Been busy so haven't been able to get much done. Alright, so I guess my story is getting some good feedback. Most of the questions are directed towards Gohan and Videl's past. Well to answer that, all I can say is to keep reading to find out!

Chapter 10- I'll be back

"So do you think you should call your dad and tell him where you are?" Gohan asked Videl.

"Nah. He's out at some grand opening for his new gym somewhere. He probably won't be back until later tonight." Videl explained.

"Well, you're welcome to stay for dinner. It'll probably be a couple hours, but I know my mom would love for you two to stay." Gohan offered.

"Thanks for the offer, but Erasa and I really should get going. Erasa's mom is probably going to get worried, and her dad will probably send a search party after her." Videl joked. Gohan chuckled.

"I'll make sure I tell Goten and Trunks you said goodbye when they get back. It seems Trunks has a little crush on Erasa."

"Hey you guys." Erasa announced, approached Gohan and Videl.

"Ready to go?" Videl questioned Erasa.

"Yep." Erasa replied.

"I'll be back tomorrow." Videl announced facing Gohan.

"What? How come?"

"This energy business. I want to learn more about it."

"Oh." Was all Gohan could say. All business he guessed. He felt some disappointment, but realized it was an opportunity to see her again, so his mood changed fairly quickly.

Videl removed her jet copter capsule from her pocket and threw it on the ground. After the big puffy cloud subsided, Videl's yellow jet copter was sitting in the grass. Erasa was the first one to approach the vehicle, but as Videl turned around to leave, she heard Gohan call her.

"Videl?" Gohan shouted.

"Yes?" Videl turned around, waiting for whatever he was going to say.

"I was thinking..About your hair. It might be better.. Short." Gohan explained. Videl's cheeks flushed, as she looked down to examine her pig tails, taking one in her hand.

"So you mean.. You like short hair? On girls, Gohan?" Videl met Gohan's gaze with hope in her eyes.

Gohan was caught for a surprise. He didn't necessarily mean it in that sort of sense. "I've never really thought about it. I just meant that if you get it cut, it won't get in your eyes when you're fighting, and plus tour opponents won't be able to grab it during a match, and also it.." Gohan was cut off.

Videl had grown increasingly frustrated at this point. She had grabbed her pig-tails and began to pull them down growing increasingly angry the more that big idiot who kept talking. Growling slightly, she finally snapped.


Videl's jet copter took to the sky leaving Gohan to ponder the mystery that is women.

"Now what was that all about?" Erasa asked her best friend.

"Shut up. I don't want to talk about it." Videl hissed, turning her attention forward to where she was going.

Back on the ground, Chi-Chi heard yelling, so she had come out to see just what all the commotion was about. She met a confused looking Gohan walking towards her, deep in thought.

"What's the matter sweetie?" Asked a concerned Chi-Chi.

"I think I upset Videl." Gohan stated.

"What do you mean? What happened?" Chi-Chi asked.

"I don't know really. All I told her was I thought she should cut her hair." Gohan said. Chi-Chi smiled at her son.

"Oh Gohan. You're still so young. But I'm sure she's not that mad." Chi-Chi explained.

"I don't know. She seemed pretty angry." Gohan replied.

"Well seeing as you aren't busy, you can help me start dinner." It was more of a statement than a question, because he would get an earful if he didn't help. Gohan took this opportunity to interrogate his mother.

"Mom?" Gohan called, before Chi-Chi turned around."Yes?" She answered."What are you up to exactly?" Gohan asked vaguely."What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. You would never in a million years be so welcoming to people that you've never met. Especially city-women; and a city-woman of who's father took credit for cell."

"I don't know what you're talking about Gohan. Now come help me with dinner." Chi-Chi smiled as she turned around to head back into the small house.

I still don't believe her.

Videl's angry expression had subsided a short time after they took off. She was pondering what she would look like with short hair. She hadn't cut her hair in such a long time, she didn't know if it would be a good look for her.

"Erasa?" Videl asked.


"Do good you think that.. I would look with short hair?" Videl asked, examining her pig-tails again.

Erasa's mind clicked. She knew what she had meant by the question. A question that probably concerned a certain teenage Saiyan.

"Of course! To be honest, I was wondering when you would cut off those pig-tails. You aren't seven anymore!"

