Title: Pulling Pigtails

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, just playing in Kripke's sandbox.
Warnings: Uh, nothing that I can think of.
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Gabriel preslash, Sam

When Dean starts finding bags of M&Ms in his duffle (and in the glove box and under the salt rounds and next to the gasoline) they aren't worried, just slightly exasperated that Gabriel's putting them there at all. And they know it's Gabriel because although Dean likes the candies, he doesn't usually stash them in the trunk and Sam points out they're peanut M&Ms, so it clearly isn't him and Cas just asks what they are, so they write him off as not being the culprit and really, who's left?

They're still not worried when Gabriel shows up every few days with a helpful tip and a new prank to play on the brothers (usually Dean, since Sam refuses to give the archangel/Trickster the satisfaction of seeing him lose his cool over a little glitter in the shampoo, but Dean can always be counted on to come storming out all indignant like). Help is help, after all and he hasn't killed either of them (in reality or otherwise) or stuck them in any TV shows again, so that's good, too.

The fact that every diner they go to now has Dean's favorite pie as the daily special catches Sam's attention, but doesn't seem particularly harmful, so he just shakes his head and goes with it.

It's not until Dean starts to buy various candy bars in anticipation of the archangel showing up and then starts talking him, not to mention letting him choose the music in the Impala, that Sam starts to get worried, though Dean seems unconcerned.

He finally pulls Dean aside to ask him about it.

Dean blinks and shrugs. "I think he likes me."

"Likes you how?"

"Like, like-likes me."

"Dean, he killed you over a hundred times! And shot you!" He doesn't mention the wide variety of pranks that they've endured in the past couple of months, or the TV land incident, or the fact that Gabriel had originally just wanted them to say yes and go with the flow, but he thinks it. Loudly.

Dean's obviously not listening on a telepathic level. "I figure that's just archangel for 'pulling pigtails'."

Sam runs a hand through his hair, mostly to stop himself from grabbing his brother and shaking some sense into him. "And you're encouraging this, why? You're not gay, Dean!"

Dean shrugs and turns to go back inside the motel room. "It's the Apocalypse, Sammy," he calls over his shoulder. "What else do you suggest I do? And it's called bisexual. Look it up in that huge dictionary of yours."