Me: Soo...Um this is for a school work, and this is really the only time i'm going to write for this archive...

Shout out to my teacher, Mr. Sammis, Marth, Matt, Grace, Cirea if thats how i spell your name), umm and the rest of my Langauge art class. Hope you like it..

I sat up in my bed...watching the walls, watching time dance before my eyes. Seconds, minutes, hours, months, years... I looked at my peice of paper, the artical that Charlene Madlee said she would publish in the Memphis Commerical Appeal. The review of Bloton Reformatory school, but i dare not look at it, for I was sick of this place, I felt like a caged dove. Instead I thought about how everything I had done 'wrong'. Then an idea came to me...write it. I tore a peice of paper from my notebook and began to write about the happy things in my life. For my base I chose the alphabet, all 26 letters.

A is for Antonia Alexander. My new, or soon to be pen name for the artical about the reform school. The name that I will be known by, world wide. (Event)

B is for Bolton Reformatory school. The place I must stay at to think about my 'wrong doing'. The cold, heartless, zoo-like place i must stay in. (setting)

C is for Charlene Madlee. One of the few person who make me feel important. A reporter for the Memphis Commerical Appeal. (charater)

D is for Dis-trust. Somthing my father had alot for me. Somthing that he thrived on... (Problem)

E is for Edna Louise. A girl at school, not a very nice one ethier. She seems to like Sharon more then me. (Character)

F is for Freddy. Nice Freddy, the one who my father dosen't anything to do with. (Character)

G is for Germen Soldier. My german soldier, the one who loved me, the one who made me feel like a person of value. (character)

H is for Hitting. Somthing ,my father does and will still do alot of to me. He hits me for the littlest things, the small things. (Problem)

I is for Independence. Somthing I shall get when I'm 18, when I can leve my parents, for good. Somthing I wish for. (Event)

J is for Jerry. My cousin, I haven't seen him, or Daine in along time. Not since this whole thing started at least. (charatcer)

K is for Kiss. Anton stole my first one. The only one i've ever recived from a boy. (event)

L is for Lying. I had to do it to keep someone I loved...Love safe. (Problem)

M is for Memphis commerical appeal. The news paper I would love to work for, a job as a reporter for it I mean. (event)

N is for Nazi. I remeber well when the train pullled into Jenkinsville, the POW's and the guards and all the comotion. (event)

O is for Open. I openned the hidden place in the garage to Anton, to hide him. (Problem)

P is for Patty. Me, myself, the main character in my life story. (character)

Q is for Questioning. The FBI took me in for questioning. (Problem)

R is for Ruth. My role motel, and my nanny. I love her so much. (character)

S is for store. when I get home I will try to work at the family store, so I can earn money and go away. (setting)

T is for Train. The train was where I first met Anton. (setting)

U is for Uncle Ivr. My mom's brother, and my favorite Uncle. (character)

V is for Visiting. I Visited my grandma and she took me to places to spend time. (event)

W is for waiting. I must wait to get out of this place, to be home with Sharon. (problem)

X is for Xanadu. It means nice place. My grand parents house is a nice place. (setting)

Y is for Your Gararge. I hit Anton in the secret room in the garage. (setting)

Z is for Zoo. A place I compare this school to. (setting)

I hugged the page. On it contained words that ment somthing, to me at least. I smiled placed the paper, folded into my pokect abd walked to the lunchroom.

Me: I AM DONE! Did you like it? Review :)