A/N – Disclaimer: I do not own Monty Python's Flying Circus. I don't know any of the characters/writers, but a sure as heck wish I did. Anyway, I don't own any of the episodes or anything like that, so...here's my episode: "Lawn Chairs"

"It's" Man is seen in a desert field, miles from the screen.

"It's" Man – It's...

Off-screen voice– What?

"It's" Man – (comes a bit closer) It's...

Voice – What was that?

"It's" Man – (comes a few feet from the camera) It's...

Voice – Still can't hear you...

"It's" Man – (comes with face inches from camera) IT'S!

Opening Theme

Green background, white letters spelling out "Episode 32B"

John Cleese's Voice (very serious) – Episode thirty-two 'B'.

Letters spelling out "Lawn Chairs"

Cleese's Voice – Lawn Chairs

Picture of long, pink lawn chair

Cleese's Voice – This...is a lawn chair. It is pink. It is long. It is a lawn chair.

Eric Idle walks onto the screen and stands next to the chair.

Cleese's Voice – Watch, as this man demonstrates how to sit in a lawn chair.

Idle sits, then lies on the chair. But, when he leans his head back, the chair flips over backwards. Cleese is heard trying to smother a giggle.

Cleese's Voice – Nevermind, then.

A/N – Sorry it was so short. I was just splitting it up into sensible scenes. (I often get yelled at for short chapters, so I felt the need to say that.)