Inspired by a friend's journal entry on DeviantArt. I did the pairing version of the meme.

1. Select a pairing.

2. Put your music player on shuffle.

3. Write a drabble about your pairing inspired by the song. You only have the time limit of the song. Repeat ten times.

This is Koizumi x Kyon, if you couldn't tell. Songs are not mine, nor the characters.

Alice - Avril Lavigne

Such a deluded fantasy.

Somewhere, somehow, someway, the esper had convinced himself that he stood a chance.

How awfully foolish of him. It was so silly to even imagine that he could ever, ever, ever live out his fantasies. Not when God herself was against him.

All he could do was sit back and watch his hopes be crushed. When the girl's and the boy's hands interlocked, he couldn't help but think that should be my hand. That should be me.

His only place to live out his dreams was his personal Wonderland.

The White Rabbit was his only friend now.

Reality was too cruel.

Unwell - Matchbox Twenty

Kyon couldn't believe the position he was in.

Here he was, holding hands with Itsuki Koizumi, who he used to despise. Ah, "used too." The other's sweet, wooing words were already getting to him.

He glanced at the taller boy, who was looking down at his feet, cheeks stained with pink. Kyon didn't exactly blame him - the people on the train were staring at them curiously. It made him annoyed, actually, that Koizumi was the one who looked so embarrassed, when he was the one that insisted that they held hands.

And Kyon let him.

What was wrong with him?

Maybe he was crazy. Very, very unwell.

...Or maybe, the way he used to be was crazy. He didn't know anymore.

All he could do was grip that hand tighter and tighter, ignore the looks, and quietly wonder.

Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! (Jazz Soul) - Noriyuki Iwadare

No. No, no, no, no.

He didn't have feelings for... that other boy. That esper. The goddamn smiling esper who made him so fucking confused and helpless and needy and...

For the love of God, no! Not him, of all people. He loathed him.

And yet, Kyon still let Koizumi play with him, and touch and kiss and woo him...

Goddamn it, he was trailing off again.

You love him, admit it, his romantic side would argue.

Goddamn it, no I don't! He's another guy, his common sense would shoot back.

Objection, but you always end up thinking about him, don't you?

No, I don't! He's just annoying, that's it! I'm thinking of ways to get rid of him...

That's a lie.

And the romantic side would always win, in their little court case.

One Fine Day - Offspring

They had went out to breakfast, which consisted of some fruit and fluffy pancakes (and syrup, which the grinner had playfully licked off the frowner).

They had gone shopping, much to the dismay of the shorter one. But, they were out in public, and weren't caught.

That had gone out on a nighttime date, which was quite romantic (with the dancing and the fancy dinner by candlelight).

They had went to the esper's house, and, you could say, "played."

If you had to sum it up, that was one fine day.

Promise (Get Down!/Geddan!) - Kohimi Hirose
Spoilers for Snow Mountain Syndrome, which I actually haven't read, only heard of. The "Winter Land" part of the lyrics made me think of it.

"You're not him."

The clone looked up at him through clouded, brown eyes. His gentle hands played with the hem of Koizumi's gray sweats, and he licked his lips before responding.

"I want you." He dipped his face closer to the other boy's (who flushed a deep, deep red), and breathed heavily. "That's all there is to it."

Koizumi shook his head violently, but didn't try to throw the fake off. What was scary was, this felt nice. "No, the real Kyon would never... willingly..." He couldn't finish that sentence. The clone heaved a heavy sigh in annoyance. He felt the weight lift off of his body, and the fake boy glared at him as he stood near the doorway.

"You'll never get another chance like this again." And with that, the clone left, leaving the disheveled Koizumi all alone.

And horribly, horribly confused.

Sally's Song - Catherine O'Hara (Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack)

Something was wrong.

The darkness was tinted differently. The scent was off. The feeling he had - it wasn't right.

The blue giant rose its cerulean body up, and it was huge. It was abnormally enormous, and it rampaged even more violently than normal. It struck the red spheres with amazing accuracy and crushed the gray buildings with fearsome speeds.

His comrades fell all around him. And, finally, he realized:

She found out.

It was the end of the world, and he had caused it.

For I was not the one.

Tune the Rainbow - Maaya Sakamoto
What's ironic is that I found out about this song via an AMV for this pairing.

Koizumi grasped the fragile boy's hand and whispered quietly through a pained voice, "Run."

Kyon shook his head as teardrops rolled down his face. "No, I won't leave you behind..."

Koizumi put a finger to Kyon's lips and made a shushing sound. "I'll be fine," he promised, smiling. "I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I let you get hurt. Just run."

So Kyon did, as fast as his feet could carry him. Koizumi gazed after him, and mouthed silently:

I love you.

He turned back to the monster in front of him, and felt a tear slither down his own cheek.

No matter what.

He raised his hand and summoned a final blaze of red-orange fire.

Please forgive me.

And he fought.

But, for once, he didn't win.

Over the Rainbow - Glee Cast

For once, there were no worries.

There was not a cloud over his life. It was perfect - the beautiful, crystal sky rolled overhead, only pausing for the most dazzling rainbow.

Though, Koizumi often stopped to think how life would've been different if he tried to chase after the person of his dreams, and tried to fight against the balance.

But he didn't dwell on the matter for too long, and went back to smiling and enjoying his sunshiny heaven.

Unfortunately, he remained only on one side of paradise.

He never did see that other one, somewhere over the rainbow.

Bad Reputation - Film Dialogue (I think)

Haruhi had a bad streak with Itsuki.

For one, she stole his life from him, forcing him to change his ways just for her (even though that wasn't really her fault).

Two, she turned him into a smiling idiot who agreed with her every stupid idea (even though she didn't know she was doing anything).

And then, she stole Kyon away from him (although she didn't know about his feelings). The boy who was his only light in the dreary day.

And she didn't give a damn.

Yours, Yours, Yours - 1776

Kyon's head would rest perfectly on Koizumi's warm chest, and their soft hands would intertwine against the white fabric.

Koizumi would tell his lover how beautiful he looked when the moonbeams lit up his passive face, and Kyon would grunt and tell him to shut up.

Koizumi would softly say that the smaller boy smelled of vanilla, and Kyon would tell him that he wasn't paying attention.

But, actually, he was listening intently to every coaxing word, and his heart would swell with every compliment.

And then, Koizumi would run his fingers through Kyon's dark hair, and gently say:

"I am, as I ever was and ever shall be, yours."

And Kyon would silently tell him the same thing.

...I'll probably continue this.

This takes, like, ten minutes to do and it's incredibly fun and addicting. I'm not very good at it (shh, don't tell anybody, but I went back and added all the italics), but it's fun anyway~

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