Author's note: Random fic from a random thought that turned out cuter than I had imagined it would.

It was an awkward position to be in, England realized. He hadn't been expecting visitors, least of all Spain, and had nearly dropped the towel around his waist when said person had merrily walked into his house.

"What are you doing here?" he finally shrieked, holding his towel as tightly as he could. "And how did you get in?"

Spain laughed. It was as if he hadn't just walked in on the other half naked. "I wanted to pay you a visit," he said with a warm smile. "And your back door was unlocked."

"Couldn't you have called first?"

The brunette shrugged and made himself comfortable at the dining table.

England groaned and rolled his eyes. "Look, just…let me change, all right?" A few moments later, after rummaging through his drawers for something to wear, he came back out and stood in front of the Spaniard sitting at his table. "You have some explaining to do," he snarled.

"You're not happy to see me, Inglaterra?"

"No, I'm not."

The smile on his face was wiped off completely. "But I don't understand…"

"What's not to understand?"

"Francia said this would make you happy…"

"France?" Was that bastard the reason behind this?

Spain nodded. "He told me the best way to get into your pants was to surprise you at your house."

England's left eye twitched. "Oh he did, did he?" Then the magnitude of what Spain had just said sunk in. "Wait. Why would you go to him for something like that?"

"Because he knows about stuff like this."

England wanted to rip his hair out in frustration. "No, I mean…why would you want to get into my—my pants?"

"Oh," he said. "Well it's because I like you of course."

England collapsed into a chair. "…What?"

Spain smiled back at him. "Are you happy to see me now?"

A thousand things were going through England's mind. Spain had gone to France for advice on how to seduce him. And this is what the frog came up with? Sneaking into his home? He growled to himself and ran his hands through his hair. "Look," he started, "I don't know what that idiot told you, but this is not the proper way to do things."

Spain cocked his head to the side. "It's not?"

Oh bugger. "You can't just waltz into someone's home unannounced." Nevermind if he was slightly flattered that the other nation actually liked him. It was just common sense.

His uninvited guest looked very sad all of a sudden. "I'm sorry, Inglaterra," he mumbled.

England, feeling guilty now, sighed heavily. "Well…since you're here and all, I'd hate to have to make you go all the way home." He coughed uncomfortably. "So why don't I make you a cup of tea?"

Spain's smile returned in an instant. "¡Gracías!"