Author's Note: Ok so another new story but it's because I am getting ready to complete a lot of my old stories. So I am getting you guys ready for stories for the summer :) I already have three chapters ready for this story but I got some advice from April3604 that I should add one chapter at a time. First this one then I'll update an old story then the second chapter…The second chapter is going to have a huge warning in the beginning.

Song Beginning of the Story: I will have a verse from a Rob Zombie song in the beginning of each story. The lyrics either have something to do with Roxy or the chapter. This one is Foxy Foxy. If you read the lyrics you may be able to figure out Roxy. Also a pic and banner up of Roxy and the story.

Chapter One
An Old Friend

She who looks back, and she looks away,
She internalizes the motion wave.
She is the butcher,
She wants the air,
She hides the scars under her hair

Roxy jumped out of her jeep leaving the door open and the music blasting. She had long dark hair, blue eyes, tan and she was wearing denim shorts, blank tank top with a hot pink bra and her favorite black cowboy boots. She knew she was getting attention from the people around her; she always got attention wherever she went. She blew a bubble and quickly popped it walking into the gas stations building. She leaned on the counter and smiled at the clerk who was helping the customers.

Roxy leaned up onto the counter looking at herself in the mirror and smiling at how good she looked. She breathed her hot breath on it and looked up seeing an old lady giving her a disgusted look. It was probably for one; her breast pushing out from leaning against the counter and two; from breathing on the glass.

Roxy just smiled at her and then wrote her name in the fog of glass that was quickly disappearing. The old lady and her husband left and the clerk turned to Roxy who grinned at him.

"Can I help you?"

Roxy continued grinning at him as she pulled out a wad of cash and handed him two twenties. "Number one, premium…please." She winked at the clerk and he looked over at her jeep then back at her.

"You're going to have to turn your engine off."

"Oh I know sweetie, don't worry if I wanted to blow this place up, I would have already." She patted his cheek and walked out towards her jeep. She bent in the driver's seat and turned her jeep off. She grabbed the pump and started to fill up her tank.

She leaned against her jeep with her arms crossed and her head tilted against it staring up as her eyes closed. She had her foot against the pump itself. It was quiet until she heard a radio blasting and she turned her head to see a familiar 67 Chevy Impala pull into the pump next to her. She smiled as she watched Dean Winchester and another man get out of the car.

"Don't forget my bars!"

"Dean! I know!" yelled the man turning back to the building and walking in.

She smiled to herself as she walked up to his pump and leaned on it as he turned his back to her.

"Good old Dean Winchester always thinking with his stomach and not his brain," she said.

Dean lifted his head up from the gas tank and smirked knowing that voice all too well. He turned his head lifting his sunglasses off his face taking Roxy all in with his eyes.

"Roxy Sheppard, long time no see," he said turning fully around and walking up to her.

"So Dean did you disappoint the girls and go to men now?"

"What?" She glanced towards the building and Dean looked and quickly shook his head. "No, that's my brother, Sam."

"Oh really…too bad I wanted to see if you two wanted to have a little threesome." She smiled at him and walked back to her jeep checking the pump then leaning back on it.

"You know the only threesome I'd have is with two women."

"Oh I know." She grinned at him as he leaned against her jeep with his hand on the roof of it. "So Winchester what have you been up to since the last time we saw each other?"

"You know hunting the things that go bump in the night."

"If I remember correctly for one night we were the things that went bump in the night."

Dean bit his lip his eyes running up and down her body and a grin came across his face. "That's right sweetheart when are we going to do that again?"

"Whenever you have the time baby." She turned her back to him as she grabbed the pump and Dean's eyes traveled down to her ass that was barely covered in the shorts she was wearing. He knew what kind of panties she was wearing, his and her favorite kind. The boy shorts that shaped her ass so well.

She turned around and grinning at Dean. "Just send me a text," she said and then leaned forward to whisper in his ear, "remember baby I can do whatever you want and be whoever you want." She bit his ear gently and Dean turned his head to look at her with a grin on his face.

"Oh I know you can," he said and his hand slipped down to her thigh caressing it, it was so smooth, "that's what I like about you."

"I hope that's not the only thing."

"Trust me there is a lot I like about you."

She laughed and kissed his cheek letting her lips linger there for a while before walking to the driver side of her jeep.

Dean walked over to her and grabbed the seatbelt for her and buckled her in. "Awe Dean Winchesters a gentleman."

"Nope, I just like to see you strapped in." His right hand brushed over her breast while his left stayed on her thigh.

"You kinky bastard."

He raised his eyebrows grinning at her before he shut the door and she turned the engine on. She blew a kiss at him and a wink before driving away.

"Who was that?" asked Sam.

"No one," said Dean walking back to the Impala and pulling the pump out tightening the cap back on.

"No one? Huh, really because I didn't know people that you don't know call them 'kinky bastards.'"

Dean smirked walking around to the driver side of the car.

"Fine if you don't want to tell me then don't."

Dean grinned in triumph and got into the car. Not that he didn't want to tell Sam about Roxy, hell he would tell anyone he could about Roxy.

"Alright, alright I'll tell ya but I'm telling you you're not going to like it." Sam looked at Dean confused as Dean started up the car and drove out of the parking lot.

"Roxy Sheppard that was the girl's name that was at the gas station. I met her a few months back when we were working on that poltergeist in Maine." Sam thought back to that week and realized he was talking about the one morning that Dean came into the motel room limping a bit but he just thought it was because of the poltergeist throwing him against the wall the night before.

Dean grinned thinking back to Roxy. "She was," he shook his head whistling, "she was something."

"Man I thought you were just hung over and limping because of the poltergeist. You mean she did that to you?"

"Yeah man…like I said she's something else. She was wild, had me hard as a rock from the first time I saw her."

"Could you please leave the details out?"

Dean arched an eyebrow. "Oh, sorry anyway, I went into this bar a few miles away from the motel just wanting to get a few drinks to help me sleep you know but when I walked in there she was by the jukebox swirling those hips of hers." Dean bit his lip knowing he had to stop before his pants started to get tight on him.


"And what?" Dean looked at him then back at the road.

"That's it; all you did was meet her at a bar and had one night of sex."

"Correction one night of choreographed, flexible, intense, hot, lustful, orgasm after orgasm of great sex also a morning wakeup call too."

"I thought you were going to skip the details." Sam gagged making a disgusted face.

"But I did find out something hot about her."

"And what's that?"

"She's a hunter."

Sam furled his eyebrows and looked at him. "How'd you find this out?"

"Well, we went back to her room and I noticed the salt around the door and windows then she also had this knife holder on the inside of her thigh that was hot. Then once I had her shirt off she has the devils trap on her left hip bone. Fucking sexy…this whole girl is fucking sexy. Not to mention when I was dreaming I was even having sex dreams about this woman."

"And that's it?"

Dean nodded. "Pretty much."

"So you had a one night stand with this supposed hot sexy vixen who is a hunter just like you and you're not dating her?"

Dean thought about and made a face then looked at Sam. "Yeah."

"Wow." Sam looked away.


"Dean she's perfect for you. Whoever this Roxy girl is she makes you feel good in ways I didn't need to know and she's a hunter. She knows the secret, she knows what's out there and you let her go like that."

"Sorry, Sam I'm not the dating type."


Dean just shook his head and thought about what Sam had said. But Roxy and him aren't the dating type. They don't really know anything about each other except the fact they are hunters and have great, very awesome, great, sex. It couldn't work out. It never would be able to.