her tongue on her sleeve with a box of Every Flavored Beans next to her. She clearly had chosen the wrong flavor. Unable to help himself, James walked into the girl's compartment before he even realized what he was doing.

Once figuring out what he had just done, James' thoughts began to race. Although he always kept his composure on the outside, James was actually very nervous around the opposite sex. Before he could even open his mouth, the red haired girl said "I suppose you've come to see the show? There's nothing to see here." Her arms were crossed and her faint eyebrows angled, obviously attempting to come across as intimidating. The shake in her voice and her flaming cheeks gave away her embarrassment. Inside, Lily was debating whether or not to explain that she was muggle born in an attempt to save face. In the end, she decided that this dark haired boy could judge her however he wanted to.

Before he could poke fun at her, James saw the girl's green eyes silently begging for mercy. Taken aback, he simply stuck out his hand and introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm James Potter. Pleased to meet you."

Lily shook his hand, thoroughly confused. She had been sure he wanted to mock her.

"Lily Evans." She stated primly, mind working a million miles an hour trying to think of something to ask him. "Are you a first year then?" was the first thing out of her mouth, much to Lily's embarrassment.

James laughed under his breath at this, he hadn't expected for it to be so easy. He shook his shaggy black hair out of his eyes, knowing that he already had Lily under his spell. "Mm hmm" he murmured "I"m hoping for Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, what about yourself?" He couldn't help pointing out his bravery, even though it had simply lead to stupidity on more than on occasion.

Lily thought about this, and realized she didn't exactly know the difference between the houses. Not wanting to look stupid, she said the one whose name made her giggle. "Hufflepuff." She stated confidently.

When James smirked, Lily knew she had said the wrong house. The red head's heart fell, she had really wanted to make a good impression on everyone.

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