Alright so this is my first story. It takes place right after the episode where Chobi was rescued but Gohan doesn't get scratched so Videl never finds out who Saiyaman is, but she's really confident she knows who it is. The Great Saiyaman is in this story because we all know it reflects Gohan's personality so well. Hilariously awkward and heroic. Anyways, here you are. The Gold Fighter might make another appearance or two but I haven't decided.

The Great Saiyaman Saves the Day Again

It was a nice day in Satan City. The sun was shining vibrantly in the sky, and the weather was very warm. Gohan was flying to school in his Saiyaman outfit like usual. He didn't have to be at school for another 20 minutes, so he figured he would scout the city for any wrong-doers.

Almost instantaneously he noticed screams coming from the street below him. There was a woman being car-jacked in a parking lot.

"Help me! Somebody please help! Anyone!" The girl yelled.

"Lets get out of here Mitch!" The masked man said as he buckled up. He threw the car in reverse, backed up, and quickly shifted to drive.

"Not so fast!" The Great Saiyaman announced as he floated overhead. "You aren't going anywh-" But he was cut short by none-other than the daughter of Mr. Satan.

"Stop thief!" She yelled as she jumped on top of the roof of the sports car.

How did she get here so fast? Was she following me? Gohan asked himself. However Gohan's thoughts were interrupted.

The screeching of the wheels stuck Gohan's ears as the car sped off and Videl was thrown from the roof. Gohan, thinking quickly, raced in and caught her from falling face first onto the curb. He held her in his arms for a second, and felt like he was made of stone as a blush crept up on his cheeks. Videl could feel Gohan's muscles tense up as he held her.

Wow he's so strong. Videl thought to herself, also blushing crimson.

She looks so beautiful. Gohan thought.

After a couple more seconds Gohan realized that he was holding her, and quickly let her down.

"There you are, miss." He said in a heroic voice. "Please try to avoid boarding moving vehicles." Not realizing that Videl was growing angry at him because she needed his help, Gohan set his mind on the carjackers. He saw the back end of the car disappear behind a building, and took off after it.

"Hey get back here you jerk!" Videl yelled. Gohan did a double-take but continued to pursue the criminals. He caught up to them about a block down the road.

"You're not going anywhere!" Gohan said heroically as he lifted the car up with one hand. The carjackers stupidly tried hitting the gas but nothing happened except that the engine started to rev and roar. Gohan set the car down after the engine had seized up. The two criminals, shocked as hell, stepped out of the car and gave up. Could you blame them?

The police promptly showed up a couple minutes later to apprehend the suspects, and unfortunately for Gohan, Videl arrived with them. Gohan began to brace himself for the scolding he was about to receive for helping her.

"Thank you." She whispered to him. "For not letting me fall." Gohan was shocked at such a turn-around in attitude.

"All in a days work, miss." Saiyaman replied. Oh crap! I'm going to be late for school! He thought to himself. "See you around Videl!" And with that, Gohan took to the skies.

"Hey get back here! I'm not done with you yet!" Videl screamed and flailed her arms. However, her yells went unanswered.

It was a few minutes before Gohan's first class . Gohan was in his seat, and Videl had approached him and looked down at him.

"Hi Gohan." Videl said.

"Hey Videl." He replied.

"Listen Gohan, I was wondering if you could help me with this Calculus assignment. Its real hard, and I know a smart guy like you could explain it to me."

"Sure, no problem. How does after lunch sound?" There would be no way for Gohan to miss lunch. After-all his Saiyan stomach sometimes thought for his brain.

"That would be great!" She exclaimed. Gohan and Videl were both happy.

At least she's not being nosy. Gohan thought.

Perfect! Maybe I'll get a chance to get some secrets out of him. Videl thought.

After Lunch….

Videl wasn't sure what Gohan and the female were talking about, but she didn't like it. The girl was smiling a lot, and even touching Gohan! Videl's frustration was increased as she saw Gohan get nervous and started to blush before the girl turned around to leave, leaving Gohan with a wink. Videl snapped her pencil in half, staring that the girl, contemplating possible jail sentences for murdering that girl.

How dare he forget about me! He promised me that he would see me after lunch, and not that slut! Videl's frustrations were cut short, however, when she heard his voice.

"Hey Videl." Gohan said.

"Hey Gohan." She replied monotonously. "How was your lunch?" She was annoyed but Gohan didn't seem to notice.

"It was good. My mom makes everything herself. She's a great cook."

"That's good, because it looks like you didn't have time to taste the food the way you were eating." Gohan grinned.

"Are you okay? You're face was red when I got here. Are you feeling alright? Asked a concerned Gohan.

That girl isn't going to feel alright when I'm through with her. She thought.

"No, I'm feeling fine." She lied.

"Okay, then what do you need help with exactly?" Gohan asked

"I'm having a problem with logarithmic differentiation. I just don't understand it." Videl answered. Gohan pulled out his text book and flipped it open to the same page as Videl.

"Oh that's actually a simple to tell you the truth. You just need someone to explain in terms you can understand." Gohan started to explain.

"Are you calling me stupid or something?" Videl looked angry.

"What! No!" Gohan said nervously.

Gohan started to explain the method to Videl, but Videl wasn't really paying attention. She was daydreaming about Gohan. Unbeknownst to Videl, Erasa and Sharpener had approached Gohan and her from the side.

"Hey you two. If you were going to ditch us to be together, then you could've at least said something." Sharpener said menacingly. Erasa couldn't but grin.

"I just needed help with my Chemistry!" Videl yelled angrily.

"Calculus." Gohan corrected.

"Oh right. Calculus." Videl answered embarrassingly. "Can we go inside? It's getting a little warm out here, and I know I won't be able to concentrate with Sharpener and Erasa bugging me." She asked Gohan sweetly.

"Sure thing." Gohan said happily.

Alright so tell me what you think. This first chapter was basically just some background on what is going on. There is some better stuff coming up in the next chapter if I get some good feedback.