Videl smiled at Erasa's answer.

The Day after Cell.

The sun had risen over the horizon, and a young blue-eyed girl had cracked her eyes open. She was by no means sleeping heavily. She couldn't fall asleep last night, but neither could half of the world. The entire planet had stood by as the fate of their world was held in the hands of Hercule Satan. Or so they thought. But this wasn't the reason this particular girl couldn't sleep. She was up all night worrying about her best friend, hoping that he was alright.

Last night her mind filled with very dark thoughts. Thoughts that made her cry. Her best friend, at 11 years old, had gone to fight humanity's greatest villain, and she couldn't help but think about the what if's. Gohan was a very powerful person, she could admit, but still she worried.

Videl's head popped off her pillow, and she shot out of bed to get dressed. She got her clothes on, put on her shoes, and headed down stairs and out the door.

"Nimbus!" The girl shouted.

A puffy orange cloud descended from the sky, hovering a few feet off the ground. The girl jumped on the cloud and signaled to take off.

The cloud hadn't flown very far, but neither was her destination.

Hercule and Aeris hadn't been on very good terms. It seemed that ever since Hercule won his first World Martial Arts Tournament, he had been spending so much time in the spotlight, it hadn't left much time for his family. They had tried to work through this issue but ultimately the choice by her was simple. It was her or his fans.

For a while, he had given up his life in the limelight, but it proved difficult leading to constant arguing and bickering between the married couple. Aeris had finally had enough one day, and kicked Hercule out.

Hercule decided to move to the city where his gym would prove to be an even greater success. Aeris had decided to remain in the quiet area of the forest where only a few small neighboring villages stood. Gohan's house happened to only be about 20 minutes away on Nimbus.

*Knock Knock Knock*

Videl's tiny fists knocked on the door of the Son house after about 10 minutes of standing on the doorstep. She was hoping for the best, but still expecting the worst. If Gohan died, she wouldn't know what to do. The very though of him dying sent pins and needles through her heart. It was why she had been debating whether or not to knock.

She heard the lock click open from the door, and out from behind the door walked Gohan.

"Hey, Videl." Gohan greeted.

Videl's expression lit up. Gohan was still alive!

Videl grabbed Gohan around the neck in her arms, and started to swing Gohan around and around in a giant hug.

"You're okay!" Videl yelled excitedly.

"Vi..Del.. Di..zzy!" Gohan mumbled as Videl continued to swing him around.

Videl heard what he mumbled, and set him back down.

"I saw you. On T.V. My dad said that the cameras were broken, so they didn't catch him killing Cell." Videl explained.

"Ya, I was there." Gohan replied.

"But it wasn't my dad that killed Cell, was it?" Videl asked. "It was you!" She pointed.

Gohan looked down at the ground. His gaze indicated to Videl that he was in deep thought.. "Yes. It was." Gohan said sadly.

"You beat Cell! Gohan you should be happy!" Videl exclaimed."I am.. But.." Gohan trailed off.

"But what?" Videl asked.

"Cell killed dad." Gohan said.

Present Day. Videl's Jet Copter

Erasa had been staring at Videl with a dumb smirk on her face for about 20 minutes now. Videl's nervousness finally got the best of her as she yelled at her best friend?

"What!" She screamed.

"So how was he?" Erasa asked, not missing a beat.

"What?" Videl blushed.

"Gohan of course. How was he?"

"What are you talking about." Videl asked skeptically.

"You two were all alone, both gaga over each other, and you're telling me nothing happened?" Videl's memory began to flash back at the sight she saw at the lake.

"I'm judging by your silence something did happen. C'mon Videl, you have to tell me!" Erasa said, emphasizing her point by grabbing a hold on one of Videl's arms.

"We just hugged! That's it!"

"And how did it feel?"

Videl felt really embarrassed at this point. "It felt.. right. It felt.. so familiar."

"Familiar?" Erasa asked.

"I don't know how to explain it. Like you know when you recognize a face or smell, something comes over you. Like you recognize whatever it is, but for some reason you don't know where you remember it from. Like deja vu." Videl explained.

