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He was sitting on his bed, his friend, sitting in the one across.

"He's not your drudge." His Uncle calmly said.

Henry's eyes looked in his for a second, the looked at his wrist.

"What?" He was confused. If Henry wasn't his drudge, then why did he obey all of his commands?

Its been a few days before he last consumed blood, and his stomach craved for some.

"It seems that something went wrong when you drunk his blood…Did you drink from his neck?" He nodded. "But did he offer it to you?"

"Vlad…" Henry spoke softly. He turned his head to face his friend. "I want you to drink my blood." Henry's wrist rose to his mouth. He could feel the pulse of his friend, the vibration resonating with his teeth, almost forcing him to bite down. "Your getting more paler by the day. Your hungry and I know it. I won't take no for an answer." He could feel his fangs pop out of his gums. "Henry…don't…" "But I want to. Unless…"Henry pulled his wrist away and lowered his back, his neck sticking out. "Then…" His eyes flashed. Henry was offering blood from his neck. "But Henry! If I do that, you'll become my drudge!" He couldn't see his face, but he could imagine him smirking when he said. "…But what if I WANT to be yours." He could feel his eyes lower to the side, slightly flickering, his face stained by a red blush. "Henry…" He pulled his head away. "But…" His face aligned perfectly with his green eyed friend, his lips a little more than an inch away. "What if I want to be yours?" He spoke without hesitation. If Henry was so loyal to him without being bound by blood, then it was his time to repay. "Vlad…" He put his hands around Henry's neck, unhooking the pale silver necklace around his throat. Quickly picking it up with one hand, the other was tapping gently on it with its fingernail. "What are you doing Vlad?" "I'm going to mark you." He whispered as he carved his mark onto Henry's necklace. "Now no one will come after you when I do this." "Vlad? What do you mean?" He froze for a second. Unsure of what to tell him. "I'm…going to kill you…" "…Wh-!" His fangs already seeped into his neck before he could reply. The nutrients of life were being drained away, filling his mouth with the succulent taste of death.


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