Erasa smiled. She knew why. Chi-Chi had explained everything to her except the important part of course. Which is what she was still trying to figure out. Needless to say she had asked about it, but Chi-Chi told her that some stories are best kept secret. It really irked her. Even trying to think about it, nothing made sense. Maybe the two had a concussion, and that's why they don't remember. But that had to be one major concussion, and besides, Videl remembers events that happened those years. It had been like her memory had been erased of anything regarding Gohan.

Thinking about it more, she didn't really ask why Chi-Chi had told her about the two. It wasn't like Gohan was a close friend yet.

She didn't want to think about it anymore, because frankly her head was starting to hurt. She was more focused on getting the two together. If she could figure out a way to jolt their memories or make them remember, that would be a bonus.

Night had fallen. Gohan was just settling in after playing some video games with the two children, but not before a couple of failed pranks involving some Ben-Gay, Nair, and super-glue to which Goten accidentally super-glued his hand to the cookie jar after Chi-Chi had already yelled at him for sneaking cookies. The jar had been removed after the powerful little kid smashed it through the wall breaking the jar into a pile of jagged clay shards.

Gohan laid in his bed above his covers, arms stretch out crossed under his head staring up at the ceiling, deep in thought. Today had been a fun day. Normally Goten and Trunks would have raised hell, but they were surprisingly tame. It probably had to do with the two women that had visited, and the fact that Trunks may or may not have a little crush on one of them.

But whatever Gohan thought of, his mind always returned to that hug that he and Videl shared. It wasn't the act itself that his mind was wrapped around, but that feeling that he felt.

The feeling was indescribable, because of how quickly it came and went. The only thing he could say was that it felt right. Like he had been missing out on something his whole life, and he finally got a glimpse of what he was missing.

Gohan's thoughts drifted off as he fell more and more into his state of unconsciousness, finally able to fall asleep for the night.

Slowly but surely, Gohan's subconscious had brief flashes of what Gohan could only assume to be dreams.

Flashes of himself again as that giant ape flickered in his mind rampaging through the city, destroying everyone and everything in his path. Screams of people could be heard echoing through the narrow walls of building as people fled what looked like a war zone.

Satan Mansion

Videl was beginning to drift asleep. After walking around the city with Erasa, Videl could not understand how this tiny blonde could walk miles beyond miles and not be completely exhausted by the end of it all.

The setting of Videl's dream took place when she was younger. Probably around 12 years of age. It was late in the evening and the sun was beginning to set behind the tall buildings of Satan city.

Similar to Gohan's dream, she could hear echoed cries of terror all around her. The citizens of the city were fleeing away whilst she stood frozen in horror. Something had grabbed her. Something very large. A dark monster, eyes burning with rage was all that her brain could focus on. Their eyes met, beauty and beast causing the beast to howl out, and causing Videl to scream at the top of her lungs.

Throwing the blanket of herself as she sat up, Videl screamed as loud as she could. The door to her room burst open, revealing Hercule Satan, wearing his bath robe, wielding a large baseball bat. Before the door could even open all of the way, Hercule darted in and proceeded flailing the blunt weapon around smashing through walls, desks, lamps, and other furnature.

"Where is he!" Hercule screamed flipping on the light. Hercule's eyes had softened as he noticed that they were alone, and there was no third party that had broken in. He saw Videl sitting up with her arms wrapped around her legs crying her eyes out.

Something was definitely wrong. She had never felt like this before, and she had never felt any emotion so strong as this one. Fear. Complete and total terror that had frozen her body, rendering her muscles useless.

Hercule noticed her state and quickly decided to intervene.

"Videl! Videl, speak to me!" Hercule ordered frantically as he pulled her into a hug.

"Daddy?" Videl's voiced cracked.

"I'm here sweat-pea. Everything's okay. You just had a nightmare." Hercule assured her. Videl returned the embrace.

"Thanks Daddy."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"I think I'd rather just go back to sleep."

"Okay. Good night." Hercule said grabbing his baseball bat and closing the door behind him.

That was the half truth. She wanted to go to bed, but she was still so scared. She couldn't shake the feeling. She kept reminding herself that it was only a dream, but it wasn't working. Everything seemed so real, and she was petrified because of it. It was just some monster. Monsters aren't even real. She saw horror movies all the time, with better special effects mind you, and nothing ever scared her like